Raj Fernando- an Expert in International Financial Markets

Born on July 7, 1971, Raj Fernando is a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin. He is currently the CEO and founder of Scoutahead.com. Before that, Fernando was the CEO and founder of Chopper Trading. As an expert in technological innovation and international financial markets, he is actively involved in the foreign policy organizations. Currently, he serves at the Brookings Institute on Foreign Policy Leadership Committee as well as on the Board of Directors of the American Security Project.

Fernando began his career at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer while still in college. He later worked his way up in different positions at the company. He started Chopper Trading in 2002. Chopper Trading grew under his leadership to more than 250 employees and also traded on the CME, Nasdaq, Eurex, LSE, ICE, ICAP-Broketek and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.

His contributions

Fernando made contributions to the work of United State’s Commodity Trading Futures Commission, by supporting its mission on promoting transparent, open, financially sound and competitive markets.

In 2015, Fernando sold the Chopper Trading to DRW Trading- another Chicago-based trading firm.

He launched his internet start-up, Scoutahead in 2016. Scoutahead is designed to improve professional and corporate productivity and growth through advanced and secure communication systems.

His philanthropic works

Fernando supports various philanthropic efforts in the United States and Chicago. He serves as a board member for PAWS Chicago- a no-kill animal shelter and board of trustees for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also supported the Big Brother Big Sister of Metropolitan Chicago, the Wounded Worriers, and the Clinton Foundations.

He also has major contributions to Democratic campaigns and causes. Raj Fernando funneled $500,000 to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign- making him a major fund-raiser.

In September 2011, Fernando hosted fund-raising for the Vice President, Joe Biden and did the same for Clinton in 2015.

Fernando also made huge contributions to Mayor Rahm’s political funds for the 2011 and 2015 elections.

With years of expertise and experience in international financial markets and more than ten years experience leading the cyber security initiatives, Fernando offers excellent insights and counsel to his companies and the organizations and boards he serves. He has also amassed enough wealth to contribute to numerous charities.