Nathaniel Ru (Sweetgreen’s Co-Founder) – The New Face Of Food Entrepreneurship

Nathaniel Ru and three of his campus friends have always been passionate about healthy eating in a world where healthy lifestyles have taken a back seat in most people’s lives. It was with this in mind that this group of friends sort to start an eatery that practiced healthy eating by serving customers farm fresh food. After a lot of persistence and determination, Sweetgreen was born. This farm to fork eatery has grown rapidly to open more than 64 eating joints in the six years of its operation.


About Nathaniel RU


Nathaniel Ru is an alumnus of Georgetown University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. As staunch believers of healthy eating, he and two of his friends from campus have gone ahead to open Sweetgreen which is a fast food eatery exclusively serving fresh, tasty and healthy salads. Nathaniel lives by the mantle that everything that one does should last beyond that person’s life.


As the co- founder as well as the co-chief executive officer, Nathaniel ensures that Sweetgreen is not just a restaurant but also a lifestyle brand. As an executive in Sweetgreen Nathaniel ensures that every restaurant abides by five core values designed to ensure that they serve the community in a wholesome and impactful way. Nathaniel strategizes on new locations where to open their signature salad bars which take precision and real estate ingenuity.



About Sweetgreen


Sweetgreen is a chain of fast food eateries that serve fresh and tasty healthy salads. These eateries have become very popular and have expanded from one joint in August 2007 to the over 64 joints spread all over the United States. The chain of healthy eating restaurants ensures that they have quality fresh salads and encourage their employees to give 110% which keeps customers coming back and bringing others. The company also engages local farmers in areas where they open stores which ensure a consistent supply of fresh produce.


Sweetgreen also has a food and music festival that has gained a large following where people come together to celebrate music as they enjoy healthy culinary treats. The stores also have a mobile application that allows customers to pay at the counter. They also have a loyalty program for their clients who attain a ‘green’ status upon spending $100. This status allows a certain percentage of their purchase to be used to teach healthy eating to underprivileged children.


Markus Rothkranz Discusses Raw Food And Changing Old Habits

HEAL YOUR FACE by Markus Rothkranz plastic surgery alternatives

Markus Rothkranz is a raw food expert and nutrition guru who has his own method of eating that helps the world live its best life. This article explores how Markus approaches health, eating and the diets used in the modern age. He thinks differently from many of the other pundits in the industry, and he wishes to give his fans and readers concrete information that changes lives.

#1: Raw Foods Are Incredible

Raw food diets are recommended for those who have been diagnosed with certain terrible illnesses, and Markus believes a raw diet is useful in any case where the dieter simply does not have any control over their cravings. Going completely raw is a fast and efficient method of changing one’s diet, and it may be done in the produce section of the grocery store.

Healing Through Truth and Surrender with Markus Rothkranz

#2: Changing Old Habits Is Essential

Changing old habits is quite difficult as someone with a bad habit often overlooks it in favor of a diet. Markus believes that old habits cause more problems than any food product in the world, and the asks all his followers to consider habits they keep that are unhealthy. Quite a few things may be discovered in a moment of honesty, and Markus asks his readers to change their habits at once. He talks about old habits as they are the source of many issues.

#3: Replacing Bad Habits With New Habits

Markus is a proponent of ensuring that an old habit is replaced with a new one. He would recommend that someone who eats quite a lot of processed food eat a fresh fruit or vegetable in its place. He may ask them to consider how and when they exercise, and a lifestyle change will come about as habits are swapped out several times over.

How To Be Limitless_ The Only Way to Freedom

#4: Inspiring Millions Through The Media

He is quite a fan of social media, online videos and online writing, and Markus has created an empire that is based on his belief that reaching people online is simpler than waiting for them to find him through traditional means. He creates new content often, and every piece of new content is built upon the belief that Markus has something new to say. He shares stories of those who have had fantastic results, and he speaks about his own life in the fitness industry.

#5: How Fast Will Results Happen?

Markus does not promise results to his readers, but he shares stories that prove results will come. The consistency created by faithful followers of his plan will ensure they are healthier when they have changed their lives. Markus does not sell a diet. He shares a way of life that he partakes in himself.

The most wonderful way to diet is to examine a life spent making improper choices. Markus believes every follower he has may change their life, and he wishes to see them alter their lives given his inspirational messages. It is evident that Markus is following a plan that will extend anyone’s life.

