The Career Journey and Life Of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a Philippine national with Chinese origins with vast experience in multi-level marketing. He has been described as among the most successful businessmen in the Pacific Rim. He started off his career at Gano Excel where he worked as its Executive Officer. This was while Chua was still in the Philippines. Three years after working at Gano Excel, it expanded to Canada and then the United States. When Gano Excel was established in the United States, he moved to California to be president of Gano Excel United States. The Company at that time specialized in products such as capsules and instant coffee.

In 2008, Bernardo founded Organo Gold. It is based in Canada. Since Chua had peculiar interest in food supplements, he created the company with the hope that he will be able to take ganoderma lucidum products on a higher and better level in the market. He had witnessed how these products had made it in the Asian markets. His main desire was to introduce the West to the benefits and extra ordinary experience that one has when using these products. Chua was not disappointed by the products performance in the U.S market and within five years after Organo Gold incorporation, it was announced as among the top 100 direct selling companies globally.

Organo Gold boasts of over one million distributors and ZoomInfo shows how Chua always finds ways of ensuring that it is keeping up with competition. Bearing in mind that Canada has very stringent rules and policies governing businesses and products, customers are able to rely on Organo Gold since it has been able to keep up with these rules.

He has been recognized for his impeccable sale methods and way of conducting business. He has won various awards and accolades such as, Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry in 2014.This award is given by the Joint Annual People’s Choice and National Consumes Quality Awards. On over five unique and different occasions, Chua has won the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award. The National Shoppers Choice recognized Organo Gold as the top direct selling company for food supplements in Canada.

From his Facebook Chua is keen on educating people on the advantages of this herb. He seeks to dispel any fears or doubts that customers and distributors may have. The Company ensures the products are tested before any distribution is done. The vision that Chua had when starting the business seems to have been achieved and Bernardo is not yet done in providing the best food supplements in the world.

Comparing RE/MAX and Town Residential

Dave Linger who is personally responsible for much of the global success of RE/MAX recently purchased the master franchise for New York state. Early reports are that he hopes to open an office in Manhattan very soon with other offices to follow. Many experienced Realtors question if Dave understands what is required to be successful in selling NYC luxury real estate properties.
Much of the area where RE/MAX is currently a household name depends on a broker developing a name that is recognized by local residents and business people. That does not work. Instead, much more effort must be placed on attracting the right clientele and properties, according to the Rew Online.

One company doing a very good job of this is TOWN Residential who has spent the last five years creating a seamless system of customer service. When compared to many discount brokers, their customer service attracts high-end buyers that are not attracted to discount Realtors. Likewise, the clientele looks to these Realtors to provide them the chance to see properties that are not listed on MLS services.

Linger says that he hopes that he will soon develop the skills that are needed to be successful in New York City and its suburbs. He says that it will be similar to a new kid in high school trying to become part of the popular group.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in New York, then make sure you choose the Realtor that will do you the best possible job. Therefore, you should consider someone that is already a part of the popular group like TOWN Residential.

Beltyukov Merges Tech and Education in SOLVY

Having worked in the tech sector in several countries, Alexei Beltyukov has always found a technological solution to any given problem. This doesn’t stop when his attention turns to education, something he has staunchly defended in the past. So it should surprise anyone that the Russian entrepreneur has come up with a tech solution to problems educators have complained about for years.

In Los Angeles, during an EdSurge conference, Beltyukov introduced his new educational software SOLVY. The software was in company of similar products that promised to deliver technological solutions to students in need and their educators who found there to be a gap between their instruction and students’ ability to retain the information provided.

SOLVY was a standout at the conference, an attractor for positive coverage. listed Beltyukov’s startup as a key company to watch in the coming year. BetaList also joined in on the praise, promoting SOLVY to its readers.

Through SOLVY, Beltyukov told Twitter he aims to help high school students with learning through assistance with homework. What SOLVY does is mirror classwork that student are familiar with, then guide their work through a set of parameters that leads them to better understand the subject at hand rather than guess their way through multiple choice answers until the right one is selected through elimination. This helps students prioritize what they’ve learned in class when solving equations, giving them the freedom to make mistakes and understand how they got there.

