Human Rights Voices From Activists Such As Yeonmi Park

In the last few centuries, many people across the world have come to realize that all people must be allowed to have certain rights. Such rights are said to include the right to have access to enough food each day to allow them to remain healthy as well as shelter over their heads to enable them to avoid problems from exposure to cold or heat that may otherwise endanger their health. Other rights are also said to include the right to be able to speak out against government policies they find less than ideal or policies that they feel may be actively dangerous.

Human rights activists in recent years have increasingly come to focus their attention on the nation of North Korea, one of the world’s most isolated nations. What little information that has filtered about this nation has come from a few sources including a handful of North Koreans such as Yeonmi Park who have been able to leave this nation after living here. She and her fellow nationals have left this nation despite the hardships of doing so and despite the risks they face should they get caught doing so.

The reason that many people have left this nation is largely because it is badly ruled and because the lives of those living there are marked by almost surreal hardships of all kinds that most people find hard to image. Sadly, as Yeonmi Park points out, such hardships are all too real for those who must stay in this nation. They find that living here means facing a land that is periodically stalked by famine that can stunt the growth of many North Korean children and make survival hard for those adults who stay here. They also face a nation in which living here means living with the constant intrusion of the state and the intrusions of neighbors who are devoted to the ideology of communist and the nation’s cult of personality that is centered around the ruler of the land. His work is constantly hailed as that of essentially a godlike figure who must not be questioned in any way and who must be blindly followed and admired.

The few who are able to escape this nation such as Park find it hard to convey exactly what it means to live in a society where all citizens are closely supervised at all turns and their lives carefully controlled in service of the state. Park has added her shy yet firm and brave voice to those who feel that such a state is intolerable and a gross violation of the world of human rights that every single national across the world deserves. She has spoken out loudly to the world about the hellish conditions that marked her childhood when she lived here and still make life extremely difficult for most North Koreans who are still forced to live here even against their wishes and against the conventions of world human rights that apply to all of the world’s peoples.

Susan McGalla On The Importance of Female Leaders

Susan McGalla, an American businesswoman and executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has previously worked with American Outfitters, Wet Seal and various other prestigious companies. Susan McGalla has always been quite outspoken about female leaders and businesswomen in the industry, and how important it is for gender equality and a healthy growth of the corporate world. She is one of the best role models that young girls can have because she has achieved so much in a male dominated industry.
So what can people learn from the success of female leaders like Susan McGalla? Here are some things to think about –

Female Leaders Create Awareness – When a female is in a leadership position, it isn’t a long shot to say that most of her peers are men. This is true for almost every industry, even the ones like nursing where women are traditionally and stereotypically said to be superior. As such, when women like Susan McGalla reach a leadership position on the basis on their hard work, they can help to create a special kind of awareness that the world (especially the corporate world) desperately needs at times like these. This is why it is important to have female leaders.

Female Leaders Help Society Progress – A female leader is not just working for herself when she becomes a leader, she is representative of an entire gender. This is not true for men. Why? Because there are so many male leaders that diversity in thought processes and working style is created by default. As such, one male leader is not burdened by the expectations of society whereas female leaders are. This is why Susan McGalla believes that as more and more female leaders are seen and the phenomenon becomes common, society would start progressing. Young girls would no longer have to use their imagination when they think of businesswomen.

Female Leaders Raise Questions That Others Cannot – There are certain questions that male leaders cannot be expected to raise. Susan McGalla also adds that they shouldn’t be raising those issues because the awareness should come from a woman as it would mean much more. These issues include the problem of female sexual abuse at workplace, gender gap when it comes to hiring rates, and so on. When a female leader like Susan McGalla raises these questions, she would be heard because she is at a top position. She is also the member of the industry and understands how it works.

Female Leaders Can Help With The Wage Gap – The wage gap is the biggest problem plaguing the economy and the corporate world is to blame for it. For the same positions and work, women are paid lesser than man. When more women like Susan McGalla emerge from such a situation, wage gap would get narrower because they would understand the inherent problems and the systemic issues. They could work actively to eradicate them with practical solutions.