10 Questions with Markus Rothkranz

Markus Rothkranz – Is Calcium What Your Bones Really Need?

Everyone has zoned in on calcium as the key to bone strength. We have it forced into our minds as children by our parents, schools, nurses, doctors, hospitals, and our grandparents. But is calcium really what our bones need?

Everyone is so focused on the concept of calcium and getting it from a milk based product, they do not realize that calcium is in pretty much everything we eat. It is even found in junk food. Calcium is found in its purest form in green, leafy vegetables.

However, since doctors are so focused on us getting enough calcium, we load up on it in every way possible. What is actually happening from all of this calcium intake?

Our joints are stiffening up, arteries are stiffening up, and muscles are contracting. To make matters worse, the incidence of kidney stones is increasing dramatically. People are literally calcifying because they are taking in too much calcium. It is so bad that during autopsies, when the heart is opened, white slime leaks from the muscle. This white slime is actually calcium.

So if we are overloading on calcium, but doctors keep saying that we need it, what is the problem? The true problem isn’t getting the required amount of calcium, it is absorbing the calcium in a way that the body can utilize it. In order for our bodies to use the calcium we take in, we must also take in magnesium, which is where the true deficiency is. Magnesium is hard to get because it does not come in any animal product, fruits, or vegetables. This is because the soil used for farming has been depleted of it in the last one-hundred years.

Taking a daily supplement that contains magnesium can dramatically help you utilize the calcium that you are taking in. It can also help prevent the development of a heart attack.

So by all means, ignore your doctor when he says you need more calcium. You have more than enough calcium, what you truly need is the right setting for it to be absorbed, and your ticket to that perfect setting is one simple vitamin that you can purchase for a few dollars at your local nutritional store – magnesium.

The Establishment and Success of Sweetgreen Company

Sweetgreen is a favorite joint in Georgetown. The joint is famous for snacks and quick lunch. Six years ago, only the founders Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman knew about the Sweetgreen. The trio later began to think about growing their business and exploit the available demand for healthy and affordable food in Georgetown. After developing the business plan, the trio realized that they lacked entrepreneurship knowledge.


The Start of Sweetgreen

According to Neman, the trio bonded over the love of food, and the need to solve people problems. Neman further says that the idea was not a school project and they applied the knowledge obtained in the senior years to develop the business further. For instance, they learned that value-driven business is critical to success. Incorporating such ideas into their plan of activities contributed to the establishment of the successful business empire.


The Success of Sweetgreen

The founders always make sure that they come up with new initiatives to maintain their relevance in the dynamic market. They ensure that they are continuously incorporating the community in their organization. In 2010, they launched Sweetgreen in schools, which is a program aiming at educating students about nutrition and healthy living. The program has so far reached more than 20,000 children in Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland and New York. According to Jammet, the moment an individual knows more about food, it is when they want to eat right.

When the company’s second location showed signs of failing, the founders developed plans on how to incorporate the local community. They decided to include music and came up with the annual music and food festival. The community readily adopted the idea, and so far, more than 15,000 people have been attending such events. The events have featured Avicii, the Weeknd, and Calvin Harris just to mention a few.

The organization core values include `win win win’, `think sustainably,’ `keep it real,’ `sweet touch’ and `make an impact.’ All these major values have continuously influenced the organizational decisions of hiring. The founders boast of developing ideas that benefit their customers and make an impact on the community. Keeping the values growing year after year is another factor that has contributed to the success of the organization. Besides, the trio has remained relevant in the Georgetown community by ensuring that they are involved in the community. For instance, both Ru and Nemal have their siblings attending the school.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the founders and CEO of the Sweetgreen. He studied at the Georgetown University alongside the other two co-founders of Sweetgreen. Ru has invested in several companies such as LOLA, Bond Street, EatPops, and MeUndies. Nathaniel has participated in maintaining the legacy of the enterprise. Being at the helm of Sweetgreen, Ru has propelled the company to create a brand that aims to feed the people with better food.


Nathaniel Ru and Friends Reinvent Salad

Recently, a representative of Bloomberg sat down with Nicolas Jammet, co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a startup company that three graduate students founded at Georgetown in 2007, and has grown into a nationwide chain. Jammet talked about how he and the other two founders, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman were children of entrepreneurs and headed toward working the family businesses. They decided that was not enough and decided to start their own business.


