Handy Home Cleaning Services App

Mobile cleaning and repair booking business is becoming increasingly competitive with many new players taking the market by surprise. Handy is one of the companies that are currently doing well with millions of bookings being recorded each day. Founded by Oisin Hanraham and Umang Dua in 2012, Handy is dubbed the Uber of home maintenance because of its efficiency and reliability. The New York-based home services company helps customers to order for a home cleaner, plumber or handyman to complete any job at home. All bookings are done with a tap on the app and the professionals will be on their way to do the cleaning.

Which Cities Does This Home Cleaning App Cover?

As of July 2014 according to bigcitylittleblog.com, Handy was services more than 28 cities majority of which are based in North America, UK and Canada. The startup basically offers a better model for the consumers and service professionals to meet on-demand needs. The Handy booking service covers major locations such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto, and Vancouver and is seeking to expand to other cities in these regions.

How Does Handy App Work?

With the home cleaning service market couples with many cleaners, most of which are unreliable and sketchy, one needs a service he or she can trust. And Handy home cleaning app is made as simple as that. All one needs to do is enter ZIP code, the size of space to be cleaned, the time he or she want it cleaned and a price quote will be given. If the customer likes the price, the card on file will be charged. After once that is done, the professionals will arrive on the scheduled time to complete the job. This payment system ensures the following:

– No stacks of cash are left behind

– Customer is not overcharged

– Cleaner isn’t underpaid

How Reliable Is Handy Booking Service?

In order to ensure quality and reliability of all bookings, Handy team undertakes through screening of its freelancers. For instance, before a cleaner is hired for the job, they have to do background checks, go through references and conduct in-person interviews. Handy provides money-back guarantee for customers who don’t like the quality of work offered. And what’s more, it covers any replacement costs if something is damaged in the course of cleaning.

Where to find the app

Handy home cleaning app can be downloaded from the App Store or can be found on the Google Play Store. The wazzuppilipinas.com top rated app allows you to order for a service you need, decide when you need it and pay for the service right from your phone. Home cleaning service bookings have never been this easier.