Talkspace: Freedom Is Here

There have been many long and lonely nights for those that suffer from mental illness. They have been unable to sleep and they have been unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel. It is because the system is screwed up and it does not allow people to get the help they need. The first thing they ask someone when they are looking to get mental health help is, “What kind of insurance do you have? How are you paying?” They are not, at all, interested in the person and what they are dealing with and how they are feeling. If they can’t afford it, they do not want anything to do with them, which is a harsh reality for a lot of people.

It is why they are turning to Talkspace to provide the help they need for their particular situation. They are going to give them everything and anything that a therapist in their own office would provide. The only difference is that this method is done over the phone, through texting, or a video method. In many ways, it is actually better for the client and they enjoy it more this way. People are texting left and right these days.

As a matter of fact, for only 32 dollars, they are able to text a therapist daily, which is a great price for a great service. The therapists know all about the roadblocks these clients have had to deal with and all of the headaches. They want to help them, be there for them, and make sure that no one has to go without anything. They are only a text away and they become a trusted person they can confide in, which is more than they can say for most therapists with all of the bells and whistles.

How Dr. Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics into the Cancer Cures

Cancer is a deadly disease that is slowly becoming a nightmare in the lives of many families in the international community. The disease has now become a threat to the longevity and existence of man. People from all walks of life, regardless of their age and race can get the medical condition as long as they are alive. The condition is very dangerous, and when it is discovered in the late stages, it can lead to death. Although there are a lot of medical professionals who have spent years in cancer research, not much has been done to treat the people living with the disease. The advancements in the medical field have not made things better for the cancer patients. The form of treatments for the individuals living with the disease is very costly, and it has severe effects on the patients who are in the last stages of cancer.

Many companies from all over the world have emerged so that they can come up with a reliable and effective form of cancer therapy. One of these companies is known as Seattle Genetics. The company is believed to be making great strides in the oncology department, and this has been made possible by Clay Siegall, the founder and also the president of the biotechnology firm. The businessman has always been passionate about science and medical research. This passion motivated him to venture into the oncology world and make a difference in the lives of the people who are struggling to cure cancer.

Clay Siegall is a prominent name when it comes to the cancer and research field. The businessman studied zoology at some of the best learning institutions in the entire world. After finishing his education, the scientist discovered that cancer was slowly making the lives of many people a nightmare. One of his close relatives passed away due to the disease. When growing up, the young Siegall watched as his relative struggled with the cancer treatment that was only making things worse for him. This realization motivated him to study genetics in one of the most prominent universities in the world. When he completed his Ph.D, the businessman was fortunate to work in several institutions so that he could acquire enough expertise in the biotechnology world.

After spending several years in cancer and research, Siegall felt the need to establish a biotechnology firm that would come up with the best form of treatment for cancer. Seattle Genetics has been doing very well, and it has developed several drugs that are used all over the world.

Meal Delivery Services Approved for Athletes


When it comes to eating right and getting in shape, time is the biggest determent for most people. It takes quite a bit of time to come up with a proper meal plan, shop for all of the food, prepare all of the food, measure all of the proper macros and calories and then package everything into containers for the week. It is because of this that it isn’t really a surprise that meal plan services are becoming increasingly more popular. There are many different options for people to choose from when it comes to meal plan delivery services!


The choice of which delivery service to go with will narrow when becoming more specific with goals such as getting stronger, faster, leaner or even all of the above. There are a few meal services that are geared specifically towards athletes and the nutritional needs that they need.


A Few Meal Delivery Services that are Athlete Approved


  1. Trifecta Nutrition

Best for: Athletes who have a specific plan.


Trifecta Nutrition will go the distance with their meal plan. There are many different categories for everyone including clean eating, vegetarian as well as vegan and also paleo. All of their meals will give a perfect balance of a lean protein, veggies and also carbs. Everything is always organic, soy-free and dairy-free, gluten-free and even non-GMO. You will get your meals every week at just around $100 per week. You will be able to portion out as well as prepare your meals just within minutes after delivery!


