The Business Master Shaygan Kheradpir

To do well in business, the customer must walk away satisfied so as to come back tomorrow for more transactions. The employees who are serving the customer also need to have a fiber of motivation in their service delivery. This defines the work Shaygan Kheradpir does in every business he manages. This involves making the community, the investors, employees and the clients to work smoothly as the key stakeholders. His innovative networking solutions have also put him on the world map. The business and technology experience of over 28 years has made him to remain a reliable expert. He serves as the Chairperson of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. Starting small, growing big Shaygan started his journey of success at GTE Corporation. With time, he joined Verizon EVP as member of executive team and Chief Information Officer. The work here was based on steering modernization, product initiatives and efficiency plans. The team is part of U.S programs which is worth $20 billion. Years later, he joined Barclays Company. He was tasked with the role of a program to transform the bank as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. This saw Barclays bank transformed and grew to 150 thousand employees in 50 countries. The creative mind shows the reliability and ability to transform multinational companies. Shaygan has also served the Juniper Networks. Here, he made a plan to integrate operations. This was in a bid to steer growth in the market. The Marlin Equity Partners have also hired him as an Operating Partner. In Marlin Equity Partners, he specialized in technological investments and strategic telecommunication plans. While working for the different firms, he contributed in a great way the establishment of cost reduction strategies. His unprecedented skill in product development has also given a great deal to the firms. Progressive impact As an electrical engineering graduate of Cornell University in both bachelors and masters level, Mr. Shaygan has mastered the art of blending business and technology. This has seen him working for the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology in the advisory board. He is also a member of the Cornell Engineering Council. Creative initiatives While working at Verizon, there was a great transformation experienced. This was marked by the reduction of the budget in information technology to four percent of the revenue down from six percent. He also reduced staff members in the IT department by 20 percent. The creative progress was also marked with the aggressive and persuasive negotiations with vendors to reducing prices. He also advised the company to cast away the policy of buying auctioned IT equipment. In a bid to lower the operation cost, Mr. Shaygan also proposed the idea of outsourcing of programming experts. At Barclays, he also proved to be an innovation heavy-weight. This was after he foresaw the Pingit mobile payment software development. Juniper also tasted the flavor of his creative ideas when he introduced yet another cost cutting strategy. It has also been recorded that Elliot Management was pleased with his plan which could return $3 billion in three years.