Joseph Bismark Proved A Point With His Business


When someone starts their business with the hopes of proving something to the world you can know that they will either crash and burn or succeed greatly. 
As I read about how Joseph Bismark created his business partially just to show the world that spirituality and business could go hand in hand, on the WordPress blog Just Judy and Her Dog, I was surprised by how well things have worked out for him. He started off as a young man spending time in the Philippines as a monk, and he has taken the things that he has learned there, kept them with him, and used them to accomplish a lot in the business world.
Joseph Bismark has not let anyone else dictate the things that he has done with his life, but he has instead made a name for himself and shown everyone just who he is, in his own way. He has shown the world that he cares about the people that he works with at Qi Group through the respect that he has given them, and he has shown everyone that living a simple lifestyle may be a good change for them by the way that he lives his own life.
Joseph Bismark set out to prove a point with the business that he created, and he has been able to successfully do that. People can now know that business and spirituality can work well when they go hand in hand.

Multi-Level Marketing With QNET

Marketing has gone global, and commerce has evolved into an online version of it, e-commerce. E-commerce is basically the operation of a business enterprise through the internet. That’s where traditional marketing takes an interesting twist.

As more products are discovered and produced, more marketing companies have taken their ventures a notch higher; covering a larger geographical area in a bid to extend into the global market. One such company is QNET.

QNET is a multi-level marketing company based and headquartered in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean this popular entity doesn’t have a footing across the rest of Asia. For instance, this company recently entered the Indian market, and it’s already creating a buzz. In fact, according to YahooNews, QNET has identified a very potent opportunity in India and it’s even planning to shift its production to that country and make it a hub for regional manufacturing activities, and not without a reason.

QNET has enjoyed an impressive revenue inflow from India over the last year, estimated at about 100%. However, that’s not the only thing this great company is good at. In order to nurture local talent and stimulate growth, QNET has pledged a significant amount of its resources in propping up anyone creative enough to come up with something unique. If the product adheres to the set quality standards, it’s given a boost in marketing.

This is how it operates: QNET markets its products to the consumers directly. The consumers buy the product and if they bring in more customers, they’re offered a further discount on their purchases besides enjoying some incentives during product promotions. Any smart consumer would want that.

In a nut-shell, QNET is the perfect type of entity that can very positively impact the global market, and that’s very welcome. They also have their InShape program to help even more.