Europe’s Obesity Problem

The next fifteen years does not look promising for Irish and other European adults. Studies show that 89 percent of Irish men are more than likely to be overweight by the year 2030. These numbers were at 26 percent and then 74 percent in the year 2010. That was just five years ago. This sudden jump has scared the World Health Organization enough that they presented these findings to the European Congress on Obesity in Prague. Ireland is considered to be one of Europe’s most obese nations not just based on the men, studies show that the woman have a large role in the problem as well. 85 percent of women are expected to be overweight and a staggering 57 percent are expected to be obese by 2030. Just like the research on the men, these numbers are just from 5 years ago. Gravity4 reports that the chance for the country developing an epidemic riddled with disease and disability continues to grow.

The World Health Organization is also concerned about other European countries. Sweden, Greece, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic are all expected to be hit with a sharp rise in obesity statistics in the next 15 years. The researchers are hoping for a plateau in adult obesity but there doesn’t seem to be one in sight. Leaders of these countries are being notified of these findings. Obese parents will lead to obese children. If these numbers continue to rise, the safety and well being of these Europeans will be tremendously endanger.