Pinched Nerves Can Be Treated By Nobilis Health Doctors

I have experienced some very unusual symptoms for the past four months. When they first started, I had no idea what was going on until I did some research. My list of symptoms did vary, but the most common ones that I had were varying levels of pain in my lower back. I also had pain that radiated throughout my legs (mostly my right leg), pain that went into my buttocks, numbness in my legs, and when walking I would randomly get weak too. I had the diagnosis of a pinched nerve in my lower back.

The symptoms were not only painful, but they were very annoying too. I had previously learned about the Nobilis Health facility in Houston called the Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center. They had some great patient reviews, and I figured I would give them a try. I called their office, and the secretary told me that they were pretty booked, but I could get in for my first appointment in 2 weeks. I told them that worked for me, so they set it up. I wasn’t sure what might happen or how they would handle things, but I knew these symptoms needed to go away.

I walked into my first appointment unsure of anything. I had looked up what the treatment options were for pinched nerves, but there were various options that doctors use, and I didn’t know anything about how the doctors at Nobilis Health operated. I met the doctor about half an hour after I got there, which was great since I had to finish filling out the paperwork they had sent me. When the doctor came into the room, he seemed very nice. He talked to me calmly, and he told me that he had reviewed my medical records as well.

The doctor’s plan on was to do a surgery called a decompression that would treat the pinched nerve and relieve the pain. While he did say that not all the pain would go away and that the option may not treat the condition permanently, he also said that he had great success with doing these types of surgeries with other patients who report the same type of symptoms. I was on board with everything that he was saying, and I was sure that he was qualified to do the surgery. The doctor chose to schedule the surgery for two weeks later.

I did have the decompression surgery done, and it wasn’t bad at all. The surgery was a minimally invasive surgery, so the recovery time was very short. I was doing my daily activities and more within a week after I returned home. I don’t have the symptoms I had reported before. The only symptom that I have now is some pain on a random basis. The random pain I have now is nothing to complain about when I think about the issues that I had before the surgery. I am so appreciative of what the doctor at Nobilis Health did for me, and I recommend Nobilis Health to others.