Handy Cleaning Services – Using Professionals to Put Homes in Order

Busy executives have no time for house chores. After work, all that is on their minds is a meal, a shower, and good rest. The demand for home cleaning services has therefore been on the rise, as more people need help cleaning their homes.

Handy, a home cleaning service connects individuals looking for household services with top-quality professionals. Umang Dia and Oisin Hanrahan founded this company in 2012. Their aim was to bridge the gap in the market for effective and trustworthy professionals to do household chores.

By 2014, Handy was grossing $1 million a week in bookings. These bookings come both from new and existing customers. Handy has hired 50 employees, and over 10,000 freelancers. Every employee goes through a thorough vetting process and has a background check. Handy makes sure that the professionals who they send to homes are experienced and friendly.

To expand its reach on the West Coast., Handy purchased Exec, a West Coast cleaning company, in January 2014. In December 2015, Handy secured $50 million from Fidelity Investments, and previous investors TPG Growth, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, and Resolution Growth. This capital was to fund an aggressive expansion plan that involved doubling the number of cities where Handy is in operation.

Handy.com, being a market leader in household cleaning services, has made communication with the customer much easier. The introduction of the Handy app gives customers the liberty of booking cleaners, handymen, plumbers and other service providers from their mobile phone. This booking service, which takes only 60 seconds, guarantees next-day availability. If one is not happy with the services provided, Handy gives a 100% money-back guarantee.

Diversification is the key to business growth. Handy has recently diversified into furniture delivery and assembly, under the brand name Handy Delivery. This furniture is available on the Handy website. Customers can make their orders, have the furniture delivered and assembled for a flat fee starting from $49.

Handy’s services are currently available in 28 cities in the United States (https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york), two cities in Canada and London. This company generates 85% of its revenue from cleaning services, proving that this industry has potential. Handy’s method of connecting the consumer and the service professional through their mobile app turned out to be a success.

For busy executives and young professionals who have no time for household chores, Handy has the solutions. Download the app and make the booking. Handy does the rest.


Securus Technologies Introduces A New Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies is known all over the United States as the leading provider of the civil and criminal technology especially for public safety, investigations, and corrections and sometimes even monitoring. The company recently announced the launch of a new application that helps the inmate’s visitation. The video application that will be launched will be easily available to all smartphones, iPod’s, tablets and ipads. 

Using the new app, inmates and their loved ones will have an opportunity to connect easily. The new mode of inmate communication offered by the app will be simple and very convenient, and the families’ won’t spent hours driving to come to visit their inmates in prisons. According to Russell Robert the current vice president of the company, the new technology will change the lives of any inmates. Before the introduction of the new app, family and friends who wanted to meet inmates had few options for visitation. 

The company has introduced the video visitation so that families and friends can get better and more options for visitations. With the new app, there will be a lot of mobility especially to the people who understand just how tough life in prison can be. Everyone involved in the visitation process will surely benefit from it. 

The new video application will make sure that loved ones share the most important events in life together. Inmates will now have an opportunity to participate in bedtime stories, birthdays and any other special event. People will be able to connect using the video application regardless of their location all over the entire world. Consumers can easily get the new app from Google play and app store. If an individual wants to use the service, they will have to download in into their device from this link >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en

With the new video application from Securus Technologies, consumers will not have to use web cameras, computers or any other additional hardware. The inmates or the families will only require their mobile device.

Securus Technologies is currently based in Dallas in Texas. The organization is believed to serve more than 3400 public safety, correction facilities and even law enforcement facilities. The company serves 1.2 million prisoners all from America. The institution main aim is to connect inmates with their loved ones in the most convenient and easy way. They want everyone to be happy regardless of where they are. With the new application, the company will have achieved its goal.

The Future of Networking with Flipora

Social media is a way of connecting people with similar interests online. It is interacting with the people by the people. It means new opportunities to create and share. People spend an average 17 hours in a week online. Hence, social media world is big money world and has attracted a lot of developers. Most are third party developers, but there are pretty of innovative first party developers.
For IOS and Android users, the slew of social apps available is impressive. Facebook connects people in social relationships and builds on that. LinkedIn connects people in professional relationships, Instagram allows people in social relationship to share pictures, and others like Tinder enable people to establish relationships. All these apps use friends likes and dislikes connecting people. They don’t provide an intelligent matchmaking. Others like WhatsApp allow people to chart and make calls.
The future seems to be in artificial intelligence .A.I makes it possible for developers to come up with apps that can predict what kind of content you may be interested in and when you may want to view it. In fact with the internet of things, A.I may become more intelligent than humans with time .A.I can deliver a new way to discover content. This discovery engine can provide content that makes sense to you as a user. The future will be one where the best and most relevant content finds each user.
FLIPORA intends to do just that. It uses A.I with proprietary technology to make it happen. It’s a social web and mobile based company headquartered in Sunnyvale California. It recommends interesting content each day based on your interests and social connections. It was founded by Stanford alumni Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth.It was recently named by Forbes in their Top5 applications for content discovery. It has a social component that is more engaging than a search engine. It links the world around particular subjects that interest its users. It’s banking on this to drive it forward.
The new approach Flipora has taken has seen it have an exponential growth in recent years. It’s adding 150,000 new users each week. It has also received $ 4.5 million in funding from top investors like Google, Twitter and Microsoft. Its fast growth can be attributed to how personal and meaningful the content it gives its users. It is part of a revolution in technology, and this has certainly turned heads.Flipora is the future, and they know it