Glass Nutella Jar Found to be the Cause of a London House Fire

Fire investigators in London have said a house fire was caused by a re-purposed Nutella jar that was sitting on a windowsill. According to the London Fire Brigade, an empty, glass Nutella jar was being used to hold loom bands. Sunlight refracted off the glass jar, heating up the bands inside and leading to a fire. The fire then set the blinds on fire and spread from there.

The fire occurred on February 15th in Twickenham. It destroyed a bedroom as well as the roof of the home before it was brought under control by the London Fire Brigade.

While the store seems like a freak accident, it isn’t all that uncommon.  Esporte reports that according to collected data nearly 22 fires were caused by mirrors or glass in 2014, and 34 fires were caused by the heating of mirrors or glass in 2013. Glass or mirrors have been considered the catalyst of two fires so far in 2015.

Fire safety experts suggest homeowners never leave glass items on windowsills were they can come into direct contact with sunlight or heat, especially jars or glasses that have been re-purposed to hold other items.