Cronut and Tokyo

Why is Dominique Ansel opening a Cronut restaurant in Tokyo a worldwide newsworthy topic? Why is a deliciously sweet combination of a croissant and a donut, which goes against all current low fat low sugar health trends, important? The answer is simple. It is the sheer genius of combining the French signature breakfast roll with the classic American morning coffee companion. The huge public response speaks for itself as to the impacts of Cronuts.

Why bring cronuts to Tokyo? Tokyo has an amazing food culture. It has the finest sushi masters who have devoted their lives to mastering sushi as well as innovative young chefs proficient in classic French cooking techniques who are creating their own signature dishes and culinary trends.

Dominque Ansels Tokyo restaurants is not just a replica of his NYC patisserie. In design and menu, it is an integrations of Paris, NYC and Tokyo. His goal is ambitious. He is creating a whole new type of restaurant for the future. The design and use of the space is beautiful. He has a cafe on the first floor, a restaurant featuring eggs on the second floor and the kitchen on the third floor. This organization is innovative.

Given his creativity, brilliance and meticulous organization, Dominique Ansel has avoided the overworked cliché of “fusion” or “world” cuisine. He does not do bizarre mixtures like Roquefort cheese sauce on teriyaki salmon on a bed of chili with a tortilla and sirocco hot sauce. He brilliantly integrates French, New York and Japanese state of the art cooking. Folks at the aspire new brunswick told that this is a restaurant that is worth the trip even if it takes to you to Tokyo.