Mike Baur and His Company Swiss Start Up Factory

Swiss based entrepreneur Mike Baur is currently the founder of a company called Swiss Start Up Factory. His company works with a number of entrepreneurs by helping them get funding and mentoring to start their business. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has also been an investor for many years. Baur began investing in start up companies in the year of 2004 and experienced much success. At the beginning of his career, Mike spent a number of years in the field of finance as a bank professional. All of these experiences have enabled Mike Baur to establish himself as a well known businessperson in Switzerland.


When Mike Baur started his career, he worked in finance for a number of banks. During his career in banking, Baur would often consult with entrepreneurs about their objectives of starting their new company. Many of these entrepreneurs needed capital to start their businesses and Mike would help them get the resources they needed. After working in the banking industry for over two decades, Mike began to invest in start up companies. He would often invest his funds in new companies with high profit potential. With a considerable amount of success he would then look to use this experience to help him start up a company of his own.


Mike Baur is now the founder of Swiss Start Up Factory which specializes in providing capital and advisory to many start up companies. The firm has a unique business model in which it has a number of entrepreneurs attend an event to pitch their new business idea. During the meeting Mike will listen to each pitched idea and decide on which businesses to work with. Once a business is selected, Baur will then begin to provide them with the assistance they need in order to become successful businesses.


Once Baur chooses a particular business to work with, he will provide them with referrals for funding sources as well as provide them with mentorship. Mike will often work with start ups by getting them the funds they need in order to purchase inventory, acquire real estate property and also expand facilities. He will also provide them with advice on how to market the company, manage employees and also find ways to provide more customer satisfaction. By getting this assistance, a number of start up businesses will have what they need to maximize their potential for success.