ClassDojo Has a Positive Impact on Classroom Culture

There are many tech platforms out there working to change education, offering a place to share assignments, but what they often don’t address is the issue that’s most critical: communication.

ClassDojo was found in 2011 to address this critical need. It’s a place where teachers can share updates with parents about student progress. Kids also have an opportunity to build their own digital portfolios. They can post videos, add pictures, create journal entries, and make drawings.

The communication gets great reviews from parents and teachers alike for how it has completely revolutionized their schools. Too often, parents only get a glimpse of their students’ progress once a semester, in parent-teacher meetings, or when their student shares the occasional detail at the end of the day over dinner. ClassDojo makes a positive impact on classroom culture because it provides a communication platform for parents to stay engaged in their students’ lives. It also revolutionizes the teaching experience; for teachers, ClassDojo has made it easier than ever before to create a community with their fellow educators and school administrators. Teacher feedback continues to make the app better and better. It has been developed directly with educators and their needs in mind.

The communication platform also offers educators custom avatars, downloadable classroom decorations, and posters. ClassDojo connects teachers and parents, and empowers students to lead the learning process. It is so popular that approximately 2 in 3 K-8 schools in the US use it to streamline classroom communication.

ClassDojo has been recognized with multiple awards for its positive impact on classroom culture. In 2016, it was recognized by Fast Company in the Innovation by Design Awards and as one of the 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year; and in 2017, Inc. Magazine recognized ClassDojo as one of the 25 Most Disruptive Companies.

On pinterest, ClassDojo shares updates on how the communication platform is getting better and better, with the ability to schedule messages, share “class story” cards with parents, and more.

David Giertz on social security

The whole point of working so hard when you are still young is so that in your old age you do not end up being dependent on others. There is nothing as bad as being a beggar who was once rich. Even if the begging is limited to family members. For this reason, many people have invested a lot in financial advisors. They ask them where to invest and when, they ask which insurance to take and which retirement policies to consider.

However, it’s interesting to note that most advisors often avoid talking to their clients about one thing; social security. According a survey done by nationwide financial retirement institute on financial consumers who are retired and who are ten years to retirement, a majority of people say that their financial advisors did not talk to them about social security.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dave Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization explained that social security is important because it makes up 40% of an individual’s retirement income. If this is the case, then why do financial advisors shy away from talking to their clients about it?

David Giertz says that part of the reason most advisors shun this topic is that they are not confident with all the rules that govern social security. There are 2700 rules on social security alone. Since most advisors are not confident they know or understand all the rules, they simply avoid the subject. Therefore, in as much as those who were involved in the survey said that they would rather change an advisor if they do not talk about social security, it is important to have one who is knowledgeable in the subject.

Dave Giertz is a seasoned financial advisor now working as the CEO of one of the leading financial corporations in the country; Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. He has gathered experience over the years which have seen him grow in his career and named one of the best financial advisors in the country. His article published in CNBC on the mistakes that will see you get a small security check shed light on many grey areas financial consumers had no idea existed.

Profiting from Information Like White Shark Media

One thing that is required for success is information. Many of the most successful marketers have the information needed to succeed with their method of choice. The type of information that White Shark Media uses is information that is based on the online market. One of the reasons that they have gained prominence as an advertiser is that they know how the customers respond, and they also are aware of the algorithms that are in place. They use this to determine where they are going to go in their marketing efforts. They use this to not only gain the trust of clients but to also help them in their pursuit of successful marketing.

Among the methods that White Shark Media use is SEM. This method has some of the same principles of SEO in that it requires optimized content. This is to make sure that the content is not only highly ranked in the search results, but also provide the information that people are looking for when they type in a certain keyword. Search engines calibrate their system so that they give the users the type of content they are looking for when they type in a certain keyword.

The internet is quickly changing the market into a consumer focused market. This is a welcome change from the product based market where the consumer was convinced to buy a product. Therefore, White Shark Media helps its clients by getting them to focus on the consumer. Part of the ways that people can focus on the consumer is by finding areas in any given industry that seem to be ignored. One example of an industry with plenty of gaps is the fashion industry. A marketer can look into one of the ignored areas of the fashion industry and partner with White Shark Media in order to market something new.

