Bradesco’s HSBC Deal Will Generate $1.1 Billion In Pre-Tax Savings By The End Of 2018 According To CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

When Bradesco was negotiating with HSBC for their Brazilian operation, no one was sure what would happen in terms of operational and financial results. Bank executives from both banks thought it would be a good deal in 2015, but what “good” actually meant in terms of cost savings was a mystery.

What Bradesco CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi knew was his bank would have enough assets under management to be the third largest banks in the country. But after two years of integrating bank operations, the HSBC deal is turning out to be a goose that lays some serious cost savings eggs. The HSBC deal will generate $1.1 billion in synergies and cost savings by the end of 2018, according to Bradesco’s Chief Financial Officer Alexandre Glüher. It’s no wonder Bradesco plans to buy back a total 15 million preferred and common shares through June 26, 2018, according to a recent securities filing. Bradesco’s CFO said the buyback would be an equal split between preferred and common shares. If the recent closing price stays in the same neighborhood, which is about $10.89 a share, the bank will spend more than $125 million on the buyback.


In order to stay competitive and maintain its position in the Brazilian banking industry, 66-year-old CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and his executive team are providing a personalized banking experience for their 26 million clients, according to CRM and marketing director Márcio Parizotto. Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and his team are taking steps to make the 5,000 branch bank more customer-centric using digital technology. Ninety-five percent of all customer transactions are digital transactions, thanks to 60 different bank websites. But the current challenge, according to Parizotto, is to develop internal strategies that bring technology and marketing together. The bank must combine traditional advertising with the brand recognition that is taking place in the digital world. But the bank is not going to lose the personal banking touch that makes Bradesco stand out in the crowded banking industry. Bradesco employees are learning to work effectively using an integrated approach to online, offline services as well as product offerings, according to Parizotto.

Bradesco is not the oldest bank in Brazil, but it is one of the most innovative and consumer friendly banks in the country. The credit for the bank’s success is due, in part, to the foresight of the four banking presidents who were astute enough to navigate the tumultuous economic waters in Brazil. Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the bank’s fourth president, and his hands-on approach to customer service is making a difference in the way bank employees treat their clients. Cappi does not have an accountant or a financial pedigree, but he does have a philosophy degree from the University of Sao Paulo, and he has more than 35 years of experience in the banking industry. When Trabuco Cappi got the job of managing the bank he went to work for in 1969, a dream became a reality for him. But he didn’t let all the notoriety go to his head. Mr. Trabuco put a banking team together, and that team works as a cohesive unit. Cohesiveness, a strong sense of traditionalism, and the desire to be the best in the banking world are the Trabuco Cappi trademarks.

Wall Street is pushing Bradesco stock and giving Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and his executive team high management marks. With more than 5,000 branch offices and thousands of ATMs across the country, Bradesco is a people’s bank and Trabuco Cappi wants to keep the bank people friendly. Some people say, good bankers are born that way, but Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi thinks a good work ethic, technology, teamwork, and genuine caring are the ingredients that make bankers and banks successful.

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Kenneth Griffin Strides Through Tough Economic Times

When the recession hit the United States in 2008, the stock market plummeted, people lost their savings, and many people lost their jobs as companies failed on It was said that things had not been so bad since the Great Depression, which decimated the country in the 1930s, after the prosperity of the 1920s – famously known as the Roaring 20s. In a lot of ways, the prosperity of the 1990s was the front-runner to this downturn of the market, but people did not predict that it would happen. In any case, the recession made things very tough from an economic standpoint, and only the best were able to make it through unscathed.

That’s what makes Citadel LLC’s Ken Griffin on turtletrader so impressive. In his 40s, he’s already one of the richest men in the country. He’s been on the move for years, and he seems to have made it through the recession without missing a beat. Sure, he did have some losing ventures at that time, as everyone did, but he by no means allowed it to destroy the financial empire he was creating. Now, with things getting better again, it stands to reason that he’ll be able to renew his growth at an unprecedented rate.

