Benefits Of Getting Free Adwords Evaluation

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White Shark Media‘s staff is highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring the best quality service.

Whenever a client complains about any aspect of the services they received, White Shark Media gathers information or facts surrounding the issue, listens to the clients and offers a resolution that is acceptable to the clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: and

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Mike Baur and his Team Share their Success

Mike Baur, based in Fribourg, Switzerland region, always had a fascination with banking and finance even as a youth and much to his delight made such a passion his lifelong profession. Mr. Baur earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mr. Mike Baur was employed in the Swiss Private Banking industry and began his financial career as a commercial apprentice at UBS and worked his way up to executive board member of several large Swiss Private Banks, including Clariden and Sallfort. Along the way, he accrued a great deal of experience and sound expertise in the banking industry and utilized that knowledge to formulate financial solutions for clients.

In 2014, Mr. Baur decided to walk the entrepreneurial path and founded the SSUF (Swiss Start Up Factory) with two partners. The philosophy behind the SSUF is to support young entrepreneurs that choose to specialize in digital technologies. SSUF has become the number one independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator program in Switzerland. Mr. Baur invests a great deal of time in the Swiss youth who wish to travel the entrepreneurship path and supports a variety of Swiss Startups in terms of finance and as a mentor. He is responsible for directing the fundraising rounds and fundraising for the organization.

Read more:
Another Dropout Joins Fintech Rush

Start Summiteer: 1500 viewers | 30 startups | 80 investors

The team at SSUF coach startup founders and their companies and offer advice to those hoping to establish themselves in the fintech business. The goal of the team is to identify startups within the industry and provide those businesses that display positive potential and evaluate and coach those entities during the development stage.

SSUF provides candidates with a unique platform of services, mentoring, office space and coaching in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. They offer a three month long accelerator program in which the participants learn the necessary ropes of success. The company also provides an entrepreneurial network to help businesses to achieve their goals. The secondary goal of SSUF is to invest in the future and offer a helping hand to those individuals and companies with the potential of success. Mike Baur and his team have helped many startups through their effort and helped these companies to set a positive course to success. The team is more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with those willing to learn and help them succeed.

Learn more about Mike Baur:

Emily McClure Takes Readers On Her Journey To See If WEN Cleansing Conditioner Works

You’ve all see the commercials for Wen. Finally Emily McClure wanted to test this product on her hair. Wen cleansing Conditioners by Chaz Dean are basically one shampoo and conditioner in one. She wanted to take her readers on the journey with her by reporting and pictures of her hair.
The idea was to use this product, WEN, for a week and see if anyone notices. She chose the Sephora Fig version that said it would give her hair moisture, bounce and shine.

Emily decided there was no time like the present to start her test on WEN. Would her hair look like the models featured in the commercials. Carefully reading the directions, Emily was amazed by the amount of product she needed to use. Never before had she used so much product at one time, ever! See result at

By day two shower, she was ready to get rid of the greasy roots. With only 24 hours gone by and she felt she had to shampoo her hair. Day three was an average day, first thing is to shower and wash her hair. It was by the end of the day 3 and her hair looked good with its shine. Emily said she was impressed so far.

Day 4 was running late and she didn’t shampoo and she was horrified that her roots were so greasy. No time to shower and shampoo and used dry shampoo to maybe help fix the greasy mess. She couldn’t wait to get home and shower and shampoo. By day 5 and 6 did notice more shine, but the curls had dropped some.

By day 7, she realized her hair had become easier to comb and style and a few coworkers had complemented her on how shiny her hair looked. That boosted her confidence even though it meant she had to take a shower in the morning to keep from having greasy looking roots. Her hair was great after the shampoo and styling, but later on that day the roots began to get a bit oily.

Emily decided she had a love hate relationship with Wen conditioner. She had to be vigilant about washing hair every day to keep the greasy look away. Her feelings were that it did make her hair shiny and bouncy, and when she wanted more shine, she would use WEN but that meant getting up a little early for the shower and shampoo.

U.S. Money Reserve Allowing For A Brighter Future

The U.S. Money Reserve recently launched their brand new IRA Program which allows customers to protect their retirement plan by adding gold and silver to the existing portfolio.

More Americans realize that hard work alone will not solidify a retirement plan. In this day and age we need to seek out alternatives – read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn.

One of these alternatives is the investment into gold and silver coins and bars. The U.S. Money reserve now gives Americans an alternative option which should be considered by anyone who would like to protect their nest egg.

The conventional IRA has shown to be very volatile due to the many global markets struggling and the threat of financial markets collapsing. The common method of setting up an IRA is to buy into stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However when these collapse so does the IRA.

Physical gold and silver on the other hand maintains its value a lot better and has done so for decades. In actual fact gold has never in the history of our economies been worth nothing.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

Recent demand for gold and silver has seen their value rise significantly. Gold has gone up a staggering 360 percent in value while silver a whopping 662 percent. This just shows the earning potential of both gold and silver assets. This type of value can actually shield the customers retirement plan and provide them with a safe and secure future.

