Emily McClure Takes Readers On Her Journey To See If WEN Cleansing Conditioner Works

You’ve all see the commercials for Wen. Finally Emily McClure wanted to test this product on her hair. Wen cleansing Conditioners by Chaz Dean are basically one shampoo and conditioner in one. She wanted to take her readers on the journey with her by reporting and pictures of her hair.
The idea was to use this product, WEN, for a week and see if anyone notices. She chose the Sephora Fig version that said it would give her hair moisture, bounce and shine.

Emily decided there was no time like the present to start her test on WEN. Would her hair look like the models featured in the commercials. Carefully reading the directions, Emily was amazed by the amount of product she needed to use. Never before had she used so much product at one time, ever! See result at http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

By day two shower, she was ready to get rid of the greasy roots. With only 24 hours gone by and she felt she had to shampoo her hair. Day three was an average day, first thing is to shower and wash her hair. It was by the end of the day 3 and her hair looked good with its shine. Emily said she was impressed so far.

Day 4 was running late and she didn’t shampoo and she was horrified that her roots were so greasy. No time to shower and shampoo and used dry shampoo to maybe help fix the greasy mess. She couldn’t wait to get home and shower and shampoo. By day 5 and 6 did notice more shine, but the curls had dropped some.

By day 7, she realized her hair had become easier to comb and style and a few coworkers had complemented her on how shiny her hair looked. That boosted her confidence even though it meant she had to take a shower in the morning to keep from having greasy looking roots. Her hair was great after the shampoo and styling, but later on that day the roots began to get a bit oily.

Emily decided she had a love hate relationship with Wen conditioner. She had to be vigilant about washing hair every day to keep the greasy look away. Her feelings were that it did make her hair shiny and bouncy, and when she wanted more shine, she would use WEN but that meant getting up a little early for the shower and shampoo.