The Booming Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry is a competitive business. There are so many companies trying to see who is the best. One thing for certain, if companies are not producing all natural foods, they may find themselves squeezed out of the competition, because most pet owners are trying to find ways to keep their best friends, happy and healthy. Freshpet in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is one of the leaders in the $23.7 billion pet industry war, that aims to please.

This company only uses the freshest of ingredients; no preservatives. The company believes that this decision makes the food taste better nd, even states that it as good as what you are having for dinner. Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co, are among the rising stars for fresh pet food. Some companies have also starting using lamb and salmon when making their kibbles. Others has been using organic food for sometime now.

Colgate Palmolive has been in the industry for years, now has food to help your dog stay at a healthy weight. On Nestle’s Purina website, pet owners can come up with different blends that they know their dogs would love. Mars Petcare would not be undermined, they are considered the leader in the world for pet food. They have introduced their Nutro Farm Harvest brand, with ingredients such as blueberries and cranberries, that are picked at their peek and freeze dried. This they say, helps to seal in all the nutritional value.

Over at Mars’ Cesar Home Delight, they are rolling off their presses a savory meal to tempt any dogs palette. Here pet owners will find lasagna and beef stroganoff with a catchy tag line “they will have what you are having”. Milo’s kitchen, another name in the tug of war, has purchased Big Heart Pets Brands for a hefty price of $5.8 billion, manufactures duck jerky and grilled beef burgers treats for dogs, that are also preservatives free.

Then we have the food at Beneful that looks like beef stew, at least that’s what pet owners thinks. This company was the fourth largest in 2012, bringing in roughly $1.5 billion yearly. They have upgraded to a warehouse in St. Joseph, Missouri to increase their supply of wet food.

Beneful has put food in stay fresh packages, that doubles as a dog bowl. So with all the different brands and variety on the market, the companies are sure that you will find something to please your four legged buddies.