This philosophy, in conjunction with the fact that there were no good salad options around Georgetown led to the idea of Sweetgreen. The aim is to maintain good relationships with farmers to ensure the greatest quality salads in town. The idea and the young entrepreneurs’ impressive work ethic got them some heavy-hitting investors. To this day, they have achieved three rounds of venture capital funding and have created 31 Sweetgreen chains across the nation, with the goal to add 6 more by the end of the year. The three continue to operate their business with a team-oriented spirit, and are very personal with their employees. The business model for Sweetgreen is one that is sure to last. With Jammet, Neman and Ru working together to integrate technology and food, Sweetgreen is sure to be a hit. In the words of Ru, “Everything you do should last longer than you.


 Nathaniel Ru in particular has sat down in some interviews to explain the philosophy behind the successful startup. As a fellow senior at Georgetown with his two friends, he had trouble finding healthy food emporiums that were easy and fun. He took the concept from Apple of simplistic beauty and ease of use and applied it to his own business plan with the other two co-founders. Ru is a very down-to-earth individual, interested in keeping the core values of his company and not falling into the corporate trap of glitter and quick cash. He lives a nomadic lifestyle of a Soho loft and involvement in local community events. He has arranged for fitness and yoga classes to be held in the Sweetgreen restaurants, creating cross promotions with fitness businesses. Ru and his friends are making a big impact on their niche and the surrounding community that is sure to last a long time.


New Puppy Parent Preparations For The Home

If you are a new puppy parent, then you need to prepare your home for your new bundle of fun. Bringing home the new little center of attention for your family takes more than most first time puppy parents realize, because puppies need more than just food, water and a place to sleep. There is much more to raising a pet puppy than folks realize, it is very much like raising a child and involves everything that goes along with it, specifically a lifestyle change.

Needs of Puppies and Pet Parents

Most first time pet parents realize their puppy needs the basic necessities such as food, water, and a place to sleep. Just as important as these basic needs, puppies also need a place to play and things to play with, otherwise your home furnishing my become chew toys. It sounds funny, but it is true, puppies need toys for various reasons, mainly to help them develop healthy teeth and gums by chewing on these. However, dog toys can also be effectively used in developing a relationship with your dog.

There are many types of chew toys such as specialized dog bones that squeak, rope based toys, balls and a very wide variety of others. Every dog is different, although puppies are very curious, the first few toys you buy should be well received, but as your puppy gets bigger his preferences with change, and you must also.

Not any Food Should do

Yes, you could feed your puppy from the scraps of food from your table, and they will surely eat most of what you give them, however, that probably will not satisfy your puppy’s real nutritious needs. Dogs, like humans, need special nutrients and vitamins at different stages of their lives; although there are many, many branded dog foods on the market, experienced pet owners rely on Purina dog food to meet the needs of their animals.

Why Purina?

Purina dog food has been around a long, long time. The company is well-known and their dog food products have been proven at dog shows the world over as seen on Purina news. The teeth, bones, muscles and fur of your puppy will reflect the quality puppy food you give them, and because of Purina, many dog owners have won all sorts of contests.

Probably, just as important as all the basic necessities a puppy needs, time spent with them is the most important. Making time to play with your puppy will yield huge benefits for them, and for you. The truth is this, a healthy relationship with your dog, the newest part of your family, is the best part of dog ownership.

Even Purina Workers Feed Their Pets Beneful Brand Dog Food

Too many people just do not have enough time each day to give their dog all the love and attention they crave. Even though your dog will be waiting for you the minute you return, it is in those long hours day and night with little or no activity that can really be harmful to the well-being of the dog. A combination of some exercise and a more healthy diet will not only improve their health immediately, it will help top extend their life long-term.

It really doesn’t take much to get your dog excited. A walk around the block, a few minutes of ball playing in the yard, basically anything that will get them running around and moving their muscles and increasing their heart rate. Even if you are busy at work and getting the kids to school, make time every single day to exercise your dog. Even taking them in the car as you drive to get gas around the corner gets them excited and moving, and this takes little effort at all. Bring your dog for the drive to pick up the kids from school, to meet them at the bus stop, or when you drive to the ATM to get out some cash.

