How Norman Pattiz Is Proving That Podcasts Are The Right Choice For Advertisers

When you are a business or brand that needs to reach new audiences in order to convert new customers it can be hard to find the right marketing solution for your company. As many marketers know one of the best ways to hold onto existing customers and to connect with new customers is purchase advertising with a media company.

The trouble is media is being transformed and disrupted at a pretty quick pace which means that there can be an overwhelming amount of choices to choose from. There are the traditional stalwarts of television and print media advertising but with new players in the media game like the digital video platform YouTube, influencers on sites like Instagram and the fact that more readers are choosing to consume their news online versus in print it can be hard to decide which advertising solutions on these various forms of media are the right choice for a brand.

Nowadays listeners who were once only relegated to consuming audio through a radio station now have thousands of choices to listen to via podcasts. This form of media seems to be coming into its own a development that was arguably marked by the success of the investigative crime podcast Serial where a journalist looked into a court case involving murder.

A new generation of “radio” talent is dominating the airwaves with nothing more than a microphone and a compelling point of view at their disposal.

While podcasts might not necessarily go “viral” the way that video content or text-based content might, the audiences that they draw do tend to be far more loyal and engaged than the drive-by audiences that are drawn to a funny 30 second clip of a cat doing something unusual or to a witty tweet about a popular television show.

The podcast advertising market is not as developed as advertising markets that have been around much longer such as programmatic display advertising for digital media or the advertising model that funds the world of network and cable television.

Fortunately people like Norman Pattiz are changing this. Norman is a media professional who has leveraged his background in radio to launch PodcastOne, one of the most successful podcast networks.

Pattiz’s podcast network is home to some of the most intriguing voices in entertainment such as comedian Adam Corrolla, Jersey Shore star Snookie, boxing champion Laila Ali and television personality Ross Matthews. PodcastOne recently partnered with Edison Research to release a study that showed that podcast advertisements do have a positive impact on consumer’s awareness of and affinity for the brands that purchase them.

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