New Coffee Drink for Lasting Energy

A brand new coffee drink has become all the new rage across America. In this FastCompany news article there have been many claims about the intense energy lift it gives people and also clarity of mind. Some people are using it as a weight loss supplement, and some just drink it so they can have the energy to push themselves through grueling work days and still be able to keep going for their families at the end of the day. Everyone has different opinions of the new “bulletproof coffee“.

For those who haven’t heard of the new way to drink coffee, HuffPost suggests it is definitely not your usual latte. Founder Dave Asprey explains that standard coffee is first brewed from beans that experts on the drink say must be low in mold content. Next, some fattening ingredients must be added in to Bulletproof Coffee, clarified butter and MCT oil. Clarified butter is butter that has been heated until melted and then allowed to solidify. When it is cooled completely, the layers of butter and water are separated. The water is then poured off, and you are left with strictly butter fat. It can be found pre-clarified in supermarkets or made at home. MCT oil is a manufactured medium chain triglyceride oil that is supposed to aid in weight loss. Health experts say that it is better to use coconut oil instead because it is a natural MCT oil found in nature, and it has added health benefits to using it.

To make the drink, a high speed mixer is used. Some people prefer hand mixers and some use a blender. About two tablespoons of clarified butter and two tablespoons of MCT oil are added in to a cup of hot coffee. The mixture is blended well and drank with no added milk or sugar. It is said to have a creamy taste similar to a latte that will sustain energy levels for hours and aid in rapid weight loss. Anyone trying Bulletproof Coffee is recommended to start with small amounts of MCT oil at first. If using coconut oil, it has detoxifying effects on the body which can be harsh if consuming too much of it too quickly.