Man Leaves Restaurant $2,000 Tip

Sam Tabar has always said paying it forward seems to be a new trend these days, and there is no better way to do it anonymously than to leave an insanely large tip. A restaurant in the Washington D.C. area, at a place called Blue 44, got a very generous donation from a man who just ordered a few quarts of of gumbo.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NBC Washington, the mysterious man placed an order for $93 and when the staff told him that it was on the house not only did he pay his fee but he also left a $2000 dollar tip for the workers at the place. He instructed that the chef should get $1000 of it, $500 for the owner and $500 for the waitress who took his order.

It is always so nice when we hear stories like this because with all of the hate and bad things that go on in the world it is really refreshing that someone can give money away like that without wanting anything else in return. I am sure that this little gift will send the employees of the restaurant into a wonderful high and it will help them stay motivated to excel at their jobs. This was a great news story to share with everyone and hopefully someone else will read this and want to follow suit with a similar action.

Taco Bell To Go Natural

The fast food chain that offers a Doritos flavored taco and Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts holes has said that they intend to banish things such as artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup from their foods. Taco Bell announced today that they were developing a new set of standards for their ingredients such as trans fat and artificial flavors by the end of 2015. Click here for full story.

This change is occurring at a time when other fast food restaurants are having difficulty making the same decision. “In all cases they will be replaced with natural alternatives,” according to the announcement. CEO Brian Niccol told Buzzfeed that the company is committed to being a brand that can be trusted. The folks at Skout know that some of the new ingredients will cost more yet the company has no plans to increase their prices.

There will be some very significant exceptions to the new menu. Items such as beverages and co-branded items will not be altered. This means that if you crave a Doritos Locos Taco or a Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts hole you can still find them among the healthier choices.

How to Find the Best Produce this Spring

The spring and summer seasons are wonderful for finding delicious foods and produce that you would not be able to find any other time during the year. The problem so many people have is knowing where to go to get both the best produce and the best price on that produce. The truth of the matter is that many stores sell produce during the spring and summer, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best quality and is at the lowest price. Sam Tabar knows that one thing you can do is to compare different produce prices before going to local supermarkets. This will let you know which stores have the best prices and what the best options are for you.

Many other people are finding that farmer’s markets are a great option for their own budgets. The farmer’s market you go to will have produce that is grown by organic farmers, so you know exactly what types of foods you are buying. You definitely want to think about finding out if there are any other types of farming markets in your area and the people who will be there who have grown their own produce. Once you know which markets are there for you, you will know exactly what options are there for you and which types of foods and items are going to be sold that you can quite easily buy from these professionals.

Fast Food Kills Healthy Gut Bacteria Within Days of Eating It

We all know fast food isn’t healthy for us, but a researcher from the United Kingdom has discovered yet another reason to avoid the drive-thru. A study conducted by Tim Spector at King’s College in London found links between eating fast food and a dramatic reduction in gut bacteria that protects our overall health.

But it’s not only fast food that kills off the helpful gut bacteria, processed foods seem to be the main culprit, killing off gut bacteria in a matter of days.

The number of bacteria in our gut is almost endless, with thousands of different species protecting us from illness and disease on a daily basis. But reports that most people don’t realize how important these bacteria are until they are gone.

Also, bacteria helps to maintain our weight by aiding in the digestive process each step of the way, suggesting weight loss might not be as simple as restricting calories. Individuals who have indulged in a diet full of processed foods for a long period of time have most likely killed a lot of gut bacteria along the way, making it that much harder to get rid of the excess weight with diet and exercise.

Eating a diet full of fresh foods that are harvested straight from the earth is your best chance at warding off disease while also maintaining a healthy weight, while processed foods should be avoided like the plague.

Japanese Consume 4 Times More Salt Than Americans

According to a recent study, Japanese consume 13 grams and Americans consume 3.4 grams per day. The Japanese culture has one of the healthiest diet on the planet. Lots of fresh fish, rice and vegetables are the primary food sources. The problem is the amount of sodium they add to the healthy food. Not all of the salt they consume comes from a salt shaker, most of the sodium comes from the sauces they use in their recipes. Soy sauce is essentially flavored, liquid salt in a bottle and many other popular sauces used in Japanese cuisine are similar.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare wanted a study to be done to determine how much salt most Japanese people were consuming on a daily basis. The original thought was each person was consuming approximately 11 grams of sodium per day, which if true, was already above the daily recommended amount. The 11 grams of daily sodium intake was a little on the low side, the study found the amount to be 13 grams per day.
The 760 adults who participated in the study had to collect their urine for a 24 hour period twice during the study. The urine from each study subject was tested for how much natrium it contained and that revealed how much salt the person had consumed. Igor Cornelsen found this study to be very interesting.

