Livio Bisterzo Transforms HIPPEAS into an Internationally Loved Snack Brand

HIPPEAS‘ founder, investor, and CEO of Green Park Brands, Livio Bisterzo, worked in close collaboration with an international brand design firm, Jones Knowles Ritchie, in developing a vision for his brand that will transform it into a leader in the global snacks market. After several meetings, the brand has a lineup of deals with retail heavyweights such as Starbucks, Holland & Barrett, As Nature Intended, Boots, and WH Smiths.

HIPPEAS consists of gluten-free, organic chickpea puffs, kosher, vegan, 100 calories for each pack, a rich fiber source, and a good source of protein (3 grams). The product targets health and socially alert consumers on Today, the product is one of Starbucks’ grab-and-go snacks. HIPPEAS’ flavors such as Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar can be purchased at over 7,500 Starbucks locations in the U.S.

The high quality and budget-friendly nature of HIPPEAS qualifies it as the next worldwide adored snack brand. Bisterzo believes that the brand will rule the global market and earn customer loyalty. The new product comes in Pepper Power (sea salt and pepper), Far Out Fajita (a mixture of paprika, cumin, & Chili), In Herbs We Trust (Oregano &thyme, rosemary), and Sweet & Smoking (a perfect blend of paprika spice, Onion & smoked sea salt).

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Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a prominent Italian entrepreneur, who resides in Los Angeles and married with three kids. In 1999, the young Bisterzo relocated to the UK to pursue his higher studies. He joined the London-based University of the Arts and earned his business degree. He ventured into entrepreneurship in 2003 and established an event business. He proceeded to build a business portfolio of consumer brands, hospitality, and other lifestyle businesses. Bisterzo’s innovative brands have featured in major magazines and newspapers such as Vanity Fair, The Times, Harpers, The FT, and Esquire

In 2011, Livio Bisterzo acquired a Danish beverage business known as Little Miracles, an organic mixture of Tea and Juice. The brand turned out to be one of the fastest growing beverage businesses in Europe and won several global awards. In 2015, he established Green Park Holdings, a revolutionary food firm in the rapidly expanding nutrition and health sector. The mission of the food company was to create innovative food and beverages brands. Its first brand was HIPPEAS, and it was officially introduced to the market in 2016. Bisterzo takes feedback from clients seriously and strives to develop products that address specific dietary needs.

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The Real Facts About Wen by Chaz

Imagine finding a product that actually produces the results promised. The fact is that there are literally millions of hair care products on the market. It is very difficult to separate the fact from fiction in the hair care department. Women would like to know if a hair care product lives up to the claims before purchasing to save money. Well, in a recent article that appeared in Bustle, a woman’s curiosity got the best of her. She decided to test the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner on her hair and share it with Bustle readers. Her results are the real facts and honest facts concerning the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

The Results

The women in the Bustle article decide to sample the fig version of the Cleansing Condition on her hair for several days. She thought that several days was enough time to judge the effectiveness of the product. She also included candid shots of her hairs progression. We watch her fine, limp hair go through several stages. Did the Wen by Chaz Cleaning Conditioner give her hair moisture, bounce, and shine? Personally, I believe that the product really did work wonders on her hair. The pictures capture the dramatic changes in her hairs texture, shine, and softness.

Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean is the creator of the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. At one time, only women that visited his Hollywood salon were able to enjoy the wonderful hair transforming treatment. However, the product is now available to the public.

The Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is packed with powerful nutrients that restore damaged hair. The key to the product’s amazing ability to transform hair is the natural ingredients that repair and strengthen the hair. Wen by Chaz products are top sellers on Amazon and across the country because they live up to their claims. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

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Andy Wirth Regains Health To Bring Success To Squaw Valley And Lake Tahoe

Andy Wirth is best known as the CEO of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California’s Lake Tahoe region, but his life has taken him on an amazing journey that includes his battle with serious injury and a long return to good health.

The CEO of Squaw Valley and the neighboring Alpine Meadows resort has been looking to create a high quality resort for his visitors without losing the individuality and unique nature of this European style resort in the heart of the Lake Tahoe region. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The life of Andy Wirth was almost ended a few years ago when a freak skydiving accident left his arm severed and Wirth fighting for his life; the training Wirth had as a volunteer firefighter and park ranger allowed him to recognise the fact his life was threatened by the oncoming shock of his situation.

