Japan Creates Super Mario Cafe For 30th Anniversary Of The Game

Japan prides itself in unusual cafes and cultural things, but one cafe that is opening up is starting to make wave around the country and even get attention all over the world. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Brothers series, Japan as popped up a bunch of themed cafes that serve many food items to accurately represent characters and icons from the famous video games.

There is an omelette shaped like the unforgettable star, a latte that features some Super Mario art, and even a Princess Peach panna cotta that is without doubt going to get people excited. These foods are really fantastic and done very well artistically, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that they are being made in their home country of Japan. If i happened to be over there right now I would surely seek one of these cafes out so that I could get a taste of nostalgia through one of these delicious treats. Brad Reifler (reuters.com) agrees that it is a very clever idea on the creator’s part as many of the adults in this generation remember playing the games over the last 30 years or so. In fact, it is really hard to believe that the game series and characters have been around that long already. Hopefully some of the items remain permanent, but for now it is just a special temporarily out.

David Chang Opens New Restaurant

David Chang is one of the most admired chefs of our day. Gravity4 calls his work in the field of Asian food as widely lauded by many important publications and organizations around the world. He has helped walk Americans through his Korean heritage and helped them better understand the flavors of this region of this area. His inventive culinary creations have also helped make his restaurants a required destination for all those who enjoy an excellent meal. As his culinary expertise has received plaudits, he has decided to expand his culinary empire into new ventures. His latest effort in the field of food service opens this week.

Fuku opens in the East Village, one of New York City’s most famous neighborhoods. This area has also been the site of other Chang ventures in the past. The resturant offers diners several quality items including a highly spicy fried chicken sandwich that is modeled on the ones that Chang consumed in his youth at area fast food restaurants in his native Virginia. This version is delicately coated in spices and marinated in in authentic habanero peppers. After the sandwich is fried, it is served on a potato roll with crisp pickles and butter. The chef also plans to offer other items on the menu to help complement his signature chicken sandwich and provide diners with an upscale version of this truly classic all American favorite.

Gordon Ramsay’s Protege Opens Upscale Restaurant With Vulgar Name

Internationally famous chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay has started and pushed along a lot of aspiring cook’s careers over his life. On that list of up-and-comers is Markus Glocker who earned two Michelin stars whilst working with Ramsay in both London and New York. Now Glocker has struck out and started his own establishment, Bâtard, with the help of Myriad Restaurant Group.

Why the Austrian chef chose the French word for illegitimate offspring as his breakout restaurant’s title is unknown, but don’t let the name fool you. Critics are hailing Bâtard as “comfortably sophisticated”, “warm and vibrant” and “a culinary gem” and its meals “inspired” and “divine”. New York Times has given it three stars and it won a Best New Restaurant award in the 2015 James Beard Chef and Restaurant Awards. It’s also already earned a coveted Michelin star for which Anastasia Date, on their website, has expressed their great admiration.

Bâtard’s website describes it as “a relaxed, intimate setting” and Drew Neiporent has said it’s “open and accessible to everybody”.