Brown YouTube 4th of July Party

Austin, Texas’ Brown modeling agency hosted an epic 4th of July party that will not soon be forgotten. Sponsored by some of the top names in the city, the party was attended by the most beautiful people in Austin. With plenty of bikinis and cocktails, it was a night of fun. Still + Sea provided the designer swimwear, North Shore Austin provided the luxury venue, New Era Portfolio provided the fine arts and Deep Eddy Vodka provided the high-quality spirits.

The extravaganza was a great opportunity for clients to meet the talent represented by Brown modeling agency. The Brown modeling agency is known to organize the most entertaining events like this Fourth of July soiree.

Since 2010, the Brown Agency has been providing modeling and commercial talent to Austin and the surrounding areas. As part of the Brown family of agencies, this location is bringing big market standards to the city of Austin. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota and L’Oreal. From Dallas to New York, Brown’s models are taking the fashion world by storm. The president of the agency, Justin Brown knows that they key to their success is their talent.

“We are only as good as our talent.” The agency promises the most professional and prepared talent in the industry.

The Austin agency is control of more than 450 budding modeling and acting careers and growing everyday. One of the key components to the Austin agency’s success and growing client base is that they know what kind of talent works best for the area. Even just in the state of Texas, the needs of clients can differ greatly.

“In Austin, they are looking for a more cool vibe, more alternative — piercings, tattoos, funky hair,” Brown says. “Dallas, for instance, more conservative.”

The agency is always on the look for new talent. If you think you would be a great addition the the team, the Brown agency hosts open calls every Thursday afternoon. All the agency asks that you bring is your resume (if you have one) and photos.



Lung Disease? Call The Lung Institute for You Free Consultation Today

When it comes to lung disease, you have two treatment options. Traditional treatments and stem cell therapy are the most common ways to treat lungs that have been plagued with lung disease. Traditional treatments, however, have negative side effects and only treat symptoms with no potential for actually curing the disease that causes them in the first place. Stem cell therapy has considerably high success rates for patients who seek this treatment.

Stem cells are cells that have not formed into an organ or specific type of tissue yet. According to PR Web, this means they are renewable cells with the capability to replicate healthy tissue and replace the damaged. While stem cells can come from a couple different places, The Lung Institute’s method will require the stem cells to be collected from the patient that is being treated. Using stem cells from the patient’s own body gives you an advantage because it has a lower risk of your body rejecting it compared to using stem cells from another source.

The stem cells are harvested in one of two ways blood venous or bone marrow. Most physicians at The Lung Institute will use the blood venous method as it is less painful. In some cases, however, you may have to harvest stem cells through the bone marrow. Bone marrow contains a higher concentration of stem cells than the blood which is at times necessary if there is extensive damage to the lungs. The final stage of treatment is injecting the stem cells back into your blood stream. The stem cells will reach your lungs in a few minutes where they will become trapped. Once trapped, the stem cells will begin the replication of the surround healthy tissues which will help replace the injured or damaged cells. To read more on COPD and other lung diseases, visit

Regardless of how the stem cells are collected, The Lung Institute states that it takes a total of 3 days for the entire process from lab tests, cell harvesting, and then treatment. The Lung Institute treats patients whether your diagnose is new or you’ve known for years and treats many lung diseases and conditions which you can find more information about here. For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website.

Goettl Air Conditioning; the unique home fragrance experience

No one likes a stuffy house. A good fresh scent is a priority for every household. A fresh scent is welcoming and comforting and adds happiness to a family. Over time, Goettl air conditioner is a product that has been known to assist in achieving the pleasant state of a house.

Goettl Air Conditioning Company is located in Phoenix, AZ. The company is well-known for offering services to both commercial and residential services. Many advantages come along with the use of Goettl Air Conditioning Company services. For starters, they visit the premises and identify the air conditioners that are favorable. Cost and efficiency are put into consideration depending on the needs and preferences of the consumers. They later install the heating and cooling systems themselves. Also, the company offers repair services in case of any faults during installation.

The employees are committed to providing quality services to their clients. Goettl heating and air conditioners are diverse to suit different households and offices. The services are also affordable. Their customer care service is well-established, and the customers’ needs are treated as a priority.

