Japanese Consume 4 Times More Salt Than Americans

According to a recent study, Japanese consume 13 grams and Americans consume 3.4 grams per day. The Japanese culture has one of the healthiest diet on the planet. Lots of fresh fish, rice and vegetables are the primary food sources. The problem is the amount of sodium they add to the healthy food. Not all of the salt they consume comes from a salt shaker, most of the sodium comes from the sauces they use in their recipes. Soy sauce is essentially flavored, liquid salt in a bottle and many other popular sauces used in Japanese cuisine are similar.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare wanted a study to be done to determine how much salt most Japanese people were consuming on a daily basis. The original thought was each person was consuming approximately 11 grams of sodium per day, which if true, was already above the daily recommended amount. The 11 grams of daily sodium intake was a little on the low side, the study found the amount to be 13 grams per day.
The 760 adults who participated in the study had to collect their urine for a 24 hour period twice during the study. The urine from each study subject was tested for how much natrium it contained and that revealed how much salt the person had consumed. Igor Cornelsen found this study to be very interesting.