Livio Bisterzo Oversees the Creation of a Culturally Relevant Snack

Livio Bisterzo Creates Socially Conscious Snack HippeasLivio Bisterzo had a revolutionary idea of creating and commercializing a tasty, healthy snack. Bisterzo and his team of experts worked across distinct time zones. After a series of product creation and consumer testing, they came up with a groundbreaking product known as Hippeas. The product is a perfect mixture of gluten-free veggies, 100 calories for every pack, source of protein, and fiber.

According to Bisterzo, they used chickpeas as the chief ingredient and focused on identifying the ideal shape, size, texture, bite, and taste. Bisterzo and his team knew that they had to develop a snack that borrowed most of the aspects from what consumers are accustomed to and one they would pick up with utmost confidence.

Bisterzo led his team to the creation of a snack that suits the needs of the health conscious consumer. He said that they also wanted to come up with a product that delivers on taste. The founder of Green Park Brands was optimistic that the snack would revolutionize the food industry.

Social Responsibility

Hippeas is a culturally relevant brand. It has entered an agreement with Farm Africa, and it will be offering financial aid to farmers of chickpea based in eastern Africa. A certain proportion of the sale of Hippeas will be dedicated to chickpea farmers. The snack has received thousands of reviews from consumers who are happy with its taste and highly nutritious nature.

Who is Livio Bisterzo?

Livio Bisterzo is an intelligent Italian business mogul based in Los Angeles. He had a knack for entrepreneurship even at a young age. He joined the great University of the Arts located in London for a business-related degree. Upon graduating, Bisterzo launched an event business in 2003. Then, he proceeded to form a diversified business portfolio comprised of hospitality, lifestyle, as well as consumer brands. His incredible record of achievement in the brand building has been featured in GQ, The Times, Harpers, and Vanity.

In 2008, Bisterzo collaborated with RNA Corporation to design and launched Kyoku for Men products (men’s skincare line). In 2010, he withdrew from the business and took a break for several months. Bisterzo returned to the corporate world in 2011 and acquired Little Miracles, a leading Danish beverage business. The brand bagged several global awards and expanded its addressable market to over 26 nations. Bisterzo unveiled a revolutionary food company called Green Park Holdings in 2015. The company presented its first brand, HIPPEAS, in April 2016.

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