Doe Deere Is Taking Lime Crime To The Top Of The Makeup Business

If you know any young people, you’ve probably heard of Lime Crime. The cruelty-free makeup line offers a range of wild colors to choose from. The attitude behind Lime Crime is unique. The company believes that makeup shouldn’t be used to cover up blemishes or other imperfections. They feel makeup should be used as an expression of self. If that sounds different than what you might hear from other major makeup makers, you get a glimpse into why Lime Crime is called makeup for Unicorns.

The company was founded by Doe Deere, who, appropriately enough is known as the Queen of the Unicorns. The makeup line is very over-the-top, which has helped it carve out a giant fanbase quickly. Deere founded the company for “a few hundred bucks” when she saw there was nothing like it on the market. The company has been marketing its unique makeup lines since 2008. Doe Deere has been dealing with the public since 2002. During that time, she learned the importance of filling a niche that was not tended by others. Deere has blogged and spoken about how she believes in the power of individuality. That’s a message that has caught on with fans of her brand.

Deere has helped to build the brand through social media. She has been an active blogger and former eBayer who worked very hard making connections in the online beauty community. People who use Lime Crime products included numerous makeup artists who use it when their clients need a little extra “personality.” There really are no alternatives quite like Lime Crime on the market. The makeup industry is constantly seeing turnover for products. Lime Crime has been able to build a steady business using themed products that don’t have much direct competition. Doe Deere has been able to stay abreast of what her customers want so she can deliver it to them.

Lime Crime is available on their website as well as from a few select retailers around the world. Their line “Cry Baby” is selling well. This unique line can be used to create colorful tears that are bound to gain attention fast. Many of the looks created using Lime Crime combine a bit of “retro” with something you haven’t quite seen before. There’s little doubt that the Unicorns who wear Lime Crime are going to stand out from the crowd every time. Lime Crime makes a great gift for someone you know who is a bit bored by the current mass-market makeup lines. If they want to add color and style, Lime Crime can do it for them quickly. Doe Deere is constantly innovating and creating new styles. When she comes up with something she knows her customers will love, she will add it to her collection. Lime Crime is gaining in popularity every day.