Europe’s Obesity Problem

The next fifteen years does not look promising for Irish and other European adults. Studies show that 89 percent of Irish men are more than likely to be overweight by the year 2030. These numbers were at 26 percent and then 74 percent in the year 2010. That was just five years ago. This sudden jump has scared the World Health Organization enough that they presented these findings to the European Congress on Obesity in Prague. Ireland is considered to be one of Europe’s most obese nations not just based on the men, studies show that the woman have a large role in the problem as well. 85 percent of women are expected to be overweight and a staggering 57 percent are expected to be obese by 2030. Just like the research on the men, these numbers are just from 5 years ago. Gravity4 reports that the chance for the country developing an epidemic riddled with disease and disability continues to grow.

The World Health Organization is also concerned about other European countries. Sweden, Greece, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic are all expected to be hit with a sharp rise in obesity statistics in the next 15 years. The researchers are hoping for a plateau in adult obesity but there doesn’t seem to be one in sight. Leaders of these countries are being notified of these findings. Obese parents will lead to obese children. If these numbers continue to rise, the safety and well being of these Europeans will be tremendously endanger.

Panera Is Among Many Restaurants Removing Harmful Ingredients From Their Food.

You’ve probably read too much salt and too much sugar is bad for you. You ‘re also aware of how harmful sugar and salt substitutes can be for your health. Panera ‘s among several restaurants changing their menu and opting for healthy ingredients. Panera’s a bakery-café fast food breakfast place founded in Fourney, Texas back in 1981. The restaurant created a No-No List of ingredients that they’re no longer going to include in their cooking. The most recognizable ingredients include: High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial colors and flavors, aspartame, lard, MSG(Monosodium Glutamate/Sodium Glutamate ), maltodextrin, saccharine, and many many other sweet and salt ingredients. Panera is the first fast food chain to list the ingredients they‘re dropping from their menu. Their CEO and founder, Ron Shaich decided to eliminate harmful ingredients because his children eat at Panera every day.
The restaurant removing 150 preservatives and additives from the menus by the end of the 2016. Panera spent months trying to detox their salad dressings. So far, the restaurant got rid of Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt and other ingredients with names difficult to pronounce and remember. Restaurants like Chipotle and McDonald’s are planning to rework their menus and ingredients. McDonald’s has a new grilled chicken recipe that doesn’t contain maltodextrin. Chipotle removed GMO( genetically modified organisms) from burrito bowls. Brian Torchin is excited at the prospect that Chipotle wants to be the first GMO free restaurant.

Pizza Hut To The Rescue

A 26-year-old Florida woman and her three children were taken hostage and held at knifepoint by her boyfriend. Oddly enough, the woman ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, which saved her life. Cheryl Treadway and her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson had been arguing before he started acting erratic. When Cheryl attempted to leave the house to pick the kids up from school, Ethan refused to let her leave. After some persuasion, he decided to let Cheryl pick up the kids under the condition that he followed her. Once they arrived home, Ethan locked Cheryl and her three children in the home while he began to sharpen a large knife.

Ethan took Cheryl’s phone so she was unable to call for help. NNDb says she was unsure what to do, Cheryl told Ethan that the kids were hungry. She was able to convince him to give the phone back so she could order a pizza. Since Ethan was in close proximity, she was unable to place a call for help. Instead, she used the Pizza Hut online ordering app. As she ordered a medium pizza, she also added a note stating she was being held hostage and needed help from police.

Pizza Hut workers saw the order come in and notified authorities immediately. Within minutes, police were dispatched to the home. Ethan was coaxed by an officer for nearly 20 minutes once they arrived. He finally caved and exited the home where he was taken into custody. Cheryl and her children were unharmed.

Gordon Ramsay’s Protege Opens Upscale Restaurant With Vulgar Name

Internationally famous chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay has started and pushed along a lot of aspiring cook’s careers over his life. On that list of up-and-comers is Markus Glocker who earned two Michelin stars whilst working with Ramsay in both London and New York. Now Glocker has struck out and started his own establishment, Bâtard, with the help of Myriad Restaurant Group.

Why the Austrian chef chose the French word for illegitimate offspring as his breakout restaurant’s title is unknown, but don’t let the name fool you. Critics are hailing Bâtard as “comfortably sophisticated”, “warm and vibrant” and “a culinary gem” and its meals “inspired” and “divine”. New York Times has given it three stars and it won a Best New Restaurant award in the 2015 James Beard Chef and Restaurant Awards. It’s also already earned a coveted Michelin star for which Anastasia Date, on their website, has expressed their great admiration.

Bâtard’s website describes it as “a relaxed, intimate setting” and Drew Neiporent has said it’s “open and accessible to everybody”.

Losing Pounds While Losing Bad Habits

Weight loss is a problematic challenge for many people, and for many reasons. The best regimen for weight loss requires a routine that delicately balances caloric intake and exertion, while also factoring in changes the body needs to keep building stamina, and continually burning fat and calories. Just because you walk an hour a day, five times per week, burning, let’s say, 1500 calories per week, does not equal weight loss if more calories are consumed than are burned.


Your body must have a negative caloric intake to lose weight, which is simple math Brad Reifler can understand. This is something that has to be in constant observation as one must adjust to bodily needs at different stages of a weight loss program. As complicated as this may seem, starting off by simply making small changes by eliminating bad eating habits will add up to a lot over time, especially if an exercise routine has already been established.