The meaning of a self directed IRA is that the customer can choose the makeup of the portfolio and ensure that there is a diverse variety of different asset forms. This is different to regular IRA’s where the customer often does not have a choice in the portfolio variety. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Moving away from a custodian and becoming the controller of the account also gives the customer a great flexibility in earnings. The customer can make calculated moves as well as move an existing 401K into a precious metal portfolio.

The process of doing so is very simple and can be done in a timely manner. The process as such is a very simple one and is almost like a simple bank transfer. As long as the transfer is made from custodian to custodian there will be no lengthy procedure. The fast transfer from the earnings of the IRA can also be set up through the U.S. Money Reserve.


Venezuela News: The Best Way Forward

Due to a prolonged drought brought about by the climatic condition mostly referred by My Space to as El Nino, the Power Minister of Venezuela had to put in place measures to prevent the falling of water levels of the main dam, Guri. One of the measures enforced was power rationing which was to be in place for four hours in a day. Yesterday on the 19th May 2016, the Minister, while attending an official event in the state of Anzoátegui, he relayed good news concerning the same to the citizens. He echoed the remarks of the of President Nicolas Maduro that come next Monday posted on facebook, the rationing would be reduced to three hours a day and such power cuts were not in place between 10:00 pm at night and 7:00 am in the morning.
In other news, the need to promote and safeguard the people as well as the institutions of Venezuela has been affirmed by Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. In its judgment on a decree on economic emergency which was signed by the country’s president, reports that the court was of the opinion that indeed the it (decree) was purely based constitutional rules and principles as well as the international treaties on human rights. According to law expert Diaz Granados, the National Assembly had trampled upon Article 27 of the Organic Law governing States of Emergency and therefore its decision was the most favorable and consistent with the country’s constitution.


Beneful Really Does Benefit your Pets

As a member of a facebook dog owners group, I understand the need to keep my four-legged family members happy and healthy. My dog, Maximus, has been with my little family since he was eight weeks old, so we have been fortunate enough to be there through the important stages of his life.
Maximus, or as our son calls him, Maxi, has had a large sensitivity to foods since he was a puppy. I’ve tried every food available on Amazon, but his system seemed to get weaker and weaker as time went on. That’s when our veterinarian recommended Beneful Healthy Puppy. Maxi loved it immediately. With its real meat and all natural vitamins, he began to regain his energy and strength. The best thing is that it lasts from one month all the way up to eight months with proven benefits to your puppy’s growth and wellness!

As Maxi got a little older, we moved him up to the Beneful Originals with Real Salmon. A growing boy needs something that will keep him strong and energized. Seeing as how this is packed with omega-rich nutrition, it does its job well. Not only is it packed with real meats and vitamins, but it also sneaks in those unbelievably healthy vegetables that bring out the shine in dogs’ coats.

Now, as a travelling mom, I have to be sure that my Maxi gets he best treatment while I’m gone. That’s why we treat him with Purinastore‘s Beneful Wet Food Chopped Blends. With real beef, carrots, peas, and barley, his coat shines beautifully, and each feeding, he gets energy that lasts for hours with a softer meal for his delicate teeth.

The last current (but definitely not the last ever) product we are using for our four-legged baby are the Healthy Smile Dental Ridges for small dogs. Maxi is a little pug with a big heart, and for a while there, an even bigger stinky breath problem. With the dental ridges, his plaque is knocked off, his breath is fresh, and his mouth is the healthiest it’s ever been! Visit for additional info.

How Visual Search Engines Are Transforming the Way we Search the Web

Visual search engines represent the future of mobile technology. For many consumers who are already using mobile apps that allow them to shop for clothing and other consumer goods simply by snapping a photo of the object with their smart phone, the future of search engine technology is already here.

But for the rest of us, visual search engine technology developed by companies  like Slyce is well on the way to transforming the way we all use the Internet.  In a recent article posted on TechCrunch, Ken Weiner, CTO of GumGum, explored many of the ways that visual search engines are transforming Internet commerce in general as well as the specific ways that consumers are using the Internet.

The main shift in online marketing has been in the area of AI or artificial intelligence. Visual search engines are only possible in-so-far as our devices are now able to learn to recognize specific images. This learning can only be facilitated through the use of free open data libraries.  While major search engines like Google and social media outlets like Facebook have the resources to develop their own technologies in this area, many smaller companies simply do not have the resources to develop visual search technologies of their own. In these cases, hosted  visual search technology is a viable solution, facilitated by companies like Slyce who offer custom services geared to power all of the visual search solutions your company needs and you can learn more about Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Concept Based Image Retrieval vs. Content-Based Image Retrieval   Instead of performing text based searches in which there are possibly thousands of results that simply do not match the search criteria, visual search technology is allowing consumers to search the Internet based solely on image retrieval systems. The initial forays into visual search technology featured concept-based image retrieval systems.

These image recognition systems were based primarily on what is known as ‘meta-data,’ or descriptive data encoded into image files so that search engines could recognize them.   The newest and most efficient visual search technologies are based on content-based retrieval systems.

Content-based image retrieval or CBIR systems represent a major step forward in the way that visual search technologies work. CBIR systems do not rely on ‘meta-data’ to retrieve information about an image. Rather, they analyze actual visual information, including pixels, colors, shapes and other visual content, to find the information that you are looking for.

