How George Secker Teaches People To Trade In The Forex Market

In addition to being an entrepreneur Greg Secker has also found success as a currency trader and international speaker. He is also a philanthropist who gives back to others in the community. He founded his company, Knowledge to Action Group, in 2003 and it serves as the parent organization for a number of subsidiaries he has created. Among these subsidiaries are Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, and Learn To Trade. He also has his charitable organization, The Greg Secker Foundation, under this umbrella.

When he first entered the financial industry Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Eventually, he was moved to their foreign exchange department and there he created the Virtual Trading Desk. This was a platform that allowed traders to trade Forex online and it was the first to do so in real-time. His success at this endeavor led to him joining Mellon Financial Corporation as a vice president.

The first company he created, Learn to Trade, is a program that teaches others how to trade. He now has three offices for this company located in his home area of London plus Australia and South Africa. To date he has taught more than 200,000 people how to profitably trade in order to improve their lives. The education that he offers people is provided through seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker established Learn to Trade because he noticed that a great many people had difficulties learning how to do so themselves. He says that at the time nobody was offering them much in the way of education about how to trade or it was quite expensive. He offers people a way to learn how to easily trade and when. His education is focused on the Forex market and how to trade foreign currencies.

The course that Greg Secker offers is provided over the course of two days. Most of the education is about the fundamentals of Forex trading as well as a technical analysis of it. He also offers information on trading psychology as well as money management. Additionally, he offers weekly conference calls afterward.