Drew Madden Changing IT in Healthcare

Drew Madden is one of the leading minds in healthcare today. He is an IT executive at Evergreen Health Partners. He has worked on a variety of projects to help patients improve their health. Over the years, he has developed a passion for changing the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest issues with the industry today is the high cost of care. Each year, the cost of care continues to increase. This is a major issue that few people are ready to deal with. Drew Madden believes that new technology can help decrease the cost of care in the years ahead.

Early Career for Drew Madden

Drew developed a strong IT background that would help him in his current role. When he took the position at Evergreen Health Partners, he never knew how much of an impact he could make on others.

Drew Madden is now working on various projects to help change the future of the industry. With all of the new data available, he believes that doctors can transform the lives of patients through better health practices.

Future Plans

Preventative care is the future of medicine. Drew Madden is working on numerous projects to help companies implement preventive care strategies. Not only will this reduce the cost of care, but it will make healthcare treatments much more effective. There are a lot of people who struggle to fight a disease once they realize they have an issue. If you can find a disease early on, your chances of surviving the illness are much higher.

Now is a great time for Drew Madden to start developing new products and services for clients. With the high level of success that he has achieved so far, he is excited about the future of the industry.