Handy Cleaning Services – Using Professionals to Put Homes in Order

Busy executives have no time for house chores. After work, all that is on their minds is a meal, a shower, and good rest. The demand for home cleaning services has therefore been on the rise, as more people need help cleaning their homes.

Handy, a home cleaning service connects individuals looking for household services with top-quality professionals. Umang Dia and Oisin Hanrahan founded this company in 2012. Their aim was to bridge the gap in the market for effective and trustworthy professionals to do household chores.

By 2014, Handy was grossing $1 million a week in bookings. These bookings come both from new and existing customers. Handy has hired 50 employees, and over 10,000 freelancers. Every employee goes through a thorough vetting process and has a background check. Handy makes sure that the professionals who they send to homes are experienced and friendly.

To expand its reach on the West Coast., Handy purchased Exec, a West Coast cleaning company, in January 2014. In December 2015, Handy secured $50 million from Fidelity Investments, and previous investors TPG Growth, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, and Resolution Growth. This capital was to fund an aggressive expansion plan that involved doubling the number of cities where Handy is in operation.

Handy.com, being a market leader in household cleaning services, has made communication with the customer much easier. The introduction of the Handy app gives customers the liberty of booking cleaners, handymen, plumbers and other service providers from their mobile phone. This booking service, which takes only 60 seconds, guarantees next-day availability. If one is not happy with the services provided, Handy gives a 100% money-back guarantee.

Diversification is the key to business growth. Handy has recently diversified into furniture delivery and assembly, under the brand name Handy Delivery. This furniture is available on the Handy website. Customers can make their orders, have the furniture delivered and assembled for a flat fee starting from $49.

Handy’s services are currently available in 28 cities in the United States (https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york), two cities in Canada and London. This company generates 85% of its revenue from cleaning services, proving that this industry has potential. Handy’s method of connecting the consumer and the service professional through their mobile app turned out to be a success.

For busy executives and young professionals who have no time for household chores, Handy has the solutions. Download the app and make the booking. Handy does the rest.


Covers.com Reveals Interesting Saints vs. Panthers Line

The NFL is an exciting league to watch. Predicting what can happen is a proverbial mixed bag. Certain teams are strong favorites to win and they do win. Other times upsets occur. Betting lines go beyond the actual score of the game and create a landscape more appropriate for placing a wager. Even with the most accurate of lines, no one can make a bet with a 100% guarantee of an outcome. Many do choose to comment on lines and games. A few even rise to the level of experts. Covers.com is home to many experts and the site delivers excellent analysis on NFL games and lines.

The New Orleans Saints face the Carolina Panthers during week 11 of the NFL season. The line hovered at -3.5 with an over and under of 52. An analysis of the game was presented at the Covers.com site.

A video posted on the site reveals that there is a lost “luster” to the game due to losses suffered by both. Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Panthers and his completion record has slipped. “Slipped” might be an understatement. Newton is an exceptional player, but his completion record is very low this season. Perhaps this has contributed to the very weak performance of the Panthers throughout the season. The overall weak performance of the Panthers does not exactly make them a tremendous favorite. They still remain favorites at a -3.5 line.

3.5 is not exactly a huge number, but it does mean the team has to win by “more than a field goal” in order for those who bet on it to collect. The Saints have not exactly been on a raging win streak, which allows the stumbling Panthers to gain an edge as favorites. A lack of pass completions does lead to questions about whether or not the Panthers can beat the Saints by at least a touchdown.

Randomly coming up with point spreads is not exactly the way these numbers are arrived at. Viewing the video reveals a lot of thought and analysis goes into coming up with the 3.5 figure. A good analysis site should be able to back up any lines it presents. This is done through discussing the logic behind the line.

Such information can be very helpful to those interested in placing a wager at a sportsbook. Knowing what lines are legitimate helps with making a relatively safe wager.

Markus Rothkranz – Is Calcium What Your Bones Really Need?

Everyone has zoned in on calcium as the key to bone strength. We have it forced into our minds as children by our parents, schools, nurses, doctors, hospitals, and our grandparents. But is calcium really what our bones need?

Everyone is so focused on the concept of calcium and getting it from a milk based product, they do not realize that calcium is in pretty much everything we eat. It is even found in junk food. Calcium is found in its purest form in green, leafy vegetables.

However, since doctors are so focused on us getting enough calcium, we load up on it in every way possible. What is actually happening from all of this calcium intake?

Our joints are stiffening up, arteries are stiffening up, and muscles are contracting. To make matters worse, the incidence of kidney stones is increasing dramatically. People are literally calcifying because they are taking in too much calcium. It is so bad that during autopsies, when the heart is opened, white slime leaks from the muscle. This white slime is actually calcium.