Wirth recited the lyrics to a favorite Pearl Jam song to keep his composure and allow him to retain conscikousness as he waited for emergency services to arrive.

After returning to work following a long period of treatment and rehabilitation to allow his arm to work well in the future, Andy Wirth has returned to work and play with a gusto rarely seen in the resort management industry.

Andy Wirth has looked to use his skills in resort management to afford him the opportunity to help everybody in the Lake Tahoe region with a fast growing tourism industry. One of the main areas Andy Wirth is looking to help the local community is by improving the Lake Tahoe airport, which he has joined as chairperson of the regional air service corporation.

Alongside his assistance for the local community Andy Wirth has also looked to seek out the best ways of ensuring those who have assisted him in his return to good health are given some form of reward.

Andy Wirth was inspired by a team of Navy Seals training at his Squaw Valley resort to attempt iron ma n competitions following his accident; in return, Andy Wirth now competes in iron man competitions to raise money for the families of special forces recruits living in the U.S.

Securus Fights for Ethical Reforms in the Industry

One of the major reasons why industries collapse is integrity breach, even by the smallest players in the industry. Therefore, at no time should companies tolerate actions that breach integrity of the industry. Following this line of reason, Securus recently made a press release that concentrated on all the major wrongdoings of GTL, a player in their industry.

When making his statement, Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Securus seemed to be highly disgusted by the actions of GTL. More so, because this is not the first time GTL has had to be publicly shamed so that they could improve their ethical standards. It all started in the year 1998 when GTL was first investigated and charged with integrity breach that had seen their customers suffers for years.

Up until now GTL has not been willing to change. Perhaps, the reason why Securus felt the need to readdress the issue. Securus feels that innocent clients should not suffer as companies to reap profits off of them.

For many years, GTL has been overcharging their customers. The customers who are unsuspecting, and even if they are, they have nowhere else to turn to, continue to enrich the company due to their desperateness. GTL has taken total advantage, going to an extent of double charging transactions and adding call time so that customers can pay more than they have really consumed. It is hoped that GTL will learn their lesson and up their ethical standards. Otherwise, Securus has threatened to continue making releases on their wrongdoings until they do.

A Brief on Securus

Securus is one of the leading technology solutions providers in North America. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. They serve a total of 48 states and over 3400 correctional facilities.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Will Gold Coins From The US Money Reserve Provide Proper Investment Benefits?

Gold coins from the US Money Reserve will provide proper investment benefits to all investors who choose the coins, and there is quite a large lobby of people who believe gold coins are finer than traditional investments. Philip Diehl chose to make a radio appearance on the subject, and his explanation provides a strong case for gold coin investments.

#1: Why Are Gold Coins Becoming Popular?

Gold coins are growing in popularity because of their trustworthiness as opposed to stocks. Americans generally have a difficult time trusting the stock market, and they will seek out something that they perceive as trustworthy. Philip explains that gold coins have their own market that may be checked simply, and gold coins have a collection circuit that often increases their value quite a lot.

#2: How Are Gold Coins At The US Money Reserve Produced?

Gold coins at the US Money Reserve are stamped with designs created by Philip and his design team. The design team is quite significant in that it worked with Philip on special coins for the US Mint. Philip directed several special coin programs at the US Mint, and he uses similar wisdom to create collectibles at the US Money Reserve.

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Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

#3: How Many Coins Does The US Money Reserve Produce Every Year?

The US Money Reserve produces thousands of coins a year that may be purchased by collectors, and collectors may choose from quite a large selection. Coins with unique designs become special to collectors, and collectors may purchase as many coins as they choose. The value of the coins will rise from their purchase price, and the coins will turn into an investment that may be used in the future.

#4: How Are Gold Coins Converted To Cash?

Gold coins are converted to cash when sold to other collectors, sold to dealers or sold on the open market. The open market for gold coins is quite large, and Philip sells his coins with the expressed purpose of offering his customer a world of options for selling. Coins created by the US Money Reserve will be quite easy to sell because of their designs, and the coins are certain rise in value due to their gold content.

