The new weekly progress reports for students

What is ClassDojo? Before cellphones and computers, parent would wait at least every two to 3 months or at the end of every semester during the school year to see their child’s progress report. By then, instead of understanding and getting on top of the subjects that the students are not doing well in, the class would continue the lessons or move to the next subject, leaving the students behind on the classwork and suffering with a bad grade without understanding where they got lost. When a teacher would mark down either on the board or on their notebooks on the individual students’ behavior, it was pretty hard to keep track of throughout the school year. Then to wait until Parent Teacher nights to go through certain habits that students have exhibited throughout the semester, not being able to stop it ahead of time.

Now at this time, where everyone is plugged into their phones and computers all of the time, teachers are able to send weekly progress reports to the parents giving an update on what is needed to be worked on before the first parent teacher night. The ClassDojo is very simple and easy to use, depending if the school that the student attends offers it. This app sends a message to the parent on subjects that the student has either improved on or would need more help in and would have the parent message the teacher as well to make sure the student does better academically.

ClassDojo is a great way of informing parents on the whereabout of the students activity, strength and weaknesses. Instead of looking at the bulletin boards during the Parent Teacher conferences, weekly posts can be seen online. Instead of waiting on a line until the parent is able to talk to the teacher of the students’ academic achievement, parents can chat online with the teacher and build ideas for the student.