So if we are overloading on calcium, but doctors keep saying that we need it, what is the problem? The true problem isn’t getting the required amount of calcium, it is absorbing the calcium in a way that the body can utilize it. In order for our bodies to use the calcium we take in, we must also take in magnesium, which is where the true deficiency is. Magnesium is hard to get because it does not come in any animal product, fruits, or vegetables. This is because the soil used for farming has been depleted of it in the last one-hundred years.

Taking a daily supplement that contains magnesium can dramatically help you utilize the calcium that you are taking in. It can also help prevent the development of a heart attack.

So by all means, ignore your doctor when he says you need more calcium. You have more than enough calcium, what you truly need is the right setting for it to be absorbed, and your ticket to that perfect setting is one simple vitamin that you can purchase for a few dollars at your local nutritional store – magnesium.

A Review on the Investment Strategy by Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions Inc refers to an investment advisory firm that is registered fully to offer personalized and all-inclusive financial planning. These services are targeted to rich individuals, families and other small enterprise entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas.

The firm also targets the same groups based in Houston, New Braunfels, Marble Falls, Georgetown and Bastrop. The firm was established by Richard Blair, CAS, CES, CAS, RICP. He is a duly registered financial adviser with over 20 years experience in the financial services industry.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, together with his firm believes that the financial strategies available should change and adapt to the volatile environment.

The firm therefore seeks for the prospect of offering vibrant, but conservative investment solutions. The solutions are geared towards assisting the clients to operate in the upside while looking for ways to minimize the risks involved.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions looks at the key goals for people planning for retirement the closer they get to this stage in life. A majority of the clients look at ways of ensuring their wealth is well preserved, having a steady income and leaving their heirs a legacy. WSI assists clients in coming up with a financial plan that is all-inclusive to help them as they look to chase their retirement aspirations.

About Richard Blair

Blair is the Wealth Solutions’ founder. The firm is found in Austin, Texas and deals with offering investment advice. Blair founded WSI in order to bring about a positive and noteworthy difference in the existences of small business owners, families and individuals.

Blair has always been attracted to the world of education from his younger days. This passion can be traced to the one-on-one experience he had with teaching. Blair’s grandmother, mother and eventually wife were all teachers and this shaped his perception about teaching as a whole. He saw how it helped in nourishing the confidence and knowledge of an individual.

Richard brought together this experience with the natural finance gift he had and saw an opening in assisting people in financial and investments planning. He entered the financial services industry immediately after graduating from his college in 1993.

The following year, he launched Wealth Solutions to help in offering clients objective and unbiased advice without any conflicts of interests. He specialized in the retirement planning area by sharpening his experience and knowledge.

Blair has been instrumental in helping his clients reduce the gap that exists between planning and living in retirement. He helps them, avoid common pitfalls and develop strategies that work.

Handy Home Cleaning Services App

Mobile cleaning and repair booking business is becoming increasingly competitive with many new players taking the market by surprise. Handy is one of the companies that are currently doing well with millions of bookings being recorded each day. Founded by Oisin Hanraham and Umang Dua in 2012, Handy is dubbed the Uber of home maintenance because of its efficiency and reliability. The New York-based home services company helps customers to order for a home cleaner, plumber or handyman to complete any job at home. All bookings are done with a tap on the app and the professionals will be on their way to do the cleaning.

Which Cities Does This Home Cleaning App Cover?

As of July 2014 according to bigcitylittleblog.com, Handy was services more than 28 cities majority of which are based in North America, UK and Canada. The startup basically offers a better model for the consumers and service professionals to meet on-demand needs. The Handy booking service covers major locations such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto, and Vancouver and is seeking to expand to other cities in these regions.

How Does Handy App Work?

With the home cleaning service market couples with many cleaners, most of which are unreliable and sketchy, one needs a service he or she can trust. And Handy home cleaning app is made as simple as that. All one needs to do is enter ZIP code, the size of space to be cleaned, the time he or she want it cleaned and a price quote will be given. If the customer likes the price, the card on file will be charged. After once that is done, the professionals will arrive on the scheduled time to complete the job. This payment system ensures the following:

– No stacks of cash are left behind

– Customer is not overcharged

– Cleaner isn’t underpaid

How Reliable Is Handy Booking Service?

In order to ensure quality and reliability of all bookings, Handy team undertakes through screening of its freelancers. For instance, before a cleaner is hired for the job, they have to do background checks, go through references and conduct in-person interviews. Handy provides money-back guarantee for customers who don’t like the quality of work offered. And what’s more, it covers any replacement costs if something is damaged in the course of cleaning.