Goettl Company has been in the market for a long time. Therefore, their staff has perfect knowledge on expertise in the field of heating and air conditioning. The company is, therefore, among the few options available for keeping a home with a refreshing scent. Over time, the company has been known to leave the clients feeling satisfied as they offer services which are beyond their expectations.

In the recent past, social media marketing has been the trend, and Goettl has ensured that its presence remains maximum. The company is present on all the social media platforms such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. From the platforms, customers can get to learn more about the company as well as the products available. The social media has facilitated the link between clients and the business regarding product sales hence enabling improvements of the products.



Wen By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care system that has been on the market for over 15 years. They offer a full line of cleansing and conditioning products that help to make the hair softer as well as smoother.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist who was known for his amazing cutting and coloring skills. He created Wen as a way to give women a better easier way to wash and condition their hair. Chaz Dean first released Wen over 15 years ago and since then has sold millions and millions of bottles to women and even men all over the world.

One of the most unique products Wen has to offer is their cleansing conditioner. It is a 5 in 1 Formula that works to cleanse as well as condition the hair. It helps to take the place of a cleanser as well as a conditioner, a deep conditioner, a detangler and even leave in conditioner. Wen Hair cleanses the hair as it conditions it. It is made from high-quality materials that leave hair feeling softer and smoother than ever.

The cleansing conditioner is very simple to use. Simply wet hair and apply the recommended amount of pumps written on the cleansing conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit before rinsing. Hair will be stronger as well as smoother and more manageable.

The cleansing conditioner is just one of the many great products that Wen has to offer. They also offer hair treatments as well as frizz creams and other products. Each and every Wen product is made from only high-quality ingredients. It is safe for all hair types and textures and will leave hair much smoother and softer than before. With so many great products to choose from it is easy to see why Wen is still a leader in the hair care industry.

Wengies Makeup Hacks Video



Wengie is a very popular young YouTube blogger and vlogger who creates a variety of beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle videos. She currently has over 5 million subscribers. One of her most popular videos to date with well over 2 million views is her 17 makeup hacks using everyday objects video. Throughout the video Wengie shares many tips and tricks with her viewers on how to use regular items for an easier and better makeup application.


A great tip in the video is a better way to get precise contouring especially on your nose. Using a fork and some contouring powder Wengie shares some simple tips with how to make your nose look slimmer and more defined. It is very simple to follow and anyone can do it. Another great tip Wengie shares is using strawberries to brush your teeth. Not only is this a sweet treat but it also has plenty of benefits for your teeth. It is so simple to make and do and only requires a strawberry, a fork for mashing and a toothbrush for brushing.


Wengie also shares a great tip for making perfume last longer on your body. She simply places a bit of Vaseline on the areas she wants to spritz. This will help seal the perfume in and make it last for a long time. Wengie goes on to share a variety of other tips and tricks for simple makeup hacks. With so many creative and innovative ideas it is easy to see why it is one of Wengies most viewed videos. Wengie also has a large variety of other great hack videos. She offers fun new ideas and useful tips that anyone can use. It is easy to see why she has millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

Julie Zuckerberg enters the New York Recruiter’s hall of fame

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most successful recruiters from New York, and she has made a strong reputation for herself with her track-record in managing complex recruitment cases in different organizations. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in recruitment’s and all aspects of people management, she has made herself one of the leading female recruiters in this competitive forte. Right now, she is serving as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead of Deutsche Bank and managing a team of recruitment executives. Also, she also served in different organizations in the past.


Julie started her professional career as a recruitment specialist when she joined Hudson, a recruitment firm in 2002. She was appointed here as Director of Candidate Placement, and she specialized on recruiting candidates with legal background and recruited suitable candidates for different law firms, companies, and financial organizations. She also played a key role to resolve workplace problems by acting as a link between clients and employees and ensured compliance with legal requirements as well. She worked at Hudson for five years till 2007 and then switched to Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter in October 2007. In this position, she was responsible for managing full life cycle recruitment, manage the partnership with sourcing agencies and oversee senior level recruitment issues. In this position, she developed some recruitment strategies that would streamline recruitment process for this organization. She worked in place until July 2011 and became the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, NA Professional & Executive Recruitment at Citi. This post was a great opportunity for Julie to lead recruitment process on a global level where she managed search firms, recommended senior managers on recruiting strategies and managed full life-cycle recruiting for senior level positions at CitiCards and Citi Global Consumer Marketing and Internet Office till 2013. At the end of 2013, Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President and worked here for a short while till Feb 2014. Later on, she got an offer from Deutsche Bank as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition. While working here, Julie was responsible to partner with hiring managers and sourcing agencies to hire senior level employees. While working here, she played the lead role to design and implement a regulatory based recruitment process in the Bank’s Finance organization. With her excellent performance, she became the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead of this bank and responsible for managing recruitment issues of its Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO area. Currently, she is collaborating with business leaders from different functions and helping recruitment team to appoint the best candidates.