Even more impressive is that Griffin works in finance and investing. After all, Citadel LLC is a company known as a hedge fund. It helps other investors protect themselves and increase their own wealth. This emphasis on protection was huge in 2008. Hedge funds often gain more than standard investments, but what they really do well is that they tend to lose far less. They’re set up to never fail, even if that means not taking as many risks as some investors would like. In 2008, when the market fell so quickly, these protections were what really made hedge funds helpful.

Griffin, knowing perhaps better than anyone how this worked, was able to protect his own fortune. He was able to stride through the hard economic times and come out the other side with seemingly very little trouble.

In fact, he did so well that he’s lately been giving away some of his money. This is a time when most people are saving as much as they can, but Griffin gave around $150 million to Harvard, the school that he used to attend. He didn’t give it to them to get anything back – though they did name a building after him – but just to provide scholarships to other students. This was a huge and helpful offering, but what it really does is to underscore just how well he is doing. He’s making so much that he can give away more money that most people will ever be able to earn in their lives.

There are many lessons to be learned from Griffin’s example, both in building wealth and protecting it. Anyone who is trying to get started in this industry – perhaps by attending Harvard – would be wise to study exactly what he has done.

The Best Possible Capital Management With James Dondero

The field of investing is one that many people need to pay close attention to during the course of their lives. People need to be able to master the basics of the investment field in order to be able to make sure that any money have saved up is invested well. Well invested capital can yield extremely impressive gains. When someone has capital that has been invested in the best possible way, the person is often able to have a rate of return that will allow them to do important things in their lives including having the downpayment to purchae a house and the means to retire when they want.

The management of capital can be highly complicated and complex. Management of capital of all kinds means that the manager must be able to satisfy the needs of the investor as well as the needs of their other clients. The capital firm must be able to do other important things such as identify the best possible use of capital, find new potential investments and figure out if those looking for funding from them are able to use any capital that has been loaned in most effective way possible.

One of the best of today’s contemporary capital management firms is Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management was founded over two decades ago in Dallas, Texas by James Dondero on insidermonkey. Since that time, the firm has grown enormously. Today, they have offices in many multiple places in order to help them serve the needs of their customers better. The company manages millions of dollars for their clients. They specialize in finding investment products for their clients and helping them discover new ways they earn a better rate of return on their capital. The skilled investor can work with this firm in order to learn about many areas of potential investments such as bonds, international finance and the field of distressed investment funding.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero. Mr. Dondero is a highly skilled capital manager who has been heavily involved in the field of capital expansion for many years. During this time, he has mastered many aspects of investing and finance including how to provide for both the needs of investors and the needs of those who want to work with him to invest in their planned business. Those who choose to work with him will be delighted that they are able to have access to a skilled investment advisor who knows exactly how to create a portfolio that can keep growing and expanding as the investor’s needs change. In this way, all of those who are involved in this field will benefit as they can get advice they need from his firm.

The Brazilian Banking Industry

In the recent past, the Brazilian banking sector has undergone a lot of changes. In the year 2014, players in the banking industry were left wondering about the activities within its ranks. Under normal circumstances, when the economy is doing badly, it is expected that the banking sector would not be doing well. However, during this time, the Brazilian economy was undergoing recess. Two of the leading banks, Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD) realized an increased in profitability.

Many questions were asked about the Brazilian banks and how they are able to weather the market forces and post profits amid the challenges. However, according to Igor Cornelsen’s Tumblr, who is a leading banker in Brazil, these challenges can be avoided by having sufficient knowledge of the market. It is also possible by applying experience gained over time.

Igor Cornelsen says that banks in the private sector have learned to lend money to borrowers with a good credit rating. It is important since it provides banks with a sense of security when operating in the market. Therefore, people with undesirable credit rating are supposed to go to public banks for financial aid. He advises the government to institute market-oriented reforms that would ensure that the banking sector is profitable.

In spite of her unpredictable climate, Brazil is a destination of choice because of the abundance of resources that may be used to develop infrastructure. It makes Brazil one of the most envied destinations in South America. According to Igor, the year 2015 has provided an opportunity for many investors in the banking industry to claim a share of the Brazilian market.