SOLVY is used in connection with math courses, making them a little more accessible, helping to remove the reputation math courses have of being too difficult for some. By using a platform that arguably all high school students are familiar with, SOLVY helps them move away from the traditional structure of classrooms and textbooks to something more dynamic and easier to interact with. This provides an ease of access that teachers benefit from as well, gaining insight into what their students are struggling with so they can better interact with them in the classroom.

Alexei Beltyukov began his career in medicine before turning into an entrepreneur in service of the tech sector. Being a graduate of INSEAD Business School, Betlyukov applied his MBA in disparate business markets in several countries. Though his business career, Beltyukov created Mechanicus, A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and co-founded Endemic Capital, which he uses for angel investing. Currently he sits on FORO Energy’s Board of Directors.

Solo Capital: One Of Many Shah Projects

Solo Capital is an investment firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. The firm has three divisions. The first division is proprietary trading, which offers services like commodities, derivatives and FX. The second division is consulting, which offers services such as performance, human capital and investment. The third division is professional sports investments, offering commercial advisory and representation, talent acquisition, and asset and performance management. The firm is headquartered in London and the United Kingdom regulates it. And while the firm only started out with Sanjay and a handful of traders and graduates, it has now grown to have more than 100 employees, both part time and full time. The firm also has offices in Dubai now, which is where Sanjay Shah and his family have emigrated to. The firm, as of 2015, had a net worth of roughly 15 million pounds, assets equivalent to 67 million pounds and cash flow of roughly 30 million pounds.

Sanjay Shah helped Solo Capital get off of its feet and become an enormous success. Shah has also been successful in other business ventures. Shah owns Aesa S.a.r.l., which controls Solo Group Holdings, which controls Solo Capital. He also owns more than 35 other businesses around the world. These businesses are in every country from Malta and Luxembourg to the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom to the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Shah got all of the business experiences by working for decades in the finance industry. After attending King’s College and getting his degree in accounting, Shah went to work for KPMG as a trainee chartered accountant. Shah then went on to work for other investment banking firms like ING Bank, Credit Suisse, Rabobank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Sanjay Shah is also very involved in charity. His son was diagnosed with autism the same year he founded Solo Capital, in 2011. Shah wanted to do everything possible to help his son. He put him in the best school and got him 24 hour support to ensure that he could develop to his full potential. Shah also found that there was significant funding for organizations that concentrated on assisting those effected by autism. However, there were not much funding going towards autism research. In Shah’s opinion, if there was more funding for research, more would be discovered and those organizations that help individuals and family effected by the disease could be even more helpful. This concept made Shah found Autism Rocks. This charity helps to raise money specifically for autism research. They raise the money by hosting private concerts with performers like Prince and Lenny Kravitz.

Eucatex Brazilian Company Has Been Green Since The 1960s

Eucatex is a supplier of raw materials for construction and furniture. The company is based in Brazil and was founded in 1951. The company used eucalyptus as raw material for ceiling tiles and panels. It was one of the first green companies because the focus was on environment and acoustics. In 1965, they began exporting to Europe. The President of this family founded business has been Flavio Maluf since 2005.

During the 60s and all the way through the 80s, Eucatex expanded its export business. They developed a paint to coat their own acoustic materials, but by the 90s, the line had become extensive and popular on the market. It was during this time frame that the company became involved in reforestation and land use issues to ensure the supply of raw materials for their own business. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, and they have received various certifications for their reforestation projects.

Flavio Maluf is a man of diverse interests, from ICT, Information and Communication Technologies, to education. Brazil is one of the more technologically advanced countries in South America, and Maluf is a strong proponent. Maluf advises the use of computers for education purposes because of the test results shown by students. Even students that were having difficulty learning showed improvement when using the Internet for their studies.  This is also key to Flavio’s advice for entrepreneurs.

Maluf is a business man, and his educational background is as a mechanical engineer. Maluf is a regular commentator on business news and transactions. He enjoys sharing his technological knowledge with others. He lectures and advises on how to begin a startup company. For instance, the original idea alone is not enough to start a business he maintains. The idea must be built upon and nurtured. Maluf has written a checklist of pertinent points that apply to startups.