Angelina Jolie Stuns Crowds with a Softer Side

The fashion industry can only keep its edge and glamor by changing each day. Fashionistas understand this rule, and adjust accordingly whether it be for the industry or their own personal interests. Regardless of the reason to demonstrate change, some celebrities just look fabulous in whatever it is they are wearing. Popsugar had some breaking news pertaining to Angelina Jolie’s new, soft, and feminine look.

The public often affiliates Jolie with having an edgy style. Often adding a smidge of class to and otherwise casual outfit, the star will add a suit jacket. Rarely wearing a lot of jewelry, and often rocking semi-masculine attire, the actress stuns crowds with her fashion statements. As she was spotted heading to dinner in London, however, she was seen wearing an outfit offering contrasting gray hues. Wearing a classy wool dress, peep-toe heels, a statement-making cashmere shawl, a monogrammed satchel, and diamond jewelry, she certainly looked elegant. Why the change, though? Could Jolie be turning over a new leaf? Did the restaurant have a dress code? Regardless, the public greatly enjoyed viewing Angelina in this new light.

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