  1. Underground Prep

Best for: Foodies who prefer to be fit.


All of Underground Prep’s meals are always dairy, sugar, soy and gluten free as well as non-GMO. The meat provided is hormone-free and the produce is always seasonal and farm-fresh. Each meal that is provided is somewhere between 400 and 450 calories. They send out a text every Wednesday giving customers until Thursday evening to respond with what they would like to order. Each meal is an average of $9 and a minimum of 10 meals must be ordered with each delivery. If you decide to have them deliver your meals to a local gym there is no minimum number of meals that has to be ordered.  Works somewhat similar to Nutrisystem for men, although it’s not as popular


  1. Ice Age Meals

Best for: Athletes who would like a few dishes in their freezer.


The meals provided by Ice Age Meals are catered towards Zone-friendly and paleo diets. The ingredient lists are very minimal and always provide dairy-free, non-GMO and gluten-free. These meals come frozen solid, which gives them a much longer life than some of the other delivery services. This provides athletes with a back-up plan that is always ready and always healthy! You have to buy the meals in bulk purchases with either 14 meals, 24 meals or 64 meals. There are 18 different meals to choose from.


It can be hard to come by an athlete approved meal delivery service, but these few will be sure to get you on the right track with your health and fitness!

“Fabletics – Using Evaluations To Their Advantage”

These days, what consumers buy has a lot to do with the influence of other customer’s opinions. They look at the reviews as though reputable friends have written them. Fabletics, the active wear company, is using crowd-sourced actions to their advantage.


Since 2013, Fabletics has made over $235 million dollars and has more than one million subscribers.


The Corporate Marketing Officer of Fabletics, Shawn Gold acknowledges much of the success of the business comes down to reviews-centric strategies. Fabletics expanded so fast because of the customer’s feedback about their products.


They realized that “the power of the crowd” could result in more sales, improve commitment to the brand and keep the consumer coming back again.


People are making purchases from their devices more than ever before, and it is common for them to check out what others are saying about the company through reviews. This process is part of their research, and plays a crucial role if they will buy or not.


Findings from BrightLocal found that 84% of individuals believed in reviews as though it was coming from somebody they know. The numbers continue to increase each year, since the study was originally created.


The problem is that consumers do not trust the conventional advertising and marketing many companies have in place. They want the real truth about the brand; from their fellow shoppers because their opinions foster confidence, power and it make them feel secure.


Fortunately, Fabletics understood this and took a chance in obtaining their subscriber’s reviews and placing them where potential customers can see them, showing they are comfortable in being transparent.


Fabletics is so concerned about pleasing their shoppers, they gather a variety of data on them to make sure they are creating what their consumers desire.


They also respond to thousand of their customers and on Trustpilot website, they have approximately 30,000 reviews and have a high TrustScore of 8.2.


The feedback continues to grow…


According to TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics, many companies fail to place themselves in their customer’s position. They feel as though they know what the company wants. Fabletics does not do this.


They leverage their subscriber’s data and truly listen to their feedback, and creating what they want. These actions from Fabletics, leads to customers receiving exactly what they asked for, which leads to happy and loyal shoppers.


Actress Kate Hudson represents the Fabletics’ Brand. She became immersed in this “athleisure” wear and she continues to monitor all details, from the choice of fabrics and colors, to the design creation and sale data.


She was the one who that directed the company to upgrade their customer service department for better communication with their subscribers. This resulting in crowd-sourcing data, to make certain the proper amount of inventory was in place, much to their shopper’s delight.


Thanks to Kate Hudson and the crew at Fabletics, the company has grown tremendously and they are building additional brick and mortar stores around the country.


To discover more about the fresh athleisure wear Fabletics has to offer for your personal lifestyle, take the Lifestyle Quiz.