Where to find the app

Handy home cleaning app can be downloaded from the App Store or can be found on the Google Play Store. The wazzuppilipinas.com top rated app allows you to order for a service you need, decide when you need it and pay for the service right from your phone. Home cleaning service bookings have never been this easier.

The Establishment and Success of Sweetgreen Company

Sweetgreen is a favorite joint in Georgetown. The joint is famous for snacks and quick lunch. Six years ago, only the founders Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman knew about the Sweetgreen. The trio later began to think about growing their business and exploit the available demand for healthy and affordable food in Georgetown. After developing the business plan, the trio realized that they lacked entrepreneurship knowledge.


The Start of Sweetgreen

According to Neman, the trio bonded over the love of food, and the need to solve people problems. Neman further says that the idea was not a school project and they applied the knowledge obtained in the senior years to develop the business further. For instance, they learned that value-driven business is critical to success. Incorporating such ideas into their plan of activities contributed to the establishment of the successful business empire.


The Success of Sweetgreen

The founders always make sure that they come up with new initiatives to maintain their relevance in the dynamic market. They ensure that they are continuously incorporating the community in their organization. In 2010, they launched Sweetgreen in schools, which is a program aiming at educating students about nutrition and healthy living. The program has so far reached more than 20,000 children in Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland and New York. According to Jammet, the moment an individual knows more about food, it is when they want to eat right.

When the company’s second location showed signs of failing, the founders developed plans on how to incorporate the local community. They decided to include music and came up with the annual music and food festival. The community readily adopted the idea, and so far, more than 15,000 people have been attending such events. The events have featured Avicii, the Weeknd, and Calvin Harris just to mention a few.

The organization core values include `win win win’, `think sustainably,’ `keep it real,’ `sweet touch’ and `make an impact.’ All these major values have continuously influenced the organizational decisions of hiring. The founders boast of developing ideas that benefit their customers and make an impact on the community. Keeping the values growing year after year is another factor that has contributed to the success of the organization. Besides, the trio has remained relevant in the Georgetown community by ensuring that they are involved in the community. For instance, both Ru and Nemal have their siblings attending the school.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the founders and CEO of the Sweetgreen. He studied at the Georgetown University alongside the other two co-founders of Sweetgreen. Ru has invested in several companies such as LOLA, Bond Street, EatPops, and MeUndies. Nathaniel has participated in maintaining the legacy of the enterprise. Being at the helm of Sweetgreen, Ru has propelled the company to create a brand that aims to feed the people with better food.


Global Tel-Link Corrects Inaccuracies On Their Network By Offering Free Calls

There are thousands of people that have used the Securus Technologies network to stay connected to their loved ones. Securus is responsible for processing over 56.8 billion minutes over the past year. This has caused them to be named one of the largest growing inmate network providers in the industry. Securus got their start as an inmate calling regulator and has found a few inaccuracies in the Global Tel-Link network as reported by PRN Newswire. As an accommodation to their customers they are now offering free inmate calls to Louisiana for a limited time. Stay connected with your loved ones through Securus.


Vimeo has become a part of the Securus Technologies team and is now offering their customers high definition video chat features that allow inmates, their family members, and/or legal counsel to talk over the internet. You have complete control over the conversation by controlling the picture and the volume. They have a superior zoom in and out feature and a one touch volume control. This feature was enacted by the courts when they were looking for a way to reduce transporting inmates to their preliminary hearings. They offer a reliable network that inmates and their families can trust.


Securus Features


Telephone Debit


You can pay for many features over the phone and ensure that you never have to commute to a correctional facility except to see your loved ones. If you have a valid checking or debit card you can pay in advance.


Advance Pay Options


You can pay for many features in advance and have the inmate calling credits that you need when you need them. Paying in advance is an option that is available to both inmates and their family members.


You’re encouraged to learn more today by visiting the Securus Technologies official website.


Healthy Jicama Taco Recipe by Markus Rothkranz

Everyone enjoys tacos, they are a quick and filling meal that can appeal to all palates. In this video we’re shown a healthy alternative to eating tacos. Most people eat tacos with some kind of tortilla, which are usually fried, and then add a meat protein, followed by some veggies, cheese, and other flavorings. However, Cara Brotman is going to show us how to make healthy, raw, vegan tacos that are jam packed with flavor but also very simple to make.

Cara starts off by slicing some jicama very thinly with her mandolin slicer. Once she’s got the right width of her taco shell, she starts making some guacamole. “Less is more.” Cara tells us to keep in mind when making guacamole. She states that in her younger years she would add all sorts of bell peppers, onions, olive oil, etc. to guacamole but it doesn’t need all that. Some cilantro, lime, onion, and salt is all you need to add to your mashed avocados for an easy and delicious guacamole.

