All Red Burger Coming To Japan; Think Red Bun, Cheese, and Sauce

Black hamburger buns and cheese in the Burger King Kuo burger were an atrocity that was spotted early 2015 in Japan, though it was originally introduced in 2012. Apparently people enjoyed that abominable burger enough for there to be another unorthodox creation soon to follow featuring the color red. Burger King Japan is set to release a burger named the Aka Samurai in early July that will feature spicy red sauce alongside red cheese, bun, and condiments. It is yet to be seen if the Aka Samurai burger will grace the menus of other countries, do we even want it to, BK may just be waiting to see whether this release is as successful as the Kuo burger. Foodies like Christian Broda agree that if the trend continues perhaps we will see green and orange sandwiches in the near future. Burger King really has started a trend in Asia, McDonald’s and other restaurants in India have introduced their own copycat black burger. You know it is a good idea when people attempt to recreate it