Eucatex Brazilian Company Has Been Green Since The 1960s

Eucatex is a supplier of raw materials for construction and furniture. The company is based in Brazil and was founded in 1951. The company used eucalyptus as raw material for ceiling tiles and panels. It was one of the first green companies because the focus was on environment and acoustics. In 1965, they began exporting to Europe. The President of this family founded business has been Flavio Maluf since 2005.

During the 60s and all the way through the 80s, Eucatex expanded its export business. They developed a paint to coat their own acoustic materials, but by the 90s, the line had become extensive and popular on the market. It was during this time frame that the company became involved in reforestation and land use issues to ensure the supply of raw materials for their own business. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, and they have received various certifications for their reforestation projects.

Flavio Maluf is a man of diverse interests, from ICT, Information and Communication Technologies, to education. Brazil is one of the more technologically advanced countries in South America, and Maluf is a strong proponent. Maluf advises the use of computers for education purposes because of the test results shown by students. Even students that were having difficulty learning showed improvement when using the Internet for their studies.  This is also key to Flavio’s advice for entrepreneurs.

Maluf is a business man, and his educational background is as a mechanical engineer. Maluf is a regular commentator on business news and transactions. He enjoys sharing his technological knowledge with others. He lectures and advises on how to begin a startup company. For instance, the original idea alone is not enough to start a business he maintains. The idea must be built upon and nurtured. Maluf has written a checklist of pertinent points that apply to startups.