Lime Crime Is What Every Girl Needs

If you like beautiful, bright and quality make-up then Lime Crime is for you. They offer salon quality make-up for an affordable price. Lime Crime is also animal friendly and ensures that no animals are harmed when making their products. How do they do that? Their products are completely cruelty-free and vegan. They are certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. Being certified by one of those organizations is nice, but being certified by both of those organizations is both an honor and a privilege. If they care that much about animals, can you imagine how much they care about their customers? Lime Crime is all about pleasing the customers with their amazing products.
Matte is the new pink and Lime Crime offers Velvetines. It’s lipstick that goes on like a liquid but leaves a beautiful matte that will make you stand out from the crowd in any situation. Office meeting? Shroom is the perfect shade of brown that is both stunning and appropriate for the office. They have a color to match any mood. Maybe matte isn’t for but you still want the beauty that Lime Crime on tumblr offers. Unicorn Lipsticks is the answer. Gorgeous colors for the classy woman in all of us. Carousel Gloss combines class and sparkle to any occasion.
Lime Crime has an array of liquid eye-liners that bring the right amount of attention to your eyes and when combined with the Zodiac Glitter you will be unstoppable. The Zodiac Glitters are based on your zodiac sign and they will liven up any mood and party. As if the Zodiac Glitter wasn’t fabulous enough, Lime Crime has a Glitter Helper. The Glitter Helper ensures that the glitter you apply will last, which ends up leaving one question: what color glitter do you feel like wearing today?
Lime Crime also offers long-lasing nail polish. The polish makes your nails pop and can match any outfit. It’s easy to remove and reapply so changing it every day isn’t a hassle.
Lime Crime is a company that is full of vibrant colors and wearing those colors will not only make you stand out but it will also make you more confident. Are you traveling around the world and just ran out of your favorite Unicorn Lipstick? That’s okay because Lime Crime can be found in four countries: United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. You can literally get your favorite make-up brand anywhere in the world. You will never have to be without it and you can travel the world looking fabulous.

Freedompop’s Affordable WiFi Gives Tablet Users Sweet Options

Tablets are everywhere these days, its not a stretch to say that for every mobile phone in someone’s bag, a tablet is right there beside it, if not at home. Tablets offer the great portable convenience of a laptop with the sleek design of a slightly large phone. In the past, the goal was to make cellphones smaller and smaller, but more recently smartphones are getting bigger, to offer users the feel of a tablet without needing to tote around two devices. Customers don’t seem to have an issue with bigger phones, because so many have become accustomed the using a tablet just as much, if not more than a mobile phone. For lots of people tablets are an at home alternative to a laptop, and while they are meant to be used on the go, lots of people opt for a WiFi only tablet instead of a tablet with a carrier.

Paying extra money for a data plan on a tablet, seems like a waste to most people. Unless they are able to tither their tablets to a phone, when on the go, tablets get left at home on the cradle. Freedompop is here to change the way people use their tablets, by offering them an affordable data plan. WiFi that gives users a reason to take their tablets with them, without worrying about issues connecting to the internet, or the hassle of signal surfing is what Freedompop is all about.

Freedompop is most famously known as a mobile service carrier that offers subscribers free mobile service, that is ultimately paid for with the purchase of extras. Currently, Freedompop’s most popular plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of LTE data. Extra features like additional minutes, data or voicemail are available at a reasonable price, and ultimately are how Freedompop is able to offer such a great deal on service. Individually, the fees seem like pennies for what you get with your plan, but when it all adds up Freedompop seems to do alright for themselves.

The Wi-Fi plan is for unlimited service, and it costs only $5 dollars a month, the best part is that you can use one of Freedompop’s devices, or bring your own. This amazing opportunity means that you can bring your own phone or tablet and have service at an affordable price, or you can buy a hotspot or mobile device from Freedompop, and still a a great deal.

Freedompop can’t name their wifi provider due to contracts, but they have said that their service is available in all Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Best Buys and Starbucks, which are all AT&T locations. Apparently, new members don’t have to be concerned with the signal and speed of their connections, which leads a lot of people anxious to make a switch, or use Freedompop’s data plan with their existing carrier, so that that they can cut costs on their current service. The option to have unlimited wifi at a price that anyone can afford makes owning a mobile device easy for everyone, the way it should be. Freedompop is worth a look for anyone who likes to save money, and stay connected.