Igor Cornelsen created a summary of the Brazilian Banking sector for investors willing to try Brazil, but have a limited time to research. Being the largest economy in South America, there are ten major players in the banking industry. Guido Mantega came with an economics matrix that failed since it was based on ideology, rather than rational economics. Over time, China has proved to be Brazil’s trading partner. When the Chinese economy is doing well, the Brazilian investors are assured of a market for their products.

The Brazilian Currency has been overvalued for a long time. Therefore, industrial products exported by Brazil are less competitive in the international market. As a result, Brazil has an enormous current account deficit. In spite of the interventions by the Central Bank of Brazil, the currency is still overvalued.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock market businessman who is generous in the knowledge that he has. He has not just tucked away the things that he learned for himself, and for his own use, but he has chosen to share them with others. He wants to be able to show people who they can make wise investments. He wants people to learn to make careful decisions when it comes to investing in the stock market, so that they can see their money put to good use.

Igor Cornelsen has a heart for those who do not know how to work the stock market. He realizes that it takes years of practice in order to truly know what one is doing when it comes to all of that, and that is why he has offered the advice that he has.

Igor Cornelsen tells people who are wanting to start investing that they need to look into multiple companies and make sure that they are all worthy of their investments. He says that to make sure that a company is not corrupt is very important, as is investing in more than one company. Also, he says that it is wise to invest in companies that will be sure to do well. Companies that offer necessities, such as food, are a great place to start, and he advises people to go with them for their first investments.

Anyone who wants to invest their money into the stock market should consider the wise advice that has come from Igor Cornelsen. He has spent years learning these things, and he is being very generous in telling people all that they can do to do well for themselves when they are investing. When one takes what he has said and does what he advises, they will be much more likely to succeed than if they did not.

When someone wants to get into long term investing, and when they want to know that they will do well with the money that they invest, then it would be smart for them to look to Igor Cornelsen and hear what he has to say about that. Igor Cornelsen is a stock market businessman who knows a lot about investing money, and about what does and does not work when one is investing. The things that he has to say hold much value, and anyone who wants to invest in the stock market should consider what he has to say, so that they can know that their money will not be wasted.

One of the things that Igor Cornelsen has advised people who are investing to do is to invest in multiple places. Putting all of one’s money into one company means that all of their money could be wasted. It means that if that company fails, then everything that they have put into the stock market will be gone. Plus, he believes that investing in multiple companies is good so that people can get a feel for where they would like to invest more of their money. So, people need to keep that in mind, and then they will do well for themselves.

Igor Cornelsen has put a lot of thought and work into learning the stock market, and he has been generous to share all of the things that he has learned with others who do not know so much. He wants people to be able to succeed and earn back money on their investments. He wants them to be able to learn how to make long term investments that will pay off well for them, and that will leave them feeling great about what they have done with their money.

There is no such thing as free money. That’s what Brazilian stock market businessman Igor Cornelsen says. Additionally, Cornelsen consideres investing to be a game of length, with market players dedicated to investment strategies that are long term. Otherwise, they will never be successful.

Cornelsen, like other long term investors are in the game of making big profits. These are profits that will last a lifetime. When committed to playing the market for life, Cornelsen says one can see returns of 500% or more.

So what does the market player need to do first? That is change his or her perception about the stock market. Want to earn a quick buck? Then, look elsewhere. If you want to intelligently invest your money and get that major return on down the line, then investing is for you.

Cornelsen believes in making multiple small investments as opposed to just one large one. Investors seem to be mistaken when they automatically want a big return on their dollars when dedicating their investments solely to one individual stock. Cornelsen says that by making the many smaller investments, the investor’s chances can significantly improve.

But it is a long game and companies that have been productive in investing have been doing it for a long time and doing it consistently. Companies need to show that their histories are long in providing some sort of returns.

Since Cornelsen is a Brazilian banker, one could ask: how to Brazilian banks do it? According to Cornelsen, the knowledge of the market and experience of other not so successful years are keys. In the private sector, Brazilian bankers are lending money only to those borrowers who are most creditworthy. By operating this way, costs are streamlined and banks have the security to look ahead to the future.

