Comparing RE/MAX and Town Residential

Dave Linger who is personally responsible for much of the global success of RE/MAX recently purchased the master franchise for New York state. Early reports are that he hopes to open an office in Manhattan very soon with other offices to follow. Many experienced Realtors question if Dave understands what is required to be successful in selling NYC luxury real estate properties.
Much of the area where RE/MAX is currently a household name depends on a broker developing a name that is recognized by local residents and business people. That does not work. Instead, much more effort must be placed on attracting the right clientele and properties, according to the Rew Online.

One company doing a very good job of this is TOWN Residential who has spent the last five years creating a seamless system of customer service. When compared to many discount brokers, their customer service attracts high-end buyers that are not attracted to discount Realtors. Likewise, the clientele looks to these Realtors to provide them the chance to see properties that are not listed on MLS services.

Linger says that he hopes that he will soon develop the skills that are needed to be successful in New York City and its suburbs. He says that it will be similar to a new kid in high school trying to become part of the popular group.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in New York, then make sure you choose the Realtor that will do you the best possible job. Therefore, you should consider someone that is already a part of the popular group like TOWN Residential.