Julie Zuckerberg attended New York Law School and completed her studies in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise on talent acquisition, executive search, behavioral interviewing, compliance, corporate recruiting gained in different sectors such as law, banking, insurance and commercial area has made her an adorned recruiter in New York. She is currently based in New York and has a keen interest in animal welfare, arts and culture, civil rights and social action and human rights.

Nathaniel Ru (Sweetgreen’s Co-Founder) – The New Face Of Food Entrepreneurship

Nathaniel Ru and three of his campus friends have always been passionate about healthy eating in a world where healthy lifestyles have taken a back seat in most people’s lives. It was with this in mind that this group of friends sort to start an eatery that practiced healthy eating by serving customers farm fresh food. After a lot of persistence and determination, Sweetgreen was born. This farm to fork eatery has grown rapidly to open more than 64 eating joints in the six years of its operation.


About Nathaniel RU


Nathaniel Ru is an alumnus of Georgetown University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. As staunch believers of healthy eating, he and two of his friends from campus have gone ahead to open Sweetgreen which is a fast food eatery exclusively serving fresh, tasty and healthy salads. Nathaniel lives by the mantle that everything that one does should last beyond that person’s life.


As the co- founder as well as the co-chief executive officer, Nathaniel ensures that Sweetgreen is not just a restaurant but also a lifestyle brand. As an executive in Sweetgreen Nathaniel ensures that every restaurant abides by five core values designed to ensure that they serve the community in a wholesome and impactful way. Nathaniel strategizes on new locations where to open their signature salad bars which take precision and real estate ingenuity.



About Sweetgreen


Sweetgreen is a chain of fast food eateries that serve fresh and tasty healthy salads. These eateries have become very popular and have expanded from one joint in August 2007 to the over 64 joints spread all over the United States. The chain of healthy eating restaurants ensures that they have quality fresh salads and encourage their employees to give 110% which keeps customers coming back and bringing others. The company also engages local farmers in areas where they open stores which ensure a consistent supply of fresh produce.


Sweetgreen also has a food and music festival that has gained a large following where people come together to celebrate music as they enjoy healthy culinary treats. The stores also have a mobile application that allows customers to pay at the counter. They also have a loyalty program for their clients who attain a ‘green’ status upon spending $100. This status allows a certain percentage of their purchase to be used to teach healthy eating to underprivileged children.


How EOS Upset The Beauty Aisle And A Centuries-Old Industry

In an article by Fast Company, the amazing story behind EOS was finally revealed. The small startup company came out of nowhere and upset a century-long lip balm standard. Before EOS, consumers had to make a decision between numerous tubes of lip balm that offered differences only in flavor and brand.

Eight years ago, shelves of places like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens began filling with brightly-colored orbs of lip balm made by the company EOS. Magazines began raving about the product and the amazing flavors. Then, celebrities were noticed using the amazing product; Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were among them. Today, online merchants like Amazon sell EOS products too.

Evolution of Smooth ( quickly became a product everyone was talking about, and purchasing. They very quickly became the second best-selling lip balm in the entire country, surpassing centuries-long products like Chapstick and Blistex and becoming a $250 million company. EOS sells over 1 million of those colorful orbs per week and their future looks continuously promosing.

Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of EOS, joined with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller in an effort to shake up the beauty aisles of drugstores. The category of lip balm seemed like an obvious choice for in need of innovation since most products were indistinguishable from each other. Most lip balm brands were driven purely by cutting costs and competing on price. The team saw their opportunity to change the standard.

