Venezuela News: The Best Way Forward

Due to a prolonged drought brought about by the climatic condition mostly referred by My Space to as El Nino, the Power Minister of Venezuela had to put in place measures to prevent the falling of water levels of the main dam, Guri. One of the measures enforced was power rationing which was to be in place for four hours in a day. Yesterday on the 19th May 2016, the Minister, while attending an official event in the state of Anzoátegui, he relayed good news concerning the same to the citizens. He echoed the remarks of the of President Nicolas Maduro that come next Monday posted on facebook, the rationing would be reduced to three hours a day and such power cuts were not in place between 10:00 pm at night and 7:00 am in the morning.
In other news, the need to promote and safeguard the people as well as the institutions of Venezuela has been affirmed by Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. In its judgment on a decree on economic emergency which was signed by the country’s president, reports that the court was of the opinion that indeed the it (decree) was purely based constitutional rules and principles as well as the international treaties on human rights. According to law expert Diaz Granados, the National Assembly had trampled upon Article 27 of the Organic Law governing States of Emergency and therefore its decision was the most favorable and consistent with the country’s constitution.


Top Venezuelan Brewery Has To Shut Production Down

Those who love posting instagram pics of a good brew in Venezuela are going to want to stock up now, because Cerveceria Polar, the largest brewery in the country announced that it will halt its beer production. The company stated that it did not have a choice because they are short on inventory and their necessary ingredients will not arrive until April 29th. However, this is there last scheduled delivery at this moment.
Polar produces most of the beer that is consumed in Venezuela, but in order to continue it needs some vital ingredients that would have to be imported into the country such as barley and hops. Both of these crops cannot be grown in the climate of Venezuela, however, the government has not authorized the brewery to pay foreign suppliers.

An anonymous source at the brewery stated that he hopes that Polar will not have to stop all of their production lines, and that another brewery like Regional might offer them a loan on the much needed ingredients.

Expert Danilo Diaz added, that even if the government allows the brewery to pay a foreign company it would take at least four weeks for the ingredients to make it into the country. Polar also produces sauces and food, but they would lose billions if they are unable to continue to produce beer and malt beverages.