Support for Dallas Women Foundation

Nexbank is a financial institution that showed its interest in improving the welfare of women in Dallas. The bank gave a $10,000 to the Dallas Women Foundation as a gift for their annual luncheon that went down on 20th October 2017, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel Dallas.

The foundation is the largest women’s regional fund in the world. It primarily aims at enhancing life financially for women and girls. This support also was to boost women’s financial strength and leadership skills.

Among the top 100 influential people of Time Magazine is Dr. Hope Jahren who was expected to address the people attending the luncheon. He has been ranked as the best author and won awards as a scientist. The keynote address from Dr. Hope would be streamed to thousands of students in twenty schools all around the northern part of Texas. Leaders from all walks of life from business to community attend the luncheon.

Nexbank has $6.4 billion worth of assets. It is a member of FDIC with its headquarters in Dallas. In the state of Texas, it is ranked as the 12th largest banks and the 179th in the nation. Its health rating is A, with increasing number of employees reaching 87 at three locations in June 2017. Nexbank services include but not limited to mortgages, commercial banking, and institutional facilities. It has clients nationwide whose needs it is determined to meet as a financial partner. Apart from economic institutions the bank also serves large corporations, middle-market firms, investors in real estates and housing among others.

Under the leadership of its chairman James Dondero, the executive employees such as directors exercise their best knowledge and experience in administration and leadership. Thus the company’s success is realized from their commitment. It is focused on providing outstanding financial services and solutions to all its customers, whether they are individuals or firms.

NexBank’s customers enjoy online banking among the many services. It has branches such as McKinney and Preston Center which are both in Texas. Its market rates are thrice the national average and it stands as an equal housing leader.