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How Trabuco’s Terrified The Enemy In The Middle Ages

In the modern era, Trabuco’s are used for education, fun, and contests. People will build them to see who can shoot a watermelon the farthest, for example. Science teachers have students build them so that they learn about engineering and physics. Back in the Middle Ages, though, they were deadly machines of war.

The Trabuco is an invention of the Chinese who built the first ones in about 400 BC according to It’s a siege weapon that could hit targets 800 meters away with 140 kilos of projectiles. They were pretty accurate when being fired and could be used to both take down walls or hit enemy soldiers. There are writings that sometimes instead of stones a Trabuco would be loaded up with diseased corpses and fired. This was a type of biological warfare where the hope was to kill off as many enemies as possible through disease instead of having to physically fight them.


Trabuco’s were made of wood. They have a long arm on top with that has on one end a basket that is filled with the materials you will be shooting. The other end has a counterweight. When ropes are pulled the counterweight is yanked down and so the projectiles in the basket are flung violently forward. It’s the same principles of physics as David using a sling to take down Goliath. They are free of any complicated mechanisms or parts.

Trabuco’s were used in the Crusades in both Europe and the Middle East on European soldiers would build them at the place that they were to be used rather than bringing them along with the army. Once they were set up they could fire up to four shots a minute which was a pretty superb fire rate for the time.

The Trabuco was used for a number of centuries, up until gunpowder (another invention of the Chinese) started to be used in war. Gunpowder was a lot more effective because cannons could shoot farther and harder than a Trabuco could, as terrifying of a machine as they were. It was in the eleventh century that the use of Trabuco’s fell by the wayside.

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Why Kate Hudson Loves Her Fabletics Brand of Athletic Wear

While many know Kate Hudson as a talented actress, she has often jokingly stated that she was only almost famous until she went over to Fabletics fame. Since 2015, Kate has been actively involved in all aspects of the business in running this fashion company. Known for their fabulous athleisure wear, Fabletics uses an untypical way to run their successful fashion business. These entrepreneurs leverage the power of the crowd to further their business goals. This is done by utilizing a highly technical computer program that has the ability to track clothing purchases, customer preferences, customer product reviews and customer input from surveys and more.


This company promotes an effective Lifestyle Quiz which every customer is ardently urged to take. The results are rather surprising to the taker. While they believe that they know their shopping preferences, this quiz often proves that wrong. Instead, the happy customer learns their correct clothing size, their design style suited for their figures, appropriate color selections that favor their skin tones, clothing cuts that look good on their frame and types of fabrics that they would look best wearing. In addition, the quiz reveals the customers stated normal activity level that allows them to choose the best active wear made for that activity level.


All of these quiz results are uploaded to a computer program, but the customer remains anonymous. This, plus other customer information helps determine the direction this company will take next. Truly, this is a company that relies on customer satisfaction. With Kate at the helm, women are assured that attention to those small details will be made. Kate’s wonderful style sense is seen in the designs she endorses and even is proud to be seen in public settings wearing. Kate also manages to keep the costs of these finer athletic styled clothing pieces exceptionally affordable for the everyday woman.


Fabletics is certainly set far above the rest of this style of clothing competetors. Their use of finer fabrics, sturdy construction, excellent tailoring and cute designs are awesome enough. The mix and match options, plus the gorgeous color choices only add to the attractiveness of this fine brand of so incredibly comfy clothing. While suitable for running a marathon, these clothes are beautiful enough for a date with a special someone. There is no need to change, as these clothes go from morning to evening with ease, comfort and terrific style.

Sheldon Lavin-The CEO Behind the Success of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a top executive in the meat and food processing industry, and the brains behind the success of the OSI Group. He has overseen the expansion of the group internationally with the recent acquisition of companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho Food. Lavin’s ambition is to spread modern techniques of food processing into other countries around the globe.

Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC first ventured into the meat industry 43 years ago after having a successful career as a banker and consultant. He rose through the ranks to become the chief executive officer of the OSI Group, and grew the company to an international level. For instance, the OSI group supplies, food products to consumers around the world, and the company has an international labor force of 20,000 personnel. Apart from international success, the OSI Group also brags of minimal employee turnover. The CEO attributes this achievement to the family culture the company embraces that guarantees the longevity of employees.

Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI Group in 1970 after he organized a fundraiser for the company that was known as Otto & Sons at the time. In 1975, he assisted the company to secure investments abroad, and this made the two sons to make him a partner after the retirement of their father. Later, Sheldon agreed to work for the company full time, because he liked the strategy and the business culture of the firm.

The journey to grow the OSI group to an international company started in the 1970s, when the company spread throughout the U.S and Europe. The company later opened in South America and Taiwan in the 1980s. The company expanded to venture into the Philippines, South Africa, Japan, China, and Australia. When this expansion was completed, Sheldon had 100 percent voting control of the company. As we speak, the OSI Group boasts of over 60 facilities located in 16 countries. Apart from being a very successful CEO, Sheldon is also a renowned philanthropist who has been involved in numerous charities that include the Jewish United Fund, McDonald House Charities, and the Evans Scholarship Funds.

Sheldon Lavin’s success in building the OSI group to a multinational company has been noticed. In February 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award from the India’s Vision World. This organization awards people who have achieved great heights of success through persistent and hard work. Moreover, the OSI Group has been awarded the British Safety Council award that recognizes companies that have adopted measures to lower environmental pollution.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Lime Crime Helps Cheryl the Riverdale TV Series Bad Girl Look Gorgeous

What helps to denote a female TV villain better than the deep rich red lips on a beautiful actress. The Riverdale Blossom family is symbolized by handsome and gorgeous outfits, including Riverdale High’s queen villainess whose auburn curls and sexy lips are dripping in crimson.

Riverdale’s cosmetic director enjoys using “Red Velvet” from Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine collection for actress Madelaine Petsch starring as Cheryl. When Cheryl goes in for those iconic kisses her Blossom red kiss lips are leading the way.

Madelaine sports her character’s luscious red lips with one of her favorite lipsticks Red Velvet. LimeCrime is an affordable cosmetic line by its owner and designer Doe Deere. Red Velvet is scented with vanilla and Doe said that the color reminds her of red roses.

Madelaine Petsch says that she is in love with Lime Crime lipsticks because it is long lasting and it doesn’t smudge or rub off. The bold matte color of Red Velvet from Lime Crime actually advertises that it is kissable and touch proof.

Apparently, this seems to be true, especially when Cheryl’s passionate kiss with Archie doesn’t leave any smudge marks, both onscreen and even after the cameras stop rolling. Madelaine said that for those steamy kissing scenes she also wears a layer of chap stick by Nivea for a glossy finish.

When Madelaine is not working on Riverdale, she continues to wear Lime Crime products. Madelaine is not alone in wearing Doe Deere’s majestic cosmetic line. Designers enjoy having their models wear Lime Crime lipsticks as do actresses like Kate Bosworth, Lupita Nyong’o, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, and Taryn Manning, who enjoy wearing Red Velvet and other Lime Crime Matte colors like orange and pink hues.

Madelaine portraying Cheryl is sometimes tough she says because she has to act mean to her co-stars when she says the cast members are her best friends, so after shooting a scene, she goes around hugging everyone and apologizing.

18 infrastructure auction strategy as expected by the government according to Felipe Montoro Jens

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas secretary of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) is expected to hold an eighteen auction in the infrastructural area in the last four consecutive months of this years according to the project coordination Felipe Montoro Jens is the project infrastructure expert. He has informed that the secretary would not modify the outlined schedule following the political discussions that the Brazil government is experiencing this year. The eighteen auction will kick off in September. PPI will work in line with the discussions that took place within the Congress as it has been reported by Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas. He also added that PPI welcomes provocations from the private sector. This follows after large contractors were affected negatively by Lava Jato’s denunciations announcement. The announcement was that significant projects would shut down. Felipe Montoro Jens has stated that the programs promote participation of new players in the concession.

