The Benefits of Beneful Wet Dog Foods

Beneful by Purina dog food has many different options of wet dog food for shopper’s furry friends. They focus on giving dogs the most healthy and balanced nutrition.

Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food

The Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food is one of the company’s wet dog food options. The Chopped Blends come in a variety of flavors in the three ounce cans. Beef with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice is one healthy flavor. Chicken with a side of tomatoes, carrots and wild rice packs a flavorful punch in the Chopped Blends selections. The Chopped Blends choice with salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice also is a good pick for any dog. The Chopped Blends also come in meal singles versions. Beef, turkey, salmon, chicken, lamb, liver and a combination of vegetables and sometimes rice are the mixes available for the Chopped Blends single meals. The Chopped Blends are healthy, balanced and delicious for dogs.

Beneful Stew Wet Dog Food

The Beneful Stew wet dog food include: beef stew, chicken stew, rice and lamb stew. Each stew has a combination of vegetables with some also containing rice.

Beneful Medley Wet Dog Food

Beneful Medley are focused on creating taste centered wet dog food for dogs that is also healthy for their active lifestyles. Available in three ounce cans, the Tuscan Style Medley has an infusion of beef, carrots, rice and spinach with a Tuscan flavor. Also in the three ounce cans are the Romana Style Medley that has a combination of delectable chicken, carrots, pasta and spinach for a Roma taste. The Mediterranean Style Medley has a delicious blend of lamb, tomatoes, brown rice and spinach. The Medley also come in meal singles like simmered chicken, beef and chicken and roasted turkey. All of the singles also feature healthy and nutritious vegetables for dogs on Walmart.

Beneful “Meals” Wet Dog Food

Beneful wet dog food also have meal options for their dog customers. The meal options include roasted chicken recipe with pasta, carrots and spinach and simmered beef entrée with carrots, barley, wild rice and spinach.