The Magical Hope in Norka Luque’s Music

Norka has continued to grow her music career and pursue her dreams. She started by joining a local band and later moved to producing single albums. It is the energy and vigor in her that brought her to the limelight of Emilio Estefan. According to Norka Luque, Emilio acknowledged that she wanted to deliver the message of hope through her music. She has so far incorporated her experiences in life in to her music. Norka has therefore continued working on albums that would inspire others to appreciate simple things that come across her life.

Norka’s musical singing career did not have an easy start. She had her first major break at the promotion and singing of the song Milagro. The album was later promoted through El Cata. The first album was produced by Emilio and grew to be envied by many talented artists in the industry. The song has become a major hit in several countries such as the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The song has also been added to the famous Latino Music Billboard. It entails a mix of Caribbean sounds, Mediterranean traces and reggae. The song made an instant hit across multi-cultural music. The true hit in the song could be perhaps the real theme of hope that has made it famous.

Norka Luque finds her inspiration from other top musicians in the industry. She recently stated that she draws most of her inspiration from Ricky Martin. She is also inspired by top performing artists such as George Michael, Jay-Z and Nirvana. Her musical journey is one of inspiration, hope and motivation. Her music has always had a powerful message. It carries a message of hope and not giving up even in tough times. Anyone that knows about her life knows that she has worked a great deal to get to where she is.

Norka Luque recently announced new dates for an upcoming tour to the United States. This is big news for her and plans to sell out tickets quickly. Her planned visit to America shows that she is a blazing hit in the Western parts of United States too. She is growing to become a rock and pop star with the help of her producer. Her several albums have been nominated for several awards and doors have been opening to have a success in the field. Norka continues to grow her singing career today with an aim of inspiring and motivating others.

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