Meal Delivery Services Approved for Athletes


When it comes to eating right and getting in shape, time is the biggest determent for most people. It takes quite a bit of time to come up with a proper meal plan, shop for all of the food, prepare all of the food, measure all of the proper macros and calories and then package everything into containers for the week. It is because of this that it isn’t really a surprise that meal plan services are becoming increasingly more popular. There are many different options for people to choose from when it comes to meal plan delivery services!


The choice of which delivery service to go with will narrow when becoming more specific with goals such as getting stronger, faster, leaner or even all of the above. There are a few meal services that are geared specifically towards athletes and the nutritional needs that they need.


A Few Meal Delivery Services that are Athlete Approved


  1. Trifecta Nutrition

Best for: Athletes who have a specific plan.


Trifecta Nutrition will go the distance with their meal plan. There are many different categories for everyone including clean eating, vegetarian as well as vegan and also paleo. All of their meals will give a perfect balance of a lean protein, veggies and also carbs. Everything is always organic, soy-free and dairy-free, gluten-free and even non-GMO. You will get your meals every week at just around $100 per week. You will be able to portion out as well as prepare your meals just within minutes after delivery!


  1. Underground Prep

Best for: Foodies who prefer to be fit.


All of Underground Prep’s meals are always dairy, sugar, soy and gluten free as well as non-GMO. The meat provided is hormone-free and the produce is always seasonal and farm-fresh. Each meal that is provided is somewhere between 400 and 450 calories. They send out a text every Wednesday giving customers until Thursday evening to respond with what they would like to order. Each meal is an average of $9 and a minimum of 10 meals must be ordered with each delivery. If you decide to have them deliver your meals to a local gym there is no minimum number of meals that has to be ordered.  Works somewhat similar to Nutrisystem for men, although it’s not as popular


  1. Ice Age Meals

Best for: Athletes who would like a few dishes in their freezer.


The meals provided by Ice Age Meals are catered towards Zone-friendly and paleo diets. The ingredient lists are very minimal and always provide dairy-free, non-GMO and gluten-free. These meals come frozen solid, which gives them a much longer life than some of the other delivery services. This provides athletes with a back-up plan that is always ready and always healthy! You have to buy the meals in bulk purchases with either 14 meals, 24 meals or 64 meals. There are 18 different meals to choose from.


It can be hard to come by an athlete approved meal delivery service, but these few will be sure to get you on the right track with your health and fitness!