Beltyukov Merges Tech and Education in SOLVY

Having worked in the tech sector in several countries, Alexei Beltyukov has always found a technological solution to any given problem. This doesn’t stop when his attention turns to education, something he has staunchly defended in the past. So it should surprise anyone that the Russian entrepreneur has come up with a tech solution to problems educators have complained about for years.

In Los Angeles, during an EdSurge conference, Beltyukov introduced his new educational software SOLVY. The software was in company of similar products that promised to deliver technological solutions to students in need and their educators who found there to be a gap between their instruction and students’ ability to retain the information provided.

SOLVY was a standout at the conference, an attractor for positive coverage. listed Beltyukov’s startup as a key company to watch in the coming year. BetaList also joined in on the praise, promoting SOLVY to its readers.

Through SOLVY, Beltyukov told Twitter he aims to help high school students with learning through assistance with homework. What SOLVY does is mirror classwork that student are familiar with, then guide their work through a set of parameters that leads them to better understand the subject at hand rather than guess their way through multiple choice answers until the right one is selected through elimination. This helps students prioritize what they’ve learned in class when solving equations, giving them the freedom to make mistakes and understand how they got there.

SOLVY is used in connection with math courses, making them a little more accessible, helping to remove the reputation math courses have of being too difficult for some. By using a platform that arguably all high school students are familiar with, SOLVY helps them move away from the traditional structure of classrooms and textbooks to something more dynamic and easier to interact with. This provides an ease of access that teachers benefit from as well, gaining insight into what their students are struggling with so they can better interact with them in the classroom.

Alexei Beltyukov began his career in medicine before turning into an entrepreneur in service of the tech sector. Being a graduate of INSEAD Business School, Betlyukov applied his MBA in disparate business markets in several countries. Though his business career, Beltyukov created Mechanicus, A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and co-founded Endemic Capital, which he uses for angel investing. Currently he sits on FORO Energy’s Board of Directors.