Susan McGalla has been extremely successful in her professional life but more than that, she has helped to start a conversation about female leadership that everyone should be having.

The Future of Networking with Flipora

Social media is a way of connecting people with similar interests online. It is interacting with the people by the people. It means new opportunities to create and share. People spend an average 17 hours in a week online. Hence, social media world is big money world and has attracted a lot of developers. Most are third party developers, but there are pretty of innovative first party developers.
For IOS and Android users, the slew of social apps available is impressive. Facebook connects people in social relationships and builds on that. LinkedIn connects people in professional relationships, Instagram allows people in social relationship to share pictures, and others like Tinder enable people to establish relationships. All these apps use friends likes and dislikes connecting people. They don’t provide an intelligent matchmaking. Others like WhatsApp allow people to chart and make calls.
The future seems to be in artificial intelligence .A.I makes it possible for developers to come up with apps that can predict what kind of content you may be interested in and when you may want to view it. In fact with the internet of things, A.I may become more intelligent than humans with time .A.I can deliver a new way to discover content. This discovery engine can provide content that makes sense to you as a user. The future will be one where the best and most relevant content finds each user.
FLIPORA intends to do just that. It uses A.I with proprietary technology to make it happen. It’s a social web and mobile based company headquartered in Sunnyvale California. It recommends interesting content each day based on your interests and social connections. It was founded by Stanford alumni Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth.It was recently named by Forbes in their Top5 applications for content discovery. It has a social component that is more engaging than a search engine. It links the world around particular subjects that interest its users. It’s banking on this to drive it forward.
The new approach Flipora has taken has seen it have an exponential growth in recent years. It’s adding 150,000 new users each week. It has also received $ 4.5 million in funding from top investors like Google, Twitter and Microsoft. Its fast growth can be attributed to how personal and meaningful the content it gives its users. It is part of a revolution in technology, and this has certainly turned heads.Flipora is the future, and they know it

Nestlé’s Pet Food Empire

The global pet food market is a massive industry with annual revenues topping $50 billion. One of the leader’s in this industry is Purina Petcare, a subsidiary of Nestlé. Although it may bear its namesake Purina is well-know for other products outside of Purina ONE, Purina Dog Chow, and Purina Pro Plan including Friskies and Beneful.

Nestlé Purina Petcare came about in December 2001 due to the acquisition of Ralston Purina for $10.3 billion. At first the merger looked as if it would not go through as it would provide Nestlé with a whopping 45 percent share of the cat food market, however after selling the Meow Mix and Alley Cat brands the FTC approved. After this merger Purina Petcare grew rapidly as Nestlé began optimizing manufacturing processes and distribution networks. This merger proved to be hugely profitable for Nestlé as over the course of 2001-2005 its pet food sales went from accounting for just over one tenth of revenue to nearly a third. The following year Nestlé became the largest market share holder in the global pet food industry with an astounding 32 percent.

Following this great success Purina began to expand beyond just the pet food industry. It formed a pet insurance company, PurinaCare, in 2009 which was later acquired in 2013. Next, Purina entered the pet adoption space with the purchase of the well-known website Petfinder. Continuing on its string of successes Purina also opened the first U.S. “cat cafe” where patrons can eat and drink while being surrounded by cute, adoptable felines.

As the market space grew more competitive Purina did its best to set itself apart from the competition. It hopped on the popularity of gaming on Facebook and created Purina Pet Resort where animal lovers could create their own animal paradise. Next, in 2011 it began sponsoring the classic Westminster Dog Show which greatly increased their exposure. Then Nestlé combined the efforts of Purina and Jenny Craig to create “Project: Pet Slim Down” in 2012. This project was intended to help people and their animals lose weight together. Another successful marketing ploy came about in late 2013 with the addition of internet sensation Grumpy Cat as a spokesman for Friskies.

