In Remembrance of CCMP Capital Pioneer Stephen Murray

The developmental history of CCMP Capital and that of its pioneer Stephen Murray are intertwined. It all began three decades ago when Mr. Murray started out a career as a credit trainee at Hannover Trust Co. in New York City. Before this bold career move, Stephen Murray attended the Boston College for a degree in Economics.

Five years later and armed with a Master’s degree from the Columbia Business School, Stephen Murray joined the leveraged group of the Hannover private equity. The firm would undergo several mergers and takeovers over the next decade ushering in the new millennium. The whole time, Stephen Murray moved up the ranks of administration and played a crucial part in negotiating the terms of the mergers.

The year 2005 marked the breakthrough for Stephen Murray whose administrative expertise saw him assume the executive buyout duties at Chase Capital Partners.

A year later, he founded CCMP Capital together with a few of his colleagues and took charge of the firm as its Chief Executive Officer. Stephen Murray’s tenure marked one of the most progressive periods for the company as they transacted huge business in the Healthcare, Energy, Consumer and Industrial sectors.

Stephen Murray individually molded the company policy that strategically invested between $100- 500 million in rewarding ventures across the specified sectors. Stephen Murray also gave back to the community through his involvement in philanthropic initiatives such as the Make-a-wish Foundation.

At one point he served on the Chairman’s Council of the Foundation. Murray also maintained a close relationship with the Boston College, who made him the vice-chairperson of the board of trustees.

According to Wikipedia, Stephen Murray’s social status and reputation also earned him appointments to the board at Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Aramark and AMC Entertainment.

It’s also important to acknowledge that Stephen Murray left a legacy of a family man who dedicated a lot of his free time to his wife Tami Murray and their four lovely children. He was a community mobiliser and a role model to upcoming investment bankers and even the youth. His untimely demise left the CCMP Capital fraternity, family, and community at a huge loss.

However, it is the dedication, love and kind gestures that will act as guiding principles for all that he knew. Stephen Murray exited the stage with his legacy intact (read more about him on Crunchbase), and he will be remembered for many years to come.