Reveals Interesting Saints vs. Panthers Line

The NFL is an exciting league to watch. Predicting what can happen is a proverbial mixed bag. Certain teams are strong favorites to win and they do win. Other times upsets occur. Betting lines go beyond the actual score of the game and create a landscape more appropriate for placing a wager. Even with the most accurate of lines, no one can make a bet with a 100% guarantee of an outcome. Many do choose to comment on lines and games. A few even rise to the level of experts. is home to many experts and the site delivers excellent analysis on NFL games and lines.

The New Orleans Saints face the Carolina Panthers during week 11 of the NFL season. The line hovered at -3.5 with an over and under of 52. An analysis of the game was presented at the site.

A video posted on the site reveals that there is a lost “luster” to the game due to losses suffered by both. Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Panthers and his completion record has slipped. “Slipped” might be an understatement. Newton is an exceptional player, but his completion record is very low this season. Perhaps this has contributed to the very weak performance of the Panthers throughout the season. The overall weak performance of the Panthers does not exactly make them a tremendous favorite. They still remain favorites at a -3.5 line.

3.5 is not exactly a huge number, but it does mean the team has to win by “more than a field goal” in order for those who bet on it to collect. The Saints have not exactly been on a raging win streak, which allows the stumbling Panthers to gain an edge as favorites. A lack of pass completions does lead to questions about whether or not the Panthers can beat the Saints by at least a touchdown.

Randomly coming up with point spreads is not exactly the way these numbers are arrived at. Viewing the video reveals a lot of thought and analysis goes into coming up with the 3.5 figure. A good analysis site should be able to back up any lines it presents. This is done through discussing the logic behind the line.

Such information can be very helpful to those interested in placing a wager at a sportsbook. Knowing what lines are legitimate helps with making a relatively safe wager.