Taco Bell Changes

Taco Bell is creative, there’s no denying that. It seems that they are always unveiling new ways to up the ante, and come up with new takes on old foods. For example, they came out with the Doritos locos tacos which was a fresh and fun new take on a very basic type of food. Well Taco Bell has recently been getting more and more involved in the desert field.

For a long time they only had cinnamon twists, but every now and then a new item would get added to that list and then disappear before we know it. Currently, Taco Bell is selling Cinnabon donuts, but it seems that they are taking an even more creative twist on that!

Reddit has just unveiled that Taco Bell has created Cap’n Crunch covered donuts! They look and sound delicious, but while they are eliminating artificial ingredients in their other menu items they have decided that these treats will be exempt. Which goes to show that they probably won’t have any nutritional value to them, not to mention the calories, but they will probably be delicious!

So Taco Bell and donut fanatics alike have to wait just a short while longer. Daniel Amen was excited to tell goodreads.com that the product will be hitting restaurants on July 2nd. That dessert will have artificial colors and flavors, but that won’t be stopping people from scooping these treats up. It’s the perfect snack to enjoy this summer!