As of 2012 the company enjoyed a 23.1 percent share of the pet food market, just behind its biggest competitor, Mars, at 23.4 percent. However Purina has remained the second most profitable subsidiary of Nestlé just behind pharmaceuticals and has won many accolades throughout its existence. It was given the Malcolm Bridge National Quality Award and also named as one of the 11 most sustainable companies in Two Tomorrow’s 2011 ranking. The company excels in reducing manufacturing waste and has been lauded for its use of solar panels in providing electricity for its offices.

For more information on the timeline and history of Purina, check out the Purina News Center.

Slyce Seeks To Simplify Online Shopping With Visual Search Technology

At Slyce, the main purpose of their innovative visual search platform is to provide customers with an unprecedented shopping experience. Founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, this extremely popular company is skilled in transforming traditional online transactions by enabling their users to integrate image recognition technology into their everyday purchasing activities. Remarkably, the company’s primary goal is to enhance the typical shopping excursion.

Slyce’s widely recognized visual product search interface, which encompasses advanced and proprietary technology, succeeds in assisting customers with their online transactions. Moreover, by understanding the company’s modernized tools and features, customers are presented with the opportunity to utilize many functions such as the Snap to Buy, Snap-To-Discover, Snap-To-Coupon, and Snap-To-List. These product search solutions enable shoppers to discover similar and complementary items as well as add desired objects to an easily accessible wish-list. In fact, after an article is located, shoppers are immediately directed to the appropriate website to complete the purchase. Moreover, these unique snap functions also encompass Visual Relevancy Engines that can identify items from pictures on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Most prominently, because Slyce acknowledges that the world is gradually progressing toward an on-demand society, the executives strive to strategically cater to consumer needs by offering visual product recognition services that deliver instant search results.

In addition to their snap functions that contain pioneering visual search technology, Slyce also offers a straight-forward Universal Scanner. This creative image recognition solution enables customers to scan virtually any item within their vicinity in order to generate an immediate exact match or similar results online. Along with tangible images, the Universal Scanner will also process QR codes, barcodes, and coupons by quickly analyzing dozens of defined attributes such as pattern, color, and brand, in order to return similar products to a user’s catalog. Fortunately, results appear on a mobile device within five to fifteen seconds for each visual product recognition search.

Slyce is most acknowledged for maintaining their renowned status as one of the best visual search companies in the world. By developing revolutionary products and services, customers are presented with the opportunity to simplify and expedite their online shopping experience. In today’s hectic world, many consumers appreciate instant and fast search results through a hassle-free and easily accessible interface. Therefore, Chell and Racicot look forward to launching more practical tools and features that will streamline web-based purchasing.

About Slyce
Slyce was launch in February 2013 by two former successful business consultants. Since their inception, the company has acquired Tel Aviv-based BuyCode,, Drivetrain Agency, with $6 million in raised funding. Slyce currently partners with Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, JCPenny, Toys R Us, and Tilly’s.

Lime Crime Is What Every Girl Needs

If you like beautiful, bright and quality make-up then Lime Crime is for you. They offer salon quality make-up for an affordable price. Lime Crime is also animal friendly and ensures that no animals are harmed when making their products. How do they do that? Their products are completely cruelty-free and vegan. They are certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. Being certified by one of those organizations is nice, but being certified by both of those organizations is both an honor and a privilege. If they care that much about animals, can you imagine how much they care about their customers? Lime Crime is all about pleasing the customers with their amazing products.
Matte is the new pink and Lime Crime offers Velvetines. It’s lipstick that goes on like a liquid but leaves a beautiful matte that will make you stand out from the crowd in any situation. Office meeting? Shroom is the perfect shade of brown that is both stunning and appropriate for the office. They have a color to match any mood. Maybe matte isn’t for but you still want the beauty that Lime Crime on tumblr offers. Unicorn Lipsticks is the answer. Gorgeous colors for the classy woman in all of us. Carousel Gloss combines class and sparkle to any occasion.
Lime Crime has an array of liquid eye-liners that bring the right amount of attention to your eyes and when combined with the Zodiac Glitter you will be unstoppable. The Zodiac Glitters are based on your zodiac sign and they will liven up any mood and party. As if the Zodiac Glitter wasn’t fabulous enough, Lime Crime has a Glitter Helper. The Glitter Helper ensures that the glitter you apply will last, which ends up leaving one question: what color glitter do you feel like wearing today?
Lime Crime also offers long-lasing nail polish. The polish makes your nails pop and can match any outfit. It’s easy to remove and reapply so changing it every day isn’t a hassle.
Lime Crime is a company that is full of vibrant colors and wearing those colors will not only make you stand out but it will also make you more confident. Are you traveling around the world and just ran out of your favorite Unicorn Lipstick? That’s okay because Lime Crime can be found in four countries: United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. You can literally get your favorite make-up brand anywhere in the world. You will never have to be without it and you can travel the world looking fabulous.

