The Success of Dick DeVos As He Enters the Liquor Market

Recently in news, Dick DeVos and his wife have dedicated their time and efforts into the liquor business to create a collection of delicious choices for their community as well as others around the world. Mr. DeVos and his wife have recently invested in the purchase of the Coppercraft Distillery. Though it is confirmed that Mr. DeVos and his wife are beginning to get involved with the liquor business, it is too soon to discuss with Walter Catton III, the owner of the distillery, about the logistics. 

One event that the DeVos will be involved with is the Tulip Time Festival. The distillery overall distributes to over 100 different locations across Michigan. These different locations include restaurants, events, parties, as well as individual clients. Other locations that this company is popular in includes both Illinois as well as Colorado. With new expansion plans, Mr. Catton has added a kitchen to the tasting room for the purpose of cooking up delicious appetizers that will pair well with the provided cocktails. The kitchen is expected to be open just in time for a large May festival that will take place at the company’s location. 

Mr. Catton and Mr. DeVos’ workers consist of full-time and part-time workers that make a variety of spirits that includes whiskeys, vodkas, gin, and rum. The specialty of the company are the aged spirits. In addition to this, the company will continue expansion by now including handcrafted beer and wine. 

This opportunity has enabled Mr. DeVos to be even more involved with the community. His well to do family and him are proud members of the Michigan community and have given millions of dollars of donations as well as many volunteer hours with the purpose of serving the community. 

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has extensive knowledge of the business industry as he was an executive leader at Amway Corporations. His role for many years was to oversee international sales at Amway. With his help, Amway’s international sales increased dramatically to account for 50 percent of the company’s overall sales. 

Mr. DeVos’ dedication to helping the community has been demonstrated through his continuous donations to organizations through his family foundation. One of his main beliefs is that education is the key to improving the future. With that in mind, Mr. DeVos even donated money to create a new aviation charter school that offered free education to everyone regardless of the financial situation.