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas outlines that to enhance production in Brazil; there should exist thorough expansion and modernization of the infrastructural sector. Also, the country needs to create ways on how to attract investors who are crucial in creating employment opportunities. Many gains arrive with concessions as put forward by the PPI project coordinator. He further encouraged that building governance in a significant project is advantageous to investment partnership programs.

PPI has developed a hub joined with various ministries which aim at choosing projects that are attractive to the private sector and are on the verge of succeeding as reported by Freitas. Transaction was considered the largest in history as recalled by Felipe Montoro Jens

Freitas states that the primary objective of PPI is to correct a reporting mistake which was committed by the faculty of public, private partnerships (PPPs) as result of a lot of intervention by the state. The errors caused project risk imbalance.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted when Freitas was interrogated by the editorial director if mistakes committed in the past years affected decisions made by foreign traders he pointed out the presence of consortia in the auction held in PPI. Freitas added that the government had left an anti-business line and progressed to the pro-business line with Temer.

During the first year of Michael Temer presidency, PPI was able to hold forty-four auctions in the infrastructural field, and it captured R $23 billion in investment as put forward by Felipe Montoro Jens

Drew Madden Changing IT in Healthcare

Drew Madden is one of the leading minds in healthcare today. He is an IT executive at Evergreen Health Partners. He has worked on a variety of projects to help patients improve their health. Over the years, he has developed a passion for changing the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest issues with the industry today is the high cost of care. Each year, the cost of care continues to increase. This is a major issue that few people are ready to deal with. Drew Madden believes that new technology can help decrease the cost of care in the years ahead.

Early Career for Drew Madden

Drew developed a strong IT background that would help him in his current role. When he took the position at Evergreen Health Partners, he never knew how much of an impact he could make on others.

Drew Madden is now working on various projects to help change the future of the industry. With all of the new data available, he believes that doctors can transform the lives of patients through better health practices.

Future Plans

Preventative care is the future of medicine. Drew Madden is working on numerous projects to help companies implement preventive care strategies. Not only will this reduce the cost of care, but it will make healthcare treatments much more effective. There are a lot of people who struggle to fight a disease once they realize they have an issue. If you can find a disease early on, your chances of surviving the illness are much higher.

Now is a great time for Drew Madden to start developing new products and services for clients. With the high level of success that he has achieved so far, he is excited about the future of the industry.

Support for Dallas Women Foundation

Nexbank is a financial institution that showed its interest in improving the welfare of women in Dallas. The bank gave a $10,000 to the Dallas Women Foundation as a gift for their annual luncheon that went down on 20th October 2017, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel Dallas.

The foundation is the largest women’s regional fund in the world. It primarily aims at enhancing life financially for women and girls. This support also was to boost women’s financial strength and leadership skills.

Among the top 100 influential people of Time Magazine is Dr. Hope Jahren who was expected to address the people attending the luncheon. He has been ranked as the best author and won awards as a scientist. The keynote address from Dr. Hope would be streamed to thousands of students in twenty schools all around the northern part of Texas. Leaders from all walks of life from business to community attend the luncheon.

Nexbank has $6.4 billion worth of assets. It is a member of FDIC with its headquarters in Dallas. In the state of Texas, it is ranked as the 12th largest banks and the 179th in the nation. Its health rating is A, with increasing number of employees reaching 87 at three locations in June 2017. Nexbank services include but not limited to mortgages, commercial banking, and institutional facilities. It has clients nationwide whose needs it is determined to meet as a financial partner. Apart from economic institutions the bank also serves large corporations, middle-market firms, investors in real estates and housing among others.

Under the leadership of its chairman James Dondero, the executive employees such as directors exercise their best knowledge and experience in administration and leadership. Thus the company’s success is realized from their commitment. It is focused on providing outstanding financial services and solutions to all its customers, whether they are individuals or firms.

NexBank’s customers enjoy online banking among the many services. It has branches such as McKinney and Preston Center which are both in Texas. Its market rates are thrice the national average and it stands as an equal housing leader.