Shaygan Kheradpir -Technology’s Business Man

For those of you who have Verizon Fios and enjoy the faster, more efficient technology for your home internet, television, and phone you can send thanks to current Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an industry leader in today’s technology market. He is a business and technology executive that holds a bachelors degree, a master’s degree, as well as a doctorate, which he obtained from Cornell University. Highly educated and business savvy, Shaygan Kheradpir focuses on new product launches, as well as new technologies, making him a valuable industry player.

After graduating from Cornell University, this bright and enthusiastic individual began his career at GTE Corporation. During his time at GTE Corporations he worked on network routing, and also made contributions to the company’s management, as well as control. Additionally, after much success in those departments; he received rightful recognition earning him seat as the first Chief Information Officer of GTE Corporation. As CIO of GTE Coporation he, (as well as others), credited his success to his ability to create, and develop new product as promised.

After the millennial, GTE Corporations found themselves faced with a merger with a communications company formerly known as Bell Atlantic. For those of you who do not know the history of Verizon- this epic merger is what created Verizon Communications! Shaygan Kheradpir not only “survived” the merger, but thrived during it. Shaygan Kheradpir was recognized for his unique and valuable talents, and was awarded the position/ promotion to Verizon’s CTO and CIO. Shaygan Kheradpir played an important role in Verizon’s launch of Verizon Fios, earning him more success, and substantial recognition in the technology industry.

From Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir took his talents to other companies, such as Barclays in 2011 where he was awarded the position of COO. During his time at Barclays, Shaygan Kheradpir focused his talents on new products, and furthered the company’s developments. From Barclays, Shaygan Kheradpir briefly held the role of CEO for Juniper, before taking his talents to his current company, Coriant in 2015.

It is no surprise that he has achieved so much recognition and success. Born in London, England, and the son of a Doctor; Shaygan Kheradpir’s family clearly emphasized and encouraged the importance of higher education. While he grew up in Iran, he did attend high-school in Switzerland, thus enabling him to grow not only his intelligence, but his cultural learning as well. Shaygan Kheradpir is not only sought after for his business, and technological attributes, but for his ability to negotiate and effectively manage teams.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an attribute and executive beyond measure, as his new developments, and ideas not only grow his company’s financial stability; but his ability to renegotiate and communicate allow his company to save money as well. Shaygan Kheradpir is a prime example of innovation, and forward thinking. After such successful product break-through’s as Verizon Fios, the world is surely on the edge of their seat, wondering what innovative technology Shaygan Kheradpir will be bringing to us all next!

The Life and Contribution of Frans Schoeman to the Legal System

The legal system of South Africa has come a long way since the colonial period. It is a combination of various distinct legal systems, which sources out different systems from various places such as the Great Britain. Due to its rich natural resources and minerals, South Africa has become a nation that many relish. This in turn has aroused interest from the outside world. International corporations, business people and celebrities all want to take part in exploring and extracting the resources such as gold and diamond. This has been the reason for great diversification in South African’s legal system with the attraction of various legal firms such as Joubert Schoeman founded by Frans Schoeman and his wife.

Mr. Frans, who is a senior partner with the Joubert Schoeman law firm, started his career as a practicing attorney in the year 1990.This was after completion of his Baccalaureus Procurationis degree that would warrant him to become an attorney in South Africa. In school, he was a member of the Student Legal Society. Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in various fields that include business, corporate and commercial law.

