Fast Food Kills Healthy Gut Bacteria Within Days of Eating It

We all know fast food isn’t healthy for us, but a researcher from the United Kingdom has discovered yet another reason to avoid the drive-thru. A study conducted by Tim Spector at King’s College in London found links between eating fast food and a dramatic reduction in gut bacteria that protects our overall health.

But it’s not only fast food that kills off the helpful gut bacteria, processed foods seem to be the main culprit, killing off gut bacteria in a matter of days.

The number of bacteria in our gut is almost endless, with thousands of different species protecting us from illness and disease on a daily basis. But reports that most people don’t realize how important these bacteria are until they are gone.

Also, bacteria helps to maintain our weight by aiding in the digestive process each step of the way, suggesting weight loss might not be as simple as restricting calories. Individuals who have indulged in a diet full of processed foods for a long period of time have most likely killed a lot of gut bacteria along the way, making it that much harder to get rid of the excess weight with diet and exercise.

Eating a diet full of fresh foods that are harvested straight from the earth is your best chance at warding off disease while also maintaining a healthy weight, while processed foods should be avoided like the plague.