Dr Chris Villanueva is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Dental Field

Dr Chris Villanueva is both the CEO and founder of MB2 Dental. In an interview at Ideamensch, he explained that the idea to establish the organization was hatched so that he can have a model that catered for the two existing worlds in the industry. This is because, after Dental school, one could either join a large association of dentists or start their private practice. Villanueva had worked on both sides of the industry, and therefore he had the relevant knowledge to ensure that his business was successful.


In his interview, Dr Villanueva explained that he loves working at night and that most of his ideas come to him at night when he is relaxed or randomly when he is having lunch or playing video games with his children. Additionally, he surrounds himself with a group of smart, innovative and outspoken personnel who always have great ideas. Dr Chris also explains that as a CEO, one needs to inspire his staff and stay away from them so that they can implement the institution’s vision.


Dr Villanueva explains his excitement of new technology and the role it plays in the dental industry innovations resulting in enhanced client experience. He explains that his humorous nature is one of the things that has made him more productive as an entrepreneur and explains that having a unique culture at work creates honesty and an open work environment.


Dr Villanueva felt that dentists needed a specialized assistance with no strings attached and it is why he founded MB2 Dental. Since its founding, the establishment has sustained practitioners in approximately 70 cities in six states, had 533 staffs and an executive leadership team. Moreover, the corporation has transformed the dental industry for both Dentists and patients. This is because the doctors help each other and therefore achieve better results as opposed to working independently.


When asked why his Dental Company was different from the rest, Dr Chris Villanueva explained that the conventional dental practice management was drab and uninspired. But his dental company brought something new to the industry that not only focused on revenue margins but also the welfare of the practitioners and their patients.


Besides, the MB2 owners attend two annual retreats annually where they meet with same-minded professionals in the industry. For instance, in past retreats, the dentists have taken part in white-water rafting and trips to Cabo San Lucas.