He later joined the Hofmeyr, Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. practicing law in different fields. In 2001, he became the legal director at TG Minister Group. His work was to oversee due diligence, acquisitions, construction of complicated legal mergers, drafting, general legal advice, and negotiation of contract procedure issues. This was followed by his admission to practice in the High Courts of RSA in 2003.Later in 2005; Frans Schoeman went to run the Angola mining concession of Phatsima Diamond. This was an immediate boost to Schoeman’s career as a legal attorney.

Frans has been instrumental in the enforcement of important laws such as the National Environmental Management Act. This law was put into place to enforce the rules and regulations governing the environmental resources in South Africa. It was in an effort to regulate extraction of mineral resources by promoting environmental preservation. He has been a significant force in helping various clients to understand the environmental law. This is to avoid being on the wrong side of the law due to the strict laws in South Africa. Damaging the environment in South Africa comes with severe legal consequences, which are punishable by a large fine or serving a jail term. Harvesting natural resources in this country requires the consultation of an attorney such as Frans Schoeman.

He has shown his philanthropic side by offering pro bono services in various areas including children, politics, environment, culture, arts, human rights and technology. Schoeman’s experience in his career has made him one of the most sort after and skilled lawyers in South Africa. Therefore, he has been helpful in the development of techniques to counter various problems and effective solutions in Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. The firm is thus equipped to give the best legal services.

Schoeman’s hard work has yielded rewards by building a solid client base for the Joubert Schoeman firm. This client base consists of various national and multinational companies, listed and unlisted companies and a strong commercial base of clients. This has resulted from several success stories in huge monetary lawsuits. This makes it a go to firm for most clients with a philosophy entitled: BIGGER IS NOT NECESSARY BETTER.

Credit Management Onboard With Options

Ever since its creation back in 1993, Highland Capital Management has remained an innovator when it comes to various financial aspects such as the expansion of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) markets to profit lenders and those borrowing and directing lucrative alternatives for various investors. The firm has additionally established several credit focused answers to rectify issues for several retail investors and institutions globally.

With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas this company has been a welcomed leader in their creative offerings which are comprised of not only their CLOs but additionally they concentrate on diverse credit strategies to assist the investor to generate income elements for the various investments. These can be the structure-less hedge fund that yields benefits using various techniques or strategies, investment accounts which can be managed in private and long-only funds to increase profits. For those special situations in the distressed and private equity fund areas, Highland Capital offers world-class examination and reporting on distressed investment opportunities. This firm is proud of their client base that includes those involved in foundations, global corporations, government, fund of funds or “multi-manager investments,” financial institutions and endowments offering ongoing financial support to various organizations.

The dedicated groups of individuals who can be found throughout Highlands various departments are quite helpful, driven and intelligent, such as its Co-Founder and President James Dondero. Backed by his more than 30 years expertise in the equity and credit market, his concentration is primarily on distress and high rates of return investing, so he possesses the talent to make those critical decisions needed to take the first move for investments. Mr. Dondero also serves as Chairman of the physician managed and owned Cornerstone Health Care (this facility treats patients with diverse and complex needs). American Banknote and MGM Studios has also benefitted from Dondero’s board member roles.

Before Dondero came on board to HCM, he was the Chief Investment Officer, responsible for investment portfolios that helped develop the GIC subsidiary division of Protective Life from its tender beginnings, to witness it becoming more than $2B in the assets under management (AUM) area. In this role he managed a wide group of professionals whose duties ranged from the management of investments to ensuring that great relations were maintained with clients. In the 1980’s Dondero also filled the position of Corporate Bond Analyst, requiring him to assess the various methods used by companies in detecting the risks and manageable competitive advantages of various companies, in addition he loaned his expertise as a Portfolio Manager with American Express. James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, graduating with impressive honors (such as Beta Gamma Sigma), later graduating from the school’s high ranking McIntire School of Commerce where he concentrated on finance and accounting.

At Highland Capital Management, every employee has a role that is vital in ensuring that the company meets is set goals within their inspiring environment that has assisted in seeing $22 billion of assets. They are the most skilled credit management firm worldwide.