Cornelsen says the Brazilian government should add more market oriented reforms and fiscal austerity which would ultimately make investors feel more secure.
Today’s climate all over the world is uncertain. But Brazil has a multitude of natural resources with a bigger desire for infrastructure to accommodate the ever growing population. Actually, Brazil happened to be one of the most attractive South American markets, aside from being the largest country on the continent.

Cornelsen has noted that many investors are interested in the world of Brazilian banking. Before looking at any investment, he says, one has to know the basics or bare bones.

Banking forms an integral part of every economy. With banking, people can save and prepare for substantial investments in future. It’s hard to hold liquid cash due to the risks that come with it. It also creates job opportunities, and drive economic growth. Therefore, banking is an essential part of every economy.

Banks in Brazil play the middle role of linking the public to the investment opportunities. People save money and come for it when they have an investment idea. It is a highly established industry, which competes with other countries’ banking sectors. Additionally, it is structured and dominated by a few prominent banks.

According to Igor Cornelsen, investment is a long term goal for anyone who wants be successful. People that consider investment returns in a short period shall never be successful in the field. It takes the time to understand opportunities the risks attached to them. Igor states that investment is a long-term game that should be considered as a career. Those that want t see profits in vast amounts should do it as a day to day activity. It has its ups and downs.
In 2014, the Brazilian banking industry faced economic challenges that resulted from the turbulent economy. The majority of investors and bankers suffered losses as a consequence. However, Brazil’s top two banks still made profits. Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco saw a rise in shares by one-third. While ITUB’s net profits increased by 26 percent, BBD earned a 28 percent increase. How did they manage to make gains in an unstable economy? The answer rests with legendary investor Igor Cornelsen. He says that the experiences the banks have on the economic patterns are fundamental to the success of a company. Therefore, the lessons learnt over time served to save the business for the top two banks.

Igor recently initiated the discussion that termed Brazil one of the most attractive places in South America. The continued need for proper infrastructure development and a booming market is a pointer to many opportunities. In spite of the fact that some experts credit good weather and the friendly culture as the cause of lots of foreign investments, Igor maintains that the abundance of resource management remains the leading cause. Observers await what will happen in the banking system in Brazil in 2015. However, Igor Cornelsen maintains that the results will be better due to additional experience on the market.

Brazilian banks are fond of withstanding the storm even when the economy is not that good. According to Igor Cornelsen, who is a renown Brazilian banker and investment professional, it is because of the market knowledge and the experience during the turbulent years. The Brazilian bankers who are who are in the Private sector only lend to borrowers who are really worth of being given the credit. This normally helps banks to streamline the cost and with a sense of security and thus focusing on what is ahead.

This helps people who have credit that is not that pleasing should look into banks in the public sector, those whose spending is cash based or as well as do away with their business plans that they had which are a challenging the macro-economy of the country’s development. The Brazilian government should create an atmosphere where investor make the should feel more secure and come up with more market oriented reforms.

Even if the climate in Brazil seems very uncertain, the presence of natural resources and the increasing need for infrastructural development for the support of the growing population that makes Brazil the most favorable and attractive market to invest in in the whole of South America. In addition Brazil is also one of the leading producer of food products in the world and the largest country worldwide.

It is therefore a thrilling example to watch, bur at the start of 2015, Cornelsen found out that many people willing to invest are behind the Brazilian Banking. Here he meant that a person should know the whole truth so that before investing. This made Cornelsen to come up with a short and very easy profile on what one is supposed to do or know before investing in Brazil especially the ones who are always very busy.

1. That Brazilian banks have ten major players.
Brazil being the largest economy in south America is a powerhouse that has about ten privately and government owned commercial and other investment banking. Since Banco Itau merged with Unibanco, in 2008, it has been very interesting since it has witnessed great growth.

2. A fresh face that could turn things around.
The economic matrix of Guido Mantega was a complete failure and that is why new ideologies are needed. The new minister for finance is most likely going to return thing to the right way.

3. Paying Attention to China
This is because China is a trading partner with Brazil and therefore if Chinas economy becomes better, that means that the raw materials from Brazil will be bought at good prices.