U.S. Money Reserve Allowing For A Brighter Future

The U.S. Money Reserve recently launched their brand new IRA Program which allows customers to protect their retirement plan by adding gold and silver to the existing portfolio.

More Americans realize that hard work alone will not solidify a retirement plan. In this day and age we need to seek out alternatives – read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn.

One of these alternatives is the investment into gold and silver coins and bars. The U.S. Money reserve now gives Americans an alternative option which should be considered by anyone who would like to protect their nest egg.

The conventional IRA has shown to be very volatile due to the many global markets struggling and the threat of financial markets collapsing. The common method of setting up an IRA is to buy into stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However when these collapse so does the IRA.

Physical gold and silver on the other hand maintains its value a lot better and has done so for decades. In actual fact gold has never in the history of our economies been worth nothing.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

Recent demand for gold and silver has seen their value rise significantly. Gold has gone up a staggering 360 percent in value while silver a whopping 662 percent. This just shows the earning potential of both gold and silver assets. This type of value can actually shield the customers retirement plan and provide them with a safe and secure future.

The meaning of a self directed IRA is that the customer can choose the makeup of the portfolio and ensure that there is a diverse variety of different asset forms. This is different to regular IRA’s where the customer often does not have a choice in the portfolio variety. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/usmoneyreserve.com and http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-inc

Moving away from a custodian and becoming the controller of the account also gives the customer a great flexibility in earnings. The customer can make calculated moves as well as move an existing 401K into a precious metal portfolio.

The process of doing so is very simple and can be done in a timely manner. The process as such is a very simple one and is almost like a simple bank transfer. As long as the transfer is made from custodian to custodian there will be no lengthy procedure. The fast transfer from the earnings of the IRA can also be set up through the U.S. Money Reserve.

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