The Life and Contribution of Frans Schoeman to the Legal System

The legal system of South Africa has come a long way since the colonial period. It is a combination of various distinct legal systems, which sources out different systems from various places such as the Great Britain. Due to its rich natural resources and minerals, South Africa has become a nation that many relish. This in turn has aroused interest from the outside world. International corporations, business people and celebrities all want to take part in exploring and extracting the resources such as gold and diamond. This has been the reason for great diversification in South African’s legal system with the attraction of various legal firms such as Joubert Schoeman founded by Frans Schoeman and his wife.

Mr. Frans, who is a senior partner with the Joubert Schoeman law firm, started his career as a practicing attorney in the year 1990.This was after completion of his Baccalaureus Procurationis degree that would warrant him to become an attorney in South Africa. In school, he was a member of the Student Legal Society. Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in various fields that include business, corporate and commercial law.

He later joined the Hofmeyr, Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. practicing law in different fields. In 2001, he became the legal director at TG Minister Group. His work was to oversee due diligence, acquisitions, construction of complicated legal mergers, drafting, general legal advice, and negotiation of contract procedure issues. This was followed by his admission to practice in the High Courts of RSA in 2003.Later in 2005; Frans Schoeman went to run the Angola mining concession of Phatsima Diamond. This was an immediate boost to Schoeman’s career as a legal attorney.

Frans has been instrumental in the enforcement of important laws such as the National Environmental Management Act. This law was put into place to enforce the rules and regulations governing the environmental resources in South Africa. It was in an effort to regulate extraction of mineral resources by promoting environmental preservation. He has been a significant force in helping various clients to understand the environmental law. This is to avoid being on the wrong side of the law due to the strict laws in South Africa. Damaging the environment in South Africa comes with severe legal consequences, which are punishable by a large fine or serving a jail term. Harvesting natural resources in this country requires the consultation of an attorney such as Frans Schoeman.

He has shown his philanthropic side by offering pro bono services in various areas including children, politics, environment, culture, arts, human rights and technology. Schoeman’s experience in his career has made him one of the most sort after and skilled lawyers in South Africa. Therefore, he has been helpful in the development of techniques to counter various problems and effective solutions in Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. The firm is thus equipped to give the best legal services.

Schoeman’s hard work has yielded rewards by building a solid client base for the Joubert Schoeman firm. This client base consists of various national and multinational companies, listed and unlisted companies and a strong commercial base of clients. This has resulted from several success stories in huge monetary lawsuits. This makes it a go to firm for most clients with a philosophy entitled: BIGGER IS NOT NECESSARY BETTER.