Visual search technology developers like Slyce are now able to create a wide array of applications that use CBIR systems in revolutionary ways. Slyce is currently offering visual search products that handle 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images equally well, which means you can scan bar codes, pictures and actual 3-dimensional objects.

Techcrunch says that with Slyce’s visual search technologies it doesn’t matter what kind of information you have, whether it is an object, a print ad, a billboard or a a UPC label, you can find all of the information that you need. No matter if you are retailer or a customer, Slyce has visual search solutions that will suit your needs.

Angelina Jolie Stuns Crowds with a Softer Side

The fashion industry can only keep its edge and glamor by changing each day. Fashionistas understand this rule, and adjust accordingly whether it be for the industry or their own personal interests. Regardless of the reason to demonstrate change, some celebrities just look fabulous in whatever it is they are wearing. Popsugar had some breaking news pertaining to Angelina Jolie’s new, soft, and feminine look.

The public often affiliates Jolie with having an edgy style. Often adding a smidge of class to and otherwise casual outfit, the star will add a suit jacket. Rarely wearing a lot of jewelry, and often rocking semi-masculine attire, the actress stuns crowds with her fashion statements. As she was spotted heading to dinner in London, however, she was seen wearing an outfit offering contrasting gray hues. Wearing a classy wool dress, peep-toe heels, a statement-making cashmere shawl, a monogrammed satchel, and diamond jewelry, she certainly looked elegant. Why the change, though? Could Jolie be turning over a new leaf? Did the restaurant have a dress code? Regardless, the public greatly enjoyed viewing Angelina in this new light.

As previously mentioned, the fashion industry is subject to common change. Some things, such as diamonds, are timeless, but others are out as quickly as they came to the market. Regularly updating your wardrobe is key in order to maintain a current, trendy status. Luckily, some fashion retailers and etailers have the public covered.

 JustFab is an online fashion boutique delivering fashionable and current outfits to women of all sizes. Equipped with the newest shoes, accessories, and outfits for each season, JustFab, the fashion retailer tops the charts at being the most convenient, reliable source for fashion insight. With specialized software allowing users to take a quiz, a personalized shopping experience is created by the retailer for every consumer. JustFab’s expert stylists fill a shopper’s online boutique with head-to-toe pieces that are just right for them and their style needs.

Learn out more about JustFab:

QNET: Positivity Is Possibility

These days, sadly, the world is filled with negative thoughts, negative energy, and too many negative people. All you have to do is read the comments section of any article or go on a message board, and you will see people leaving negative feedback on the even the most positive articles. It can be very depressing and sad when there is so much negativity in the world. Instead of lifting each other up, we are tearing each other down. We could all use a little kindness and it truly does go a long way. You can brighten someone’s day or put a smile on their face.

Just imagine how much better your day would be if you filled it with positive thoughts instead of negative ones. We all have bad days and we all have things happen to us that we would prefer didn’t happen. We wake up on the wrong side of the bed or everything turns out poorly for us. Because we are human beings, we make mistakes, screw up, and are going to have bad days. No one is immune to them. The folks at QNET are looking for ways to turn those bad days into good days. Instead of getting down in the dumps, you ask yourself, “What can I do to make this better?”

With the RYTHM Foundation initiative, they are starting the the Positive Thoughts Project, which is aided by HomePure. On the Facebook link, you simply leave a positive thought or comment that comes to mind. It’s that simple! If there are 500 comments in the first two weeks, which I’m sure there will be, QNET will donate a special HomePure RED to Taarana, which is a school for students with special needs. Not only that, if there are an additional 500 comments during the second phase, they will donate HomePure RED to Rashid Centre, which is a center for the disabled in the UAE.

You can submit up to 3 posts, so the sooner you comment, the better! This is showing that we don’t need to live in a negative society and positivity truly is possibility. It can change the world for the better and help out those in need. That’s what QNET is all about and why they are a company that people are proud to be associated with, as they stand for what is right and good in this world.

Follow QNET on Twitter.

Top Venezuelan Brewery Has To Shut Production Down

Those who love posting instagram pics of a good brew in Venezuela are going to want to stock up now, because Cerveceria Polar, the largest brewery in the country announced that it will halt its beer production. The company stated that it did not have a choice because they are short on inventory and their necessary ingredients will not arrive until April 29th. However, this is there last scheduled delivery at this moment.
Polar produces most of the beer that is consumed in Venezuela, but in order to continue it needs some vital ingredients that would have to be imported into the country such as barley and hops. Both of these crops cannot be grown in the climate of Venezuela, however, the government has not authorized the brewery to pay foreign suppliers.

An anonymous source at the brewery stated that he hopes that Polar will not have to stop all of their production lines, and that another brewery like Regional might offer them a loan on the much needed ingredients.

Expert Danilo Diaz added, that even if the government allows the brewery to pay a foreign company it would take at least four weeks for the ingredients to make it into the country. Polar also produces sauces and food, but they would lose billions if they are unable to continue to produce beer and malt beverages.