A case may be made for gold coins over stocks quite easily, and Philip believes that he has the answer. His venture at the US Money Reserve is expanding investment opportunities for average Americans.

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Benefits Of Getting Free Adwords Evaluation

Are you struggling to get traffic to your business? Want to have a profitable Adwords PPC campaign so you can generate sales and boost reveneu for your business? Maybe you have heard or read about White Shark Media and the positive impact their advertising solutions can have on your business.

Adwords experts offer information that help advertisers drive more traffic to their website. As you already know, the more targeted traffic you generate the more sales you can make. Let the experts show you how to generate more traffic, convert more visitors to buyers, and make your business more effective than ever.

You want an agency with lots of resources, lots of experience and lots of personnel. Many business owners and professionals seek out White Shark Media and their team of qualified advertising specialists, including Adwords certified specialists.

This reputable advertising firm provides excellent advertising setup and campaign management services to institutions, companies and individual clients and now you can benefit from their expertise, too. White Shark Media is offering free Adwords evaluation, which will help you tremendously in your quest for Adwords PPC success.

Having an Adwords expert guide you throughout the entire process of setting up your campaign, will certainly help you in your business. And that’s what White Shark Media is offering you – to have their Adwords PPC specialist show you how to set up a profitable campaign and teach you how to manage it yourself, or if you prefer you can sign up for their expert campaign management service..

White Shark Media also has a reputation for addressing complaints appropriately, and in a timely manner. The company has had its own share of customer complaints when during the earlier years in business. Today, White Shark Media has an efficient system in place to resolve complaints and meet the needs of clients and customers.

White Shark Media‘s staff is highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring the best quality service.

Whenever a client complains about any aspect of the services they received, White Shark Media gathers information or facts surrounding the issue, listens to the clients and offers a resolution that is acceptable to the clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: and

To find out more about White Shark Media Review, their Free Adwords evaluation and how the company’s services can help you run a successful business, go to their website and contact them to request a consultation.

Mike Baur and his Team Share their Success

Mike Baur, based in Fribourg, Switzerland region, always had a fascination with banking and finance even as a youth and much to his delight made such a passion his lifelong profession. Mr. Baur earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mr. Mike Baur was employed in the Swiss Private Banking industry and began his financial career as a commercial apprentice at UBS and worked his way up to executive board member of several large Swiss Private Banks, including Clariden and Sallfort. Along the way, he accrued a great deal of experience and sound expertise in the banking industry and utilized that knowledge to formulate financial solutions for clients.

In 2014, Mr. Baur decided to walk the entrepreneurial path and founded the SSUF (Swiss Start Up Factory) with two partners. The philosophy behind the SSUF is to support young entrepreneurs that choose to specialize in digital technologies. SSUF has become the number one independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator program in Switzerland. Mr. Baur invests a great deal of time in the Swiss youth who wish to travel the entrepreneurship path and supports a variety of Swiss Startups in terms of finance and as a mentor. He is responsible for directing the fundraising rounds and fundraising for the organization.

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Another Dropout Joins Fintech Rush

Start Summiteer: 1500 viewers | 30 startups | 80 investors

The team at SSUF coach startup founders and their companies and offer advice to those hoping to establish themselves in the fintech business. The goal of the team is to identify startups within the industry and provide those businesses that display positive potential and evaluate and coach those entities during the development stage.

SSUF provides candidates with a unique platform of services, mentoring, office space and coaching in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. They offer a three month long accelerator program in which the participants learn the necessary ropes of success. The company also provides an entrepreneurial network to help businesses to achieve their goals. The secondary goal of SSUF is to invest in the future and offer a helping hand to those individuals and companies with the potential of success. Mike Baur and his team have helped many startups through their effort and helped these companies to set a positive course to success. The team is more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with those willing to learn and help them succeed.

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Emily McClure Takes Readers On Her Journey To See If WEN Cleansing Conditioner Works

You’ve all see the commercials for Wen. Finally Emily McClure wanted to test this product on her hair. Wen cleansing Conditioners by Chaz Dean are basically one shampoo and conditioner in one. She wanted to take her readers on the journey with her by reporting and pictures of her hair.
The idea was to use this product, WEN, for a week and see if anyone notices. She chose the Sephora Fig version that said it would give her hair moisture, bounce and shine.

