Some Of The Stock Market Greats May Be Gone For Good

When thinking about the stock market there is a tendency to think of some of the wealthiest people who have ever graced the markets. That is because they have done so well for themselves that they inspire us to learn more about the markets and hopefully make it big as well. It doesn’t always happen for a lot of people, but at least there are some who see what these great men do and gain something from it. With that in mind, it is perhaps discouraging to think about the reality that many of these heroes may never have their results duplicated.

George Soros: A Profit Machine Until Lately

In today’s world it is literally difficult to imagine how some of the greatest investors in the world got to the points where they are today. This is largely because we are accustomed to much smaller gains on the capital that we invest. Many of us are happy with as little as a few percentage points per year. However, that was not always the way that it was. Marketwatch talks about how certain money managers made quite a bit more money than that in the past.

Soros made a nice chunk of his money before the year 2000. This was a time when the economy was truly roaring, and he could get returns in excess of 20% on a consistent basis. This is something that most of us can only dream of in a world where a 10% return is far more common. However, with markets and economies the way they are anymore, many believe that the era of Wall Street made billionaires is largely over.

Using His Money For Good

Even if it is true that individuals like George Soros are not likely to be around in the future, at least the George Soros that is still with us today has used his money for a lot of good.

In 1979 Soros had already amassed enough wealth for himself that he was able to open the Open Society foundation which seeks to help free people from the grasp of authoritarian governments and instead work towards a more open society that is more equal in its fairness towards all and has more justice.

Details about what all the foundation does can be found at the website.

Great Respect For A Great Man

Based on the fact that George Soros is a public figure who is active in political and social issues, there is no question that some are critical of him. However, it goes without saying that is in fact one of the most generous donors to a variety of causes that he believes in.

The wealth that he acquired through making smart investments in the markets has allowed Soros to be the kind of man he always wanted to be, and it helps him show others that it is possible to reach for the stars and hopefully achieve your true and full potential.