Even though lip balms had previously been treated as a unisex product, EOS knew that studies had shown that it was product used mostly by women. They also knew that women didn’t find the product fun or enjoyable, just necessary. The EOS team saw an opportunity to market a lip balm product to women that could deliver them some sort of delight.

Thus, the EOS lip balm was created. The product they created engaged all five senses, from the way it smelled, to the way it tasted and how the orbs felt. Their lip balm was price competitive and all organic to-boot. EOS created success with “the lip balm that makes you smile.”

Visit the Evolution of website and Amazon product page to make a purchase.

What Are Some Common Photography Mistakes?

It is always interesting how some people can take great pictures while other people can never seem to take decent pictures. There are a variety of reasons why some people can take what appear to be excellent pictures on and other people appear to struggle. The difference between the two situations is sometimes very simple. In some cases, the people who tend to take poor quality pictures have certain things that they are doing that are causing the photo problems.

There are common mistakes that many people make all the time regarding photos. The mistakes can be corrected easily by simply understanding what not to do related to taking pictures on Poor pictures are usually caused more by what people should not be doing instead of what they are doing. As a result, many people can improve their pictures tremendously by just avoiding certain common mistakes.

Although there are numerous mistakes that people can make regarding taking photos, there are around 10 mistakes that cause the most problems with photos. People can determine in a few minutes what is the cause of their photo problems by eliminating any of the common mistakes that they are making.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa provides a list of common mistakes that people make concerning taking pictures. Many people respect the advice and tips offered by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Known as a talented and skillful taker of photos, he has a following of people regarding his photo information.

10 common mistakes that Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa suggest that people avoid involving taking pictures include:

1. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
2. The composition is not correct.
3. Photographs are not consistent.
4. The shots are not sharp enough.
5. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
6. HDR is excessive.
7. People take too many pictures.
8. The level of black and white is not correct.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. There is no topic.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a man of many talents. While he is an excellent photographer, he is also an excellent businessman. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an executive in Panama where he holds several executive positions spread out over multiple companies.

In addition to his talents as a photographer and as a businessman, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is also a community leader. He takes time to help out with many causes in the Panama community.

Learn more about Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa:

The Versatile Professional Career of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an investing genius, founder of successful firms, politician, and one of the world’s prominent philanthropists. He hails from Michigan, and he is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of the recognized Amway Corporation. DeVos is a loyal supporter of Democratic politics and causes. Dick DeVos even participated in the heatedly contested Michigan gubernatorial race of 2006. However, Jennifer Granholm won the election.

Brief history

DeVos was born to Richard DeVos and Helen June in Grand Rapids, Michigan back in 1955. Since their family business was operating in the basement of their home, DeVos handled simple duties such as greeting attendees and clearing plates during Amway’s annual conferences. Read more: Amway heir Dick and Betsy DeVos move into sprawling 22,000-square-foot mansion

Doug, his brother, was also involved in Amway Corporation as he was growing up. The role of these two brothers grew to address gatherings and giving product demonstrations. DeVos received his high school education from the Forest Hills System.

DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University with a degree in business administration. He supports education initiatives, and he has received honorary doctorates from several institutions of higher learning such as Northwood University, Grove City College, as well as Central Michigan University. He established Education Freedom Fund that paid tuition fees for over 4,000 economically disadvantaged children in Michigan.

Career accomplishments

DeVos launched his business career at Amway Corporation in 1974, serving in the department such as manufacturing, finance, research and development, and sales. The company appointed him as the VP responsible for managing its branches in 18 countries.  Learn more about Dick DeVos:

He leveraged his in-depth knowledge in operations leadership to oversee the identification of new markets. Additionally, for the first time since the establishment of Amway Corporation, the overseas sales exceeded the national sales. Orlando Magic Basketball became a subsidiary of Amway Corporation, and DeVos secured the position of the President of the team.

The restructuring of Amway

After his contract with Orlando Magic ended, DeVos rejoined Amway as the president, filling in for his father who had retired. He led the company into opening new service centers in over 50 countries across the six continents. In 2000, he implemented a radical corporate restructuring that resulted in the establishment of Alticor.

Alticor harbors Amway and other subsidiary corporations. Upon retiring from Alticor in 2002, DeVos rejoined The Windquest Group as the President. The company has vested interests in technology, health, manufacturing, finance, and other industries. It invests in technologies that are environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.