Emily decided there was no time like the present to start her test on WEN. Would her hair look like the models featured in the commercials. Carefully reading the directions, Emily was amazed by the amount of product she needed to use. Never before had she used so much product at one time, ever! See result at

By day two shower, she was ready to get rid of the greasy roots. With only 24 hours gone by and she felt she had to shampoo her hair. Day three was an average day, first thing is to shower and wash her hair. It was by the end of the day 3 and her hair looked good with its shine. Emily said she was impressed so far.

Day 4 was running late and she didn’t shampoo and she was horrified that her roots were so greasy. No time to shower and shampoo and used dry shampoo to maybe help fix the greasy mess. She couldn’t wait to get home and shower and shampoo. By day 5 and 6 did notice more shine, but the curls had dropped some.

By day 7, she realized her hair had become easier to comb and style and a few coworkers had complemented her on how shiny her hair looked. That boosted her confidence even though it meant she had to take a shower in the morning to keep from having greasy looking roots. Her hair was great after the shampoo and styling, but later on that day the roots began to get a bit oily.

Emily decided she had a love hate relationship with Wen conditioner. She had to be vigilant about washing hair every day to keep the greasy look away. Her feelings were that it did make her hair shiny and bouncy, and when she wanted more shine, she would use WEN but that meant getting up a little early for the shower and shampoo.

U.S. Money Reserve Allowing For A Brighter Future

The U.S. Money Reserve recently launched their brand new IRA Program which allows customers to protect their retirement plan by adding gold and silver to the existing portfolio.

More Americans realize that hard work alone will not solidify a retirement plan. In this day and age we need to seek out alternatives – read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn.

One of these alternatives is the investment into gold and silver coins and bars. The U.S. Money reserve now gives Americans an alternative option which should be considered by anyone who would like to protect their nest egg.

The conventional IRA has shown to be very volatile due to the many global markets struggling and the threat of financial markets collapsing. The common method of setting up an IRA is to buy into stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However when these collapse so does the IRA.

Physical gold and silver on the other hand maintains its value a lot better and has done so for decades. In actual fact gold has never in the history of our economies been worth nothing.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

Recent demand for gold and silver has seen their value rise significantly. Gold has gone up a staggering 360 percent in value while silver a whopping 662 percent. This just shows the earning potential of both gold and silver assets. This type of value can actually shield the customers retirement plan and provide them with a safe and secure future.

The meaning of a self directed IRA is that the customer can choose the makeup of the portfolio and ensure that there is a diverse variety of different asset forms. This is different to regular IRA’s where the customer often does not have a choice in the portfolio variety. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Moving away from a custodian and becoming the controller of the account also gives the customer a great flexibility in earnings. The customer can make calculated moves as well as move an existing 401K into a precious metal portfolio.

The process of doing so is very simple and can be done in a timely manner. The process as such is a very simple one and is almost like a simple bank transfer. As long as the transfer is made from custodian to custodian there will be no lengthy procedure. The fast transfer from the earnings of the IRA can also be set up through the U.S. Money Reserve.


Venezuela News: The Best Way Forward

Due to a prolonged drought brought about by the climatic condition mostly referred by My Space to as El Nino, the Power Minister of Venezuela had to put in place measures to prevent the falling of water levels of the main dam, Guri. One of the measures enforced was power rationing which was to be in place for four hours in a day. Yesterday on the 19th May 2016, the Minister, while attending an official event in the state of Anzoátegui, he relayed good news concerning the same to the citizens. He echoed the remarks of the of President Nicolas Maduro that come next Monday posted on facebook, the rationing would be reduced to three hours a day and such power cuts were not in place between 10:00 pm at night and 7:00 am in the morning.
In other news, the need to promote and safeguard the people as well as the institutions of Venezuela has been affirmed by Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. In its judgment on a decree on economic emergency which was signed by the country’s president, reports that the court was of the opinion that indeed the it (decree) was purely based constitutional rules and principles as well as the international treaties on human rights. According to law expert Diaz Granados, the National Assembly had trampled upon Article 27 of the Organic Law governing States of Emergency and therefore its decision was the most favorable and consistent with the country’s constitution.