Next Cara shows us a squirt bottle filled with cashew cream which she’s going to drizzle over the tacos once finished. Cara begins to show us how to make the jicama tacos. She slightly folds the jicama shell in the palm of her hand and then dabs the guacamole in the middle and tops the guacamole with the cauliflower mixture she made in a previous video. Then she drizzles the cashew cream on top and the jicama taco is finished and ready to eat. An optional topping would be an organic hot sauce that can be bought at Whole Foods.

Cara finishes the video by tasting the taco and telling us that the flavors are just explosive and delicious. She says it’s one of the fastest recipes and would be really great for kids, especially since it’s healthy. You could even skip the cauliflower mixture and just dab the guacamole in the middle, drizzle the cashew cream and hot sauce, and still have an amazing healthy alternative for tacos.

Raj Fernando- an Expert in International Financial Markets

Born on July 7, 1971, Raj Fernando is a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin. He is currently the CEO and founder of Scoutahead.com. Before that, Fernando was the CEO and founder of Chopper Trading. As an expert in technological innovation and international financial markets, he is actively involved in the foreign policy organizations. Currently, he serves at the Brookings Institute on Foreign Policy Leadership Committee as well as on the Board of Directors of the American Security Project.

Fernando began his career at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer while still in college. He later worked his way up in different positions at the company. He started Chopper Trading in 2002. Chopper Trading grew under his leadership to more than 250 employees and also traded on the CME, Nasdaq, Eurex, LSE, ICE, ICAP-Broketek and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.

His contributions

Fernando made contributions to the work of United State’s Commodity Trading Futures Commission, by supporting its mission on promoting transparent, open, financially sound and competitive markets.

In 2015, Fernando sold the Chopper Trading to DRW Trading- another Chicago-based trading firm.

He launched his internet start-up, Scoutahead in 2016. Scoutahead is designed to improve professional and corporate productivity and growth through advanced and secure communication systems.

His philanthropic works

Fernando supports various philanthropic efforts in the United States and Chicago. He serves as a board member for PAWS Chicago- a no-kill animal shelter and board of trustees for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also supported the Big Brother Big Sister of Metropolitan Chicago, the Wounded Worriers, and the Clinton Foundations.

He also has major contributions to Democratic campaigns and causes. Raj Fernando funneled $500,000 to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign- making him a major fund-raiser.

In September 2011, Fernando hosted fund-raising for the Vice President, Joe Biden and did the same for Clinton in 2015.

Fernando also made huge contributions to Mayor Rahm’s political funds for the 2011 and 2015 elections.

With years of expertise and experience in international financial markets and more than ten years experience leading the cyber security initiatives, Fernando offers excellent insights and counsel to his companies and the organizations and boards he serves. He has also amassed enough wealth to contribute to numerous charities.

Jicama taco recipe of Markus Rothkranz

Ah, Mexican food. It’s hard to go wrong with the flavors. The problem is that it’s not always very healthy. But here’s a great vegan taco recipe you can have any time.

Jicama tacos have the taste and texture of a taco shell, but without all the grease, processing, and trans fats that make a taco shell. This recipe is super easy, it’s really just a few cuts and splices, and then you’re goo to go.

A jicama is a type of root vegetable, and it’s just so packed with flavor. To start, turn the jicama sideways so that it fits into your mandolin, which you will use to cut it up. Adjust the mandolin’s width, preferably on the thinner side. Now, slice up the jicama, and you’ve got your taco shells made. See? I told you it was easy.

Next, get started on the guacamole. Remember, when it comes to guacamole, sometimes less is more. I’ve noticed that, in the past, I put in tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, and olive oil into the guacamole. But now I’ve come to realize, guacamole really doesn’t need any of that. Simple is better. It just needs avocado, lemon juice, salt, and cilantro. That’s really it.

So, mash up the avocado to form the guacamole. Then, add in the salt, lemon juice, maybe some red onion, and a diced habanero pepper if you can find it. Mix it all up until it’s well combined Perform a taste test to make sure it’s properly salted. Set it aside

Next, use cashew cream from a squirt bottle as your cheese. Take your jicama taco shell, put some guacamole in the center, add some chopped cauliflower, a few dollops of the cashew cream, and drizzle some hot sauce on top. Place a sprig of cilantro on the side. Voila. You’ve got yourself an amazing, delicious raw taco.

It’s got the crunch, like a taco, and the flavors just explode in your mouth. If you made this for anyone, they would just be so happy and pleased with it. If you have kids, I don’t know any faster food that this. Plus, it’s just so healthy. It’s fast, easy, and nutritious.