Logan Stout Is Changing Lives Through ID Life

Logan Stout is a businessman who has achieved a lot in his successful career. When growing up, Logan loved playing baseball and other types of sports. The young man was always looking for special ways to win in the classroom, on the sports field or when working in hobby projects. Stout acquire his high school education at J.J. Pearce High School, based in Texas. While in high school, Logan was a member of the student athletic council. He was always a star student in school, and he also earned the MVP titles in his senior and junior seasons.


Logan Stout’s mind was naturally wired for success. This spirit led him to become a professional baseball athlete. The young man was on the field most of the time, playing or coaching other players. Later on, he went to Panola for his degree in business. He also studied psychology at the prestigious University of Dallas. While studying, Logan acquired several titles due to his success in sports.

Healthy Living

Mr. Logan Stout always had a forward thinking mentality, and it has led him to become of the most successful businessmen in the world. Although he is still involved in training, coaching and ministering, Logan decided to help people attain the best in their health. Logan believes that when people focus on the health of their body, soul, and mind, it is easy to achieve success. The realization enabled him to develop several healthcare products known as ID Life. The businessman supplies energy supplements, shakes, sleep strips and weight management pills.

ID Life

ID Life was established by Logan Stout several years ago, and it has done very well under his leadership. The company focuses on wellness and health products, and it has been in the forefront for personalized nutrition. Since its introduction in the modern marker, the health and wellness company has transformed the lives of many through its unique business model and its product offering. The products from the company are found in all parts of the world at the moment. People who have worked with ID Life say that they experienced a change in their overall life after using the products given.

Fashion Mogul Adam Goldenberg Shares Success Secrets

Boasting of a hugely prosperous career, serial entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg is well accustomed to ‘big years.’ Throughout his career, Adam has enjoyed unparalleled success, going way back to the late nineties. His first notable transaction was the sale of his gaming enterprise to Intermix. He later established Intelligent Beauty, which flourished rapidly, allowing him to team up with Don Ressler to inaugurate JustFab.

Within its short period of operation, JustFab has gained enormous traction among its followers. This is signal that Adam Goldenberg’s foresight is not dumbfounded, and will eventually come to pass. Through the purchase of the footwear franchise ShoeDazzle and a couple of fundraisers, JustFab came up with an enormous $55 million. Further, the company has adopted a unique way of marketing, using celebrity stylists. This strategy has proven to be a huge success, as it has resulted in the extensive growth of the firm, with new subsidiaries being established on hudl.com. Fabletics, a strong outfit brand, is one of the divisions of JustFab that ascribes its inception to this initiative.

Adam Goldenberg revealed that the unprecedented success is as a consequence of focusing on metrics. He stated that by keeping a keen eye on user data, the institution could react promptly and appropriately to evolving trends. Adam further said that all sides are considered while analyzing the statistics –both positive and adverse. With the sharing of undesirable numbers, staff identify where it all went wrong, go back to the drawing board, and formulate corrective strategies.

Additionally, JustFab considers client opinions’ as a key pillar in the company’s operations. However, this policy was embraced at a steep price. In early days, the business incurred losses, primarily because customers thought their products were exorbitantly overpriced. As a consequence, the firm created a task force whose sole job is to interact with the clientele to determine the price ranges that work for both parties.

Though academic and professional credentials are scrutinized during employee intakes at JustFab, they are not the primary determinants for hiring. In addition to the prerequisites mentioned above, the establishment looks for passionate individuals. Adam disclosed that the fashion industry demands zealous personalities. If not, it is just a recipe for disaster. The importance of this character to the enterprise is underlined by its mantra, which is ‘Be Passionate.’

Moreover, JustFab provides mentorship to the outstanding employees of the form. In Adam’s opinion, executives should drop average workers for top achievers. He argued that empowering exemplary minds will prove to be more efficient than trying to bridge the gap by seeking to improve below par staff.

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Troy Mcquagge Bags The Coveted One Planet Business Accolade

Troy’s background

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and member of the board of directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc., a health insurance service provider. Troy’s alma mater is the University of Central Florida, where he received his B.A. degree. After graduating in 1983, Troy joined Allstate Insurance Company. His next stop was the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies (UICI). After two years in the UICI, he was promoted to president of the company’s insurance agency, UGA. Troy achieved great success at UCA, breaking numerous sales records. In 2006, UCA changed into HealthMarkets after a private investor purchased it. Troy continued serving as President under this new ownership. His performance was stellar, with sales surpassing the $1 billion mark and the firm bagging numerous coveted awards.


In July 2010, Troy joined USHEALTH. By 2013, he had ascended to the position of executive vice president and chief marketing officer. A year later, Troy McQuagge was promoted and became the Chairman and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. Over the years, Troy has served in different capacities and positions within USHEALTH and its affiliates.


One Planet Business Award

In January 2017, Troy was named as the Gold winner of the esteemed One Planet Awards in the CEO’s category. The awards annually recognize outstanding personalities in business and professional sectors. Participants are nominated from organizations across the world regardless of the firm’s size or reputation.


Troy received the award due to his exemplary performance as CEO of USHEALTH. Under his stewardship, the company has witnessed exponential growth and increase in profit margins. As a result, his company has become one of the most competitive in the flooded health insurance market.


When receiving the accolade, Troy acknowledged the efforts of USHEALTH staff. He said that it was a proof of the firm’s commitment to providing quality and affordable services to its clients. McQuagge added that his company looks to provide innovative solutions to cope up with growing healthcare needs of customers.


The One Planet Awards rewards exceptional performers in business from across the globe. Some of the categories recognized at the Awards include, executives, marketing and corporate communications, PR and much more.