CEO of JustFab Puts The Fabulous in Athleisure Wear

“Fitness should be a passion.” says Don Ressler, CEO of JustFab in an interview with Christina Marcanccini. Ressler’s wife, Ginger, feels “People live everyday lives in their comfortable clothes, yet they also want to look good in them.” Fabletics is a fashion athletic brand that takes people from the work out to the rest of the day at a price that people can afford. Fabletics is now a well-renowned brand in the athleisure category. Recently, the company aired a commercial on its website featuring Kate Hudson and the Fabletics brand of athletic wear.

JustFab was founded by Don Ressler and Co-Founder Adam Goldenberg in March of 2010. This an online subscription fashion retailer carries clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and denim. It also carries a portfolio of five online subscription service brands such as: Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Membership costs $39.95 per month whereupon a survey is completed regarding their fashion preferences. At the beginning of each month a computer generated personal stylist selects items based on the preferences in the survey. The member can choose to skip that months picks all together without charge, choose the selections, or request new selections. JustFab has expanded in to Germany, Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom. There are over ten million subscribers to JustFab in the United States.

Don Ressler is Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. He also served as president of which he sold to Intermix in 2001. He also created the skincare brand Hydroderm. Intelligent Beauty, Inc. retails health, wellness, weight loss, skin care, fashion and beauty products online. The company also offers e-commerce and online marketing services. Intelligent Beauty is based in Manhattan Beach, California. However, the founders of Intelligent Beauty didn’t stop there, Ressler merged social interaction with cutting-edge fashion and set out expanding Intelligent Beauty in to a personalization platform. The result. JustFab! Ressler pulled Fashion icon, Kimora lee Simmons, in as president and creative director of the company. Now with names such as Kate Hudson, Avril Lavigne, and Elle and Blair Fowler JustFab has soared beyond Fabulous. While capturing the attention of savvy, fashion-conscious women and men all over the globe. See:

Recently Don Ressler expanded Fabletics to include men’s wear. Pushing the company well beyond its worth of one billion. This line includes casual men’s wear meant for the gym and everyday wear.