One area that takes zero effort but will result in your dog looking and feeling healthier is the food you feed them. Table scraps are not good for dogs of any breed, they need a certain diet that is rich in nutrients and will provide them all the ingredients they need to live a healthy lifestyle for many more years to come. The Beneful brand dog food is one example of a food choice that will help your dog to get all those nutrients they crave. The food is packed with only 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, and used by the employees at Purina who actually make the product.

Take time each week to devote at least one day to doing something unique with your dog. Maybe you have a local park that is per-friendly, or possibly live near a beach that welcomes dogs as long as you clean up after them. Bring your dog to these places and let them explore and interact, as well as play with you and your family. The family bond will not only strengthen, it will help to keep your dog in the best possible physical condition so they can easily fight off those diseases that come later in life.

After all this time together, don’t make the mistake of losing all that progress by giving the dog treats made with harmful chemicals. The Beneful brand dog food also makes healthy dog snacks, 100% natural crackers and shortbread in flavors the dog craves. These snacks are baked using only wholesome ingredients that are healthier for your dog than products manufactured with fake ingredients and catchy jingles. Remember that the better quality foods your dog eats, the longer you can expect this pup to be a part of your loving family.

Why Buy a Healthy Dog Food?

When I am buying a food product for myself, I want to buy something that will help me maintain my weight and stay healthy. When I am looking to purchase any kind of food for myself, I want to know that the food that I buy is going to support my health. When I am looking for food, I want the products that I choose to be nutritious. When I am buying for my dog, I should be looking for the same thing. My dog needs the nutrition that comes from good food in the same way that I do. If I want my dog to have a long and happy life, then I need to make sure that he is getting the kind of food that is best for him.

Beneful on offers some of the healthy food options that I am looking for when it comes to my dog. I need to know that my dog will receive the kind of nutrition that is best for him, and I can get that nutrition for him through the help that Beneful offers. Just as I want to buy healthy food for myself, I also want to buy healthy food for my dog, and Beneful offers that healthy food.

Beneful’s New Ad Is Convincing

Finding the right kind of dog food is important to pet owners, and when they find a brand of dog food like Beneful that they like they most often stick with it. So, how do pet food brands get people to try their products? How can they make people decide to give their brand a shot? Well, one thing that many pet food brands do is make commercials that tug on the heartstrings of pet owners everywhere. The pet food brands know that a good commercial just might change the mind of the pet owner, and that they might switch over to using their product if it is convincing enough.
And, that is why Beneful has recently created a cute ad featuring many dogs. They put together a Rube Goldberg machine with the dogs doing all of the work for their new ad, and people are definitely going to be drawn in by it. People are going to consider purchasing their dog food products because of how cute the ad is. The ad shows how much Beneful values dogs, and it shows pet owners how happy dogs can be when they eat this brand of dog food, and those two things make it very convincing.

Multi-Level Marketing With QNET

Marketing has gone global, and commerce has evolved into an online version of it, e-commerce. E-commerce is basically the operation of a business enterprise through the internet. That’s where traditional marketing takes an interesting twist.

As more products are discovered and produced, more marketing companies have taken their ventures a notch higher; covering a larger geographical area in a bid to extend into the global market. One such company is QNET.

QNET is a multi-level marketing company based and headquartered in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean this popular entity doesn’t have a footing across the rest of Asia. For instance, this company recently entered the Indian market, and it’s already creating a buzz. In fact, according to YahooNews, QNET has identified a very potent opportunity in India and it’s even planning to shift its production to that country and make it a hub for regional manufacturing activities, and not without a reason.

QNET has enjoyed an impressive revenue inflow from India over the last year, estimated at about 100%. However, that’s not the only thing this great company is good at. In order to nurture local talent and stimulate growth, QNET has pledged a significant amount of its resources in propping up anyone creative enough to come up with something unique. If the product adheres to the set quality standards, it’s given a boost in marketing.

This is how it operates: QNET markets its products to the consumers directly. The consumers buy the product and if they bring in more customers, they’re offered a further discount on their purchases besides enjoying some incentives during product promotions. Any smart consumer would want that.

In a nut-shell, QNET is the perfect type of entity that can very positively impact the global market, and